Searching information about the infinity against Zangief



hi there i saw last time a infinity against a zangief player and would love to know how exatly it work!




I think he’s talking about the ex rush upper loop.



If you’re talking about the EX Upper loop it’s simple.

EX Upper gives enough frame advantage on hit that you can link a c.lp > xx EX Upper after it lands - as long as you have meter you can do it forever…


…and good news is it works on everyone, not only on zangief.

Damage scaling makes it a waste of ex meter tho. Just go for ex rush upper, c.lp, xx headbutt


As long as they are standing of course. Just FYI OP.

Some other shit will fuck it up though AFAIK, like EXing through a fireball or sometimes counterhitting a poke.


if you ex through a fireball with ex rush upper one jab will still connect from my experience, so although its risky u can followup with c.lp xx headbutt, kind of a desperation move since its impossible to hit confirm the c. lp but still practical in some situations


Ex rush, lp, lk
EX rush, lp, lk
EX rush, lp, lk
EX Overhead smash, lk headbutt ultra

Works EVERY time.


Whoa you must be really good if you can connect that shit online without the fear of wasting 4 bars. For me, 1 repetition is more than enough. The overhead reset gets almost everyone, you’re right on that


I wish I played people that fell for overhead resets… I play at the arcade so, that could play a part. Online it’s probably harder to react.


I play offline most of the time, and my sparring partners almost never fall for it.


It’s easy to react to the overhead as long as your not sleeping. I will say it is harder to react online though. Sometimes I switch from low block to high block a full second early but it still won’t let me block obvious overheads.


Wait, what? I didn’t get the last part…


Isn’t he implying that its so laggy that even when he sees the overhead coming he can’t block it in time?






That’s the pains of playing online, unfortunately. You can get away with crazy shit, but crazy shit happens to you also.