Season Four Ranbats Points Thread

I doubt the Marvel peeps even care to submit results for rankings, but if they do, they can submit em to me. Anyway here are the results thus far for season four (I still think ST should’ve waited, but whatever).

Point totals thus far:

Julien Beasley-10 pts
Alex Kelly-7 pts
Keith Huang-5 pts
Elias (why can’t I not remember his last name?)-3 pts
Pablo Basilio-1 pt
Dan Hwang-1 pt

Results threads/posts

See how barren this is so far?

Man, I told you bums the first tournament was gonna be then, not my fault no one showed up :arazz:

I’d be OK with not counting that tournament because of the turnout and just starting from the next one though, it doesn’t matter to me

oh and Elias’s last name is Darling

I’ll be at the next one and I’ll enter. Shouldn’t be any reason I can’t come.