Season 4 games?

I know season 3 just ended and we usually take a break till the next season starts, but I just wanted to see if there was goign to be a changing of the guard for next season, I know that Marvel and ST are staples but i’m concerned about the dwindling attendees for VF, and just wanted to see what else everyone thinks. Also any idea on when Season 4 will start?

Edit: I only put those games up because they are the ones that seem to have the most interest hype, to be quite honest I don’t want to hear about how we should have insert random game here. I dont’ want to hear about we should play Guilty Gear or Arcana Heart or Melty Blood, because as far as I know no more than like 3 people want to play this game (and before any of you try to come crazy about VF, Myself, Mike, Clayton, Mandel, the Julians, PaulLee, Kuenai, Ed, RyanLoop, Robert[when he decides to actually play again], plus those other guys that made a random apperance play that game.)

King Of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match

I vote for the game that makes people enter poker and not play poker 99% of the time cause they’re playing other games

quoted 4 truf

are people really hyped for that game?

Jeff: if you want to play serious poker go get raped at a casino tournament with super joe. Let’s not forget your playing poker in a fighting game dominated house.

BTW how was Vancouver?

Oh you’re right, Melty Blood then. Shit’s dope.

and vancouver was cool.

obviously you didn’t read my first post.

obviously you can’t see i’m being sarcastic. Why play Melty Blood when you can play Arcana Heart

Yeah, you’d be surprised. All the KOFheads have always sworn by 98, and dissed every single fucking game that came out after that because it wasn’t 98. The true sticklers are douches are won’t play it because they didn’t remove some bugs or some shit, but yeah, people are pretty hyped. I don’t know that many Zach-attendees play anything but marvel though :rolleyes:

well i guess we shall see or something, i just thought i’d throw it out there because yeah season 4 should be starting sometime in the future (maybe after evo??? who knows)

I know I really have no say in it since I’m not apart of the scene as of now.

But VF5 seems to be the most popular new game. Among seattle and the fighting game community as a whole.

Not to mention you guys had some of the best comp in the world via Otome and Itazan. So you guys should try to expand that knowledge and get better at the game while making Seattle a hot spot for another game (Marvel obviously being the other, with ST creeping up behind it thanks to Zass and Axel Kelly, XTG)

Plus, Jacky is fucking dope.

At the same time though, I agree with this as well. 98 is well loved by pretty much the entire fighting game scene. It’s basically SNK’s SFII. There has been so many remakes and improvements on it, yet the scene for it is still strong.

So, with that said. it wouldn’t be something foreign and take forever to learn and at the same time, it would still be fun and have mad hype around it.

The other games, from what I’ve read (since although I don’t post, I lurk a lot here) either have been played already (Tekken) or just don’t seem to be accepted well (Brawl).

SC4 hasn’t even been released yet, but since a lot of different areas in Washington seem to like SC4, it might be a bigger turnout but I doubt Zach would want infinity billion people at his pad.

But, I’m still going to have to go with VF5.

I disagree. Maybe on this board Tekken isn’t the most popular, but I’ve said it in the past and I’ll say it again.

It puts asses in seats.

All I’m sayin.

I would be interested in seeing how many peeps show up for the DR at Majors.

I got 10 that Tekken takes the entrants.

id get down on SC4 now that yoshi was announced. anyone have a vid of me and seans SC2 tourney at silver coin match??? best match ever

I hate the fact that I’m even posting this but…

No CvS2?
No 3S?

tepid-I highly doubt Tekken’s beating Marvel in attendance. I kinda doubt it would beat ST in attendance.

haha you vs sean, that one is epic

After seeing the amount of entrants (or lack there of) for VF5, I’d have to say either CvS2 or T5:DR now.

You guys did CvS2 last season (as in Season 2) didn’t you and it had a pretty decent turn out?

Plus, a lot of people in the PNW Majors got hyped for tekken so it’s not like it’d be a bad choice.

You have got to be shitting me…

What’s wrong with those games? But I would like to take the time to kill a commonly believed myth. I don’t by any means “run” these seasons. I only run MvC2 and keep track of what’s going on. The reason why people decided on having a three tourney format is because anything more would be seemingly chaotic. Me personally? I wouldn’t care if there are a couple more games added to Season Four, but I don’t think it would work out. The reason I mentioned those games was it was kinda odd that they weren’t mentioned. Don’t worry they won’t win the poll. No one outside of GW plays 3S, and only a handful of people play CvS2.

If yall gonna play KOF, play KOF XI,and get over that long past dead game

im talkin about KOF 98 Ultimate Match, not original KOF 98. If you were referring to original KOF 98, i can better see your point. 98 UM to me is superior to original 98 in every way.