Season 4 Ryu official patches are in and...he got a little bit better

So Season 4 patch notes for Ryu are in and…I guess we got a little bit of what we asked for, however in my opinion not enough, but let’s go over the changes.

Ryu Season 4 Changes

• Standing HP (V-Trigger 2)
-Can be special move canceled.

• Standing MK
-Damage increased from 60 to 70.

• Crouching MK
-Advantage on hit increased from +1F to +2F.

• Crouching HK
-V-Gauge meter gain from a Crush Counter increased from 100 to 120.

• Hadoken
①Decreased the overall movement frames from 47F to 45F.
-Note: No change to the advantage/disadvantage on hit/block.
②Increased the pushback on block.

• H Hadoken
-Increased the projectile speed.

• EX Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
①Slightly decreased the blowback distance on hit.
②Increased the blowback time for grounded hit.

• L Jodan Sokutou Geri
①Reduced the startup from 16F to 10F.
②Restricted the air combo count.

• M Jodan Sokutou Geri
①Reduced the startup from 18F to 16F.
②Increased the attack movement distance.

• H Jodan Sokutou Geri
-Reduced the startup from 20F to 18F.

• EX Jodan Sokutou Geri
-Increased the attack movement distance.

• EX Jodan Sokutou Geri
①Input command for the regular version changed from qcf + K to hcf + K.
②Input command for the EX version changed from qcf + KK to hcf + KK.

• EX Shoryuken (Normal/V-Trigger 1)
-Increased the damage taken for an attack that hits during the move’s duration by 1.2x.

• VT1 Denjin Renki
-Can now be hit by an attack during the screen freeze upon V-Trigger activation.

• VT2 Isshin
①Recovery reduced from 40F to 36F.
②The attack recovery can be canceled into Shoryuken.
③If Ryu successfully parries an attack, but his counterattack misses, he can cancel the recovery into Mind’s Eye or Isshin.
-Note: When canceled into from recovery, the parry’s startup will be 1F.

So into Hadouken hitting better is nice but it still makes no sense why they’re so afraid of it being a fully confirmable attack. Slower fireball and faster fireball is a nice addition.

Donkey kick being improved is also nice and could possibly lead to some better options at the mid-range.

Yes, I’m happy that Ryu didn’t get any nerfs (about time), however it still frustrates me that they didn’t try to improve anything on VT1 since it’s seriously bad, and improving VT2 to just the extension above isn’t going to dramatically make it the VT of choice either.

Ryu got a slight buff, and without question he will be better than his S3 counterpart however once again, when I look at the patch list, I’m just shaking my head.

Characters like Sakura got some serious buffs (She’s one of the few characters I feel someone at Capcom has a fetish for besides Cammy, because if Sakura sucks for a moment, she gets maddening buffs to make her strong to powerful in the next run). G got a life boost and even buffs…what? He was already good and fine in S3 but whatever.

I guess we should be happy we’re not Ken players since he got wrecked for S4.

Personally, I was hoping that Ryu’s honest options were going to be made powerful to the point that we could truly deal with the bs that happens in the game. It really is truly frustrating, because I feel like as though SF:V Ryu is going down the path he was in during SF:4. Very strong, to absolutely pathetic to mediocre at best.

People can say I’m being to excessive on my negativity however the changes are just enough for Ryu to probably climb out of Low-Tier status, which to me isn’t saying much.

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Ryu - Season 4 Suggestions


St. LP,MP,HP - Hitbox Extended Forward (1 square on training stage)
Cr. LP,MP - Hitbox Extended Forward (1 square on training stage)
Cr. LK,MK,HK - Hitbox Extended Forward (1 square on training stage)
St.MK - Hitbox Extended Forward (2 squares on training stage),Advantage on hit increased from +2 to +3


LP,MP,HP Hadoken

  • Overall Frames Reduced from 47F to 44F
  • Advantage on hit increased from -1 to 0
  • Disadvantage on Block decreased from -6 to -3
  • EX Hadoken Overall Frames Reduced from 42F to 40F

LK,MK,HK Jodan Sokutou Geri

  • Hitbox Extended Forward (1 square on training stage)
  • Disadvantage on block reduced from -16F to -8F


Mind’s Eye

  • Startup Reduced from 3F to 2F
  • Recover Reduced from 32F to 16F
  • Recovery No Longer Crush Counterable.
  • V-Gauge gain on parry increased from 50 to 75
  • MP+MK - Parries High/Airborne Attacks
  • D+MP+MK - Parries Low Attacks

Note: Currently Mind’s Eye parries physical attacks all physical attacks. Having it function like a SF3 parry, allows it to be buffed to be more effective. To offset the additional read the Ryu player needs to make. Mind’s Eye starts up faster, builds more V-Gauge, recovers fasters, and the recovery is no longer Crush Counterable.


V-Trigger 1 (2-Bars)

  • Duration increased from 1600F to 2000F
  • Idle V-Gauge drain reduced by 50%
  • LP,MP,HP Hadoken Overall Frames Reduced from 42F to 40F
  • EX Hadoken Overall Frames Reduced from 40F to 39F
  • Shoryuken/EX Shoryuken V-Gauge usage reduced from 150 to 0

V-Trigger 2 (2-Bars)

  • Number of enhanced parries per V-Trigger increased from 2 to 3
  • Air Tatsu gains the ability to cross up the opponent
  • Mind’s Eye can be performed in the Air, cost 1/3 V-Gauge
  • Gains access to new critical art. Shin Shoryuken 3 hits 400 damage (2x150, 1x100)
  • Shin Shoryuken exhausts his entire V-Gauge
  • Shin Shoryuken’s performed after enhanced parries are automatically scaled to 60%(240 Damage) no matter the hit count

Side note: This is probably too much but I’m sure AMKIDD would like it.


Been coming here since the SF3 days, but cant remember my and account and had to sign up for a new one.

I think they should change Ryu’s VT2 to give him the sf3 parry mechanic exactly as it was in that game (no startup/recovery like his v-skill has). It’d be the kind of simple, but difficult and powerful thing the character is supposed to be, and just more fun than the current trigger. As long as they got the duration right it wouldn’t be too powerful either…

Also agree VT1 is more useful to make sweeps safe and extend combos than an actual threat. Looking at characters like Abigail and Necali and even Chun having VTs that are so useful, and it’s clear there needs to be a re-work.