Season 1 SF4 Ranbat at Narrows in Tacoma

Welcome everyone to Seattle’s first SF4 Ranbat…let the BEASTING BEGIN!!

This will be a new Bi-Weekly thing happening every other Saturday starting from this sat. This event is Free to enter but pay-to-play. Our seasons will be 6 weeks long (Each bi-weekly counting as 1 week) and at the end, top 1 top 2 will receive prizes and the top 8 will be seated for our Season ending Regional (which will be $10 entree fee, as well as prizes for top 3).

For more Details Go over to NorthWest Matchmaking Thread (mainly for all the natives that want to know more.)

Date: 10/11

Location: Narrow’s Bowling Alley in Tacoma

Event: SF4 Double Elimination

Entre Fee: Free (Pay to Play)

Time: Sign ups begin at 6pm, tourney starts at 7pm

Any Questions please feel free to PM me


OOOOH Cole, don’t hurt em!

Tourney goin down, GO NW!!! lol


NW doing it big