Searching for Japanese speaker in Vancouver


Hi folks this is forgenjuro from the FinalRoundbat team in Tokyo Japan.

My friend (female!!) is moving to Vancouver next week and she speaks almost no English.
I was wondering if any of you or you know of anyone who can speak some Japanese to help her out.

If you ever come to Japan I’ll make sure to help you out in turn :slight_smile:

please contact me if you have any info.

…or should i post this in GD…


I don’t speak any Japanese but I do have recent experience with this! My grandmother’s friend moved here from Japan a couple of weeks ago; she barely speaks any English and I took her grocery shopping. Hahaha.

Serious though, it’s probably best to ask in the Vancouver thread but you may not see any real answers until after Evo. Not that it would be any more or less beneficial, but I can post if you want me to.

I guess she’s probably already arrived here by now?


Is she attending english school here? We have a guy thats new to our community from japan, that is learning slowly from school and us.