Season 2 Suggestions/Thoughts/Whatever

Taken from Frank in Zach’s Monthly games thread…

I figured Marvel and ST are locks for Season two. I made this thread to see if people REALLY DO want to have these games in the next season…

-3S (tried and failed miserably?)

The only real concern I have right now, is the fact that adding more games means that there would have to really be rotations at each event. Having three tourneys running at once (along with poker) is more than chaotic. Thoughts? Suggestions? Whatever?

EDIT (Stuff that’s been agreed on so far)
-Simultaneous tourneys.
-3 dollar ST entry fee.
-CvS2 added to the mix for Season two.
-Me running Marvel
-Frank running CvS2 (?)

EDIT (Votes for other games)
+4 Children of the Atom
+2 Neo Geo Battle Coliseum
+1 Mark of the Wolves
+1 Samurai Showdown Tenka
+1 Hyper Street Fighter Alpha

I’m down for all three. Of course, 3s comes dead last if one of them has to et dropped. As for Season 2, I think that the league events need to be run by the players more or less. Instead of having to worry about running back and forth for the games, just keep a clipboard with the brackets in the room for the players to mark who won and call out the next people up.

Also, simultaneous tournaments may be a good idea.

No more seating players. I think that it should be random. Also, I think the entry fees need to rise for ST. 3 dollars or more, whichever works for the players.

I don’t think we should run tournaments for any other games until we have a solid group of players, though. ST took its foothold, so if GGXX: AC or 3s could do the same, then maybe those could be held toward the end of the last tourney running.

$3 entry fee for ST sound great…but no one takes the pot home…it all goes to an EVO 2008 fund…

I say 3s and CvS2 if GG makes im down for that too.

I’d be down for raising the price of ST entry

gives everyone more motivation to win!

oh, I voted for CvS2, because it’s the only one of those I can stand (well, to be fair, I’ve never really touched GG, so I wouldn’t know about that)

How bout a good game? OH!

Don’t listen to me though. I’m just an ass.

Yup you’re an assman. Aka Billy Gunn. That’s your new nickname.

I really should make an attempt to hang out with you guys. I’m looking forward to STHD and the online aspect for me PS3.

I’ve attended DR tournies and a house party with Deezo (very top-notch guy, and I judge people on their ability to deliver and take humor). WAY back in the day I played a few rounds of Rival Schools and Marvel with Evan, he was always a gentleman. Couldn’t have changed that much.

I feel like I’m lacking and missing out on 2D play. Especially with so many seemingly cool people in this scene.

Mark of the Wolves? Seems like a tight game. If you want to mix it up I suggest something old-school. ST took off, right? Or are you looking for EVO-only games?

Just putting suggestions out there.

MOTW and NGBC are my nominations

cvs2 & 3s i’m not sure how realavent i am being in portland but… when/if we come up that’s what i would like to see ^^

Out of town votes matter as well. So ROCK THE VOTE!

I voted Guilty Gear for the fact Seattle has gone through their respective CvS2 and 3S phases and aren’t all that willing to bring back.

Plus Guilty Gear XX AC is new, not a lot of us extensivly play it. And it’d be a cool learning experience for everyone. That’s my vote.

Suprised I didn’t pick 3S? Haha.



That seems pretty cool. I got this on my DC. Think Ima put this into my rotation.

and by ‘rotation’ i mean losing to the ai


Let Deezo hit you with another one.

Thanks for the props Matt =].

For clarification, I mainly listed Evo games in the poll in addition to the fact that there were threads for those games. You can vote for whatever I guess. I’ll edit the first post with the suggestions for the other games as well.

EDIT-Look at CvS2 still in the lead! CvS2 is everywhere! It’s everywhere!

MOTW on PS2 is better



But, what you actually should do is.

Get a definat game going…we’ll say…CvS2.

But one week out of the Season, have a gimmick night. And do a random old school game. In this case, CotA.

But, the tournament still decideds who gets the points at the end of the night.

Just a thought.



in that order.

maybe we can start ST and marvel at the same time, that way we can have one of the 3rd games in right afterwards…and rotate them out every week. I would just say have marvel only then rotate ST, CvS2 and 3S but the ST presence is strong. At least stronger than CvS2 and 3S for now.