Searching for a particular picture



Im searching for a picture of Angel from King of Fighters Neowave; I tried SNK’s offical site, as well as Fighters Generation, and finally, tried googling it; anyway, I haven’t had any luck, I would appreciate it if anyone knew where I could get it.


Random shit I found out while searching:

How do you fucking play Rugal in Neowave?
MI2 was coming to the 360!?!?!?!?
I love SNk’s art designs so much more than Capcom’s.

And yeah I went through 50 sites. Found May Lee though. . .


is this it

and just a random question since we are searching for pictures, anyone know who the chick is in ArcadeFires Avatar?


That is it; thanks, Eminent:tup:

Sorry, I guess ‘big tittied asian’ isn’t specific enough.