Searching for a specific STREET FIGHTER II version: arranged soundtrack


Hi people!

Im a huge fan of street fighter II and champion edition, and I remember I played a version on 32bit consoles (saturn or psx) that had the option to play with arranged BGM and it was from the FMtowns version. The best arrangment of SF2 musics until today in my opinion.

The thing is, I cannot find anymore this version anywhere.

Does anyone knows what game lets you play classic SF2 (and SUPER and SUPER TURBO too) with arranged BGM?

  • I tried Street Fighter Collection 2 for PSX but there’s no option for arranged music.
  • I tried capcom generation volume 5 for both saturn and PSx and again they both are missing with the bgm.

To make things worse, I swear I saw an youtube video somewhere showing the dude switching to ARRANGED in one of these games and I just cant find it…

If someone could please help me on this issue…

thanks !