Searching to start again!


Hi everyone, Im looking a new fighting game to master, but dont know wich one xD
I`ve been playing Soulcalibur 5 like 700 hours with alpha pat as main and im very dissapointed with the mechaninchs that the game has taken, i find throws very OP, you can basicaly poke with throws, and even interrupt attacks with them… is something i have realized, playing that way you can increase your mixup potential A LOT by simply throwing.
And other thing that bothers me much are the starters, there are plenty of i15 and even faster (safe too) that can literaly destroy half of the health bar. Is the same **** as tekken poke with throws or starters and take a breath while you see your health going down, and i dont complaining about combos, thats ok, im complaining about starters in general, they should be always punisheable, so dont post here if you are going to say if you recieve a combo or get thrown is your fault, because yes i know it is but we all make mistakes and when there are so safe starters to do and easily spammeable you are going to eat one sooner or later.
So… im looking a honest fighting game to master, no low risk high reward crap, so im open to any ideas xD, i dont care if the game is 2D or 3D or if its difficult, i dont have a stick but i will learn with the controller, no problems with that.
Thanks for your time.


I’ve no idea what an ‘honest’ fighting game is but, judging by the tone of your post, you’re not going to find one - not one without all the stuff you [S]don’t know how to deal with[/S] don’t like, anyway.


If you dont even bother to read my post why do you answer? lol, i know how to deal with that the problem is the whole low risk high reward thing, and by honest fighting game im speaking of a game where your super meter isnt filled in your last round like happens in soulcalibur (wth where developers smoking?) for example or a game where you cant spamm starters all the fight and if you want serious damage you have to seize the chance and take risk not like in soulcalibur…im astaroth… 1 bar and a wall!!! 6B ()no worries its safe… yes CH!!! -180 health perfect!!!


"So… im looking a honest fighting game to master, no low risk high reward crap, so im open to any ideas xD"


Okay then - download ‘Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown’.


Thanks :slight_smile: in 2D anyone?


Not sure why you think throws are OP, since they are vulnerable to lows, crouch-punishes.

Anyways, it definitively seems like any Marvel-esque type games won’t fit your preferred style of games, since those games involve severe punishes for landing a first hit, and are quite execution intensive. It sounds like you either want to play either the older SF games, SF4 (sans the vortex heavy characters), or VF5.

Oh and Divekick.


thanks for the answers im going to try ssf4 and vf5 since i have both and lets see how they are but from the high level play videos they both look great at high level


Play 3rd Strike. Best fighting game ever made.