Season Opener at ORBIT Entertainment on 08/19/2006 (CvS2/MvC2/3S/Slash/A3/ST)

I didn’t fake retire this year…

DATE: Saturday August 19th

TIME: Registration at 1pm. Start at 3pm

GAMES: CvS2, MvC2, 3S, GGXX/, A3, ST (assuming ORBIT doesn’t remove them)

FEE: $5 for all games except A3 & ST, which will be $3

FORMAT: 2/3 Falls, Double Elimination

I’m very much aware of the date I’ve booked this tournament but no one I’ve talked to locally is going to EVO World so I figured it wouldn’t be a conflict.

I hope to see all the regulars come out and start this year off strong.

err, i’m going to Evo.

With Kevin, Rey and Jamie in retirement, I’m winning ST.

Ya i may go to this one considering i couldnt make it for T7:sad:

fuck i’ll be in china by den
i wanna join a local tournamnet so badly now… plz make another one before skool starts!

I’m there.

js, we’re so lucky, since i’m going to evo and you’re going to china, now we dont’ have to get raped by geese.

dis time for shure jiggabry will not win mario kart!

maybe if we cut rogers hands off :rofl:

Yes, Slash and a3!

and HSFa!!

I think these are the only two games I’m entering this time around. I hope Slash gets 16 players considering the whole community has been complaining and now they finally get what they wanted.

KBBQ afterwards. Someone call Kin so he can cook meat for free instead of being paid for it at his job.

brett, are you sure?

im accepting mm from anyone in ST besides roger and dogberry.


wat happened to that mofo?

Where is this tournament happening at ? state city???

Orbit is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Thanks noodle maybe i will take a trip to canada this summer :slight_smile: wat the hell im not doin nething else lol

Kevin may have his boards picked up before then but we’ll never know.

Are you serious?

hm… no
i already know.
lets mm then.
2/3 for $5?

Unless ORBIT plans on making a move, Kevin’s boards will be there for the time being. There’s no cost to ORBIT and Kevin is willing to loan them out as long as ORBIT eventually replaces the battery in them. I’d say it’s a win/win situation.