Searching for those Clear DC cases for a mod


Before I get a treasure trove of sarcastic remarks saying “OMFG GOOGLE!!! EBAY!!!”…it isn’t 2001 and I am having a hard time finding these.

Can anyone suggest a place to get A translucent DC cases (preferably black or clear). I’d prefer the official Sega ones but appreciate any point in the right direction. Thanks.


youre right it isnt 2001… best bet is ebay sad to say. You can try the trade forums here also and post a WTB add for it but its a shot in the dark when talking about buying a new one…


Heh, I wanted one of these a few years back and they were gone then. Best of luck with the hunt.


Just wanted to help out with a picture. Good luck.


Have you tried one of the specialty retro shops? They have them all over e-Bay as well as individual game shop websites.

Lots of places like that in Asia and quite a few in the US.

You’re probably just going to have to Google for Dreamcast case and look on e-Bay.


P.S. – Try also looking under “Dreamcast shell”. The item you’re looking for is not always called a “case.”


I tried searching, using various key words and search engines and from what I saw your best bet is eBay.


Same. I went digging and couldn’t come up with any. My recommendation however would be to put a WTB ad on the Trading Outlet and on the Neo-Geo forums. People horde random goodies on that board.


I found Dreamcast cases on e-Bay no problem. Maybe not translucent/clear, but they had them. I used both “Dreamcast case” and “Dreamcast shell” for my searches.

When you do a Google search, do both a general “Web” Search and try “Shopping.”

Found a clear Yellow Case crosslinked to e-Bay from “Shopping” –
Special RARE Sega Dreamcast case shell YELLOW clear - eBay (item 250736103988 end time Dec-08-10 16:58:37 PST)

Good luck on other colors!


i actually saw a couple of those in store @ VideoGamesNewYork, Japanese and Retro Video Game Boutique


Guys I really appreciate the help. I’ll continue searching the web for those specialty shops and will likely check out VG NY next time I’m in the city.

Again, hats off for the tips and effort.


may have better luck with WTB threads on other forums. I found a clear black one on the neo-geo forums a couple years ago, since sold it off though.

what do you plan on doing to them?


I LOL’ed at this


indie, i’ll mention to the guy I sold mine too (boxed, clear black [smoke]) and see if he’s interested in selling. it may take a premium to get him to come off it though. any idea what you’re looking to spend?

yellow one on ebay posted earlier ends in 11 hours and is at $66 right now.


I’m just looking to do a pretty simple LED mod (given that cutting up one of these now knowing how rare they are is a sin). Sheesh $66…I’d like to keep it less than that! But yeah if you don’t mind…mention it to the guy see if he wants to part with it and PM me if there is any news. Thanks!


if you don’t like the $66 price tag, you wont like what my friend said lol. > $66

#16 Is this it?


that’s perfect, GET GET indie.


It is better for the answer, Could you pls give more explanation on your needs?