Season's Beatings III - RESULTS!


Here are the full results to the tournaments and side events for Season’s Beatings III. If you have additional information that you can give me to help make this listing more complete, PLEASE get it to me ASAP. Thanks!


Team WC

SooMighty: 3 wins (against X, Josh360, and Justin Wong)
Chunksta: 2 wins (against Josh360 and Demon Hyo)
Chris Schmidt: 1 wins (against Josh360)
Combo Fiend: 0 wins
RowTron: 1 win (against Sanford)

Team EC

Demon Hyo: 4 wins (against Soo, Chris S, Combo Fiend, and Rowtron)
Xecutioner: 4 wins (against Chunksta, Chris S, Combo Fiend, and Rowtron)
Sanford Kelly: 4 wins (against Soo, Chunksta, Chris S, and Combo Fiend)
Josh360: 2 wins (against Combo Fiend and Rowtron)
Justin Wong: 4 wins (against Chunksta, Chris S, Combo Fiend, and Rowtron)

EAST COAST wins 18-7.

MARVEL vs. CAPCOM 2 (80 players)

1st). Chris Schmidt (lost to Matrix)
2nd). Mike Mendoza - “Yipes” - (lost to Chris twice)
3rd). Joshua Aponte - “J360” - (lost to Yipes and Chris)
4th). Alex de Souza - “The Chunksta” - (lost to J360 and Chris)
5th). Brandon De Shields - “Demon Hyo” - (lost to J360 and Chunksta)
5th). Mike Mixon - “Mixup” - (lost to Yipes and Chris)
7th). Sanford Kelly (lost to ChaosNightWolf, Chris)
7th). Desmond Pinkney - “Xecutioner” - (lost to Yipes and Demon Hyo)
9th). Arthur Catigbe - “ChaosNightWolf” - (lost to Chunk and X)
9th). Esby Rosas - “Combo Fiend” - (lost to Yipes and Demon Hyo)
9th). SooYoung Chon - “SooMighty” - (lost to Mixup and Sanford)
9th). Josh Wigfall - “Wiganator” - (lost to Yipes and Chris)
13th). Zach Robinson - “Preppy” - (lost to Demo Hyo and X)
13th). Chris Ellis - “Matrix” - (lost to ChaosNightWolf and Combo Fiend)
13th). Rattana P. - “Mr. R@T” - (lost to Justin Wong and Sanford)
13th). Jason Mar - “Jmar” - (lost to J360 and Chris)
17th). Nelson Reyes ? “Remix” - (lost to Soo and X)
17th). Justin Wong ? “JustinW” ? (lost to Chunk and Sanford)
17th). Erik Arroyo ? “Smoothviper” ? (lost to Mixup and Combofiend)
17th). Julio Hernandez - “hAMM” - (lost to Chunk and Sanford)
17th). Rodolpho Castro - “RowTron” - (lost to Mixup and Matrix)
17th). BYE
17th). BYE
17th). BYE
25th). George Alfonso - “CYF” - (Lost to Justin and Nelson)
25th). Chris Creecy - “Magneto-X” - (Lost to Chris S and Preppy)
25th). Amir Arabi - “SnakeShotPeople” - (Lost to hAMM and Sanford)
25th). Peter Susini - “FlashMetroid” - (lost to Demon Hyo and Combo Fiend)
25th). Peter Luong - “Asian Daisy” - (lost to Jmar and Rat)
25th). Toan Nguyen - “totaltoanage” - (lost to Josh Wigfall and Chris)
25th). Chris Scott - “Crizzle” - (lost to X and Jmar)
25th). Unreadable name on bracket

THIRD STRIKE (85 players)

1st). Justin Wong
2nd). Erik Kim
3rd). Esby Rosas (Combo Fiend)
4th). Eric Liu (JS Master)
5th). Steven Monroe (DarkDragon)
5th). David-Paul (Jibbo)
7th). Adam Bulbulia (Adam B)
7th). Johnathan Braxton (Deviljin)
9th). Shohaib Shaffiey
9th). Shekeib Shaffiey
9th). Cyrus (Mythicexile)
9th). Brent Werling (Immortal)
13th). Grego
13th). Tony Defly
13th). Eric (Bob Washington)
13th). Cambell Tran (Buktooth)

(full results available here)

SUPER TURBO (40 players)

1st). Brent (Vega)
2nd). Esby Rosas
3rd). Justin Wong
4th). Eric Kim (???)


1st). Steve H
2nd). Buktooth
3rd). Justin Wong
4th). Combo Fiend


1st). The Exalted
2nd). Micheal Brandt (jinmaster)
3rd). Joshua “jio” Otis
4th). neorussel
5th). David Le
5th). Joey Bennett

(full results available on


1st). Inui - MetaKnight
2nd). Forward - Snake/Pit
3rd). AlphaZealot - Diddy Kong
4th). Dook - Snake/Lucario
5th). Joey Fury - Snake
5th). Quivo - Toon Link

(full results available here)


Justin def. Yipes 10-4


Sanford def. Rowtron 10-3
Soo def. Chunksta ($50)
Chunksta def. Toan 4-0
Toan def. Josh360 5-2
Toan def. Rawbzilla 5-2
Wigfall def. Rowtron 7-5
Chris Schmidt def. Sanford 7-6
Sanford def. Chris Schmidt 7-3
JMar def. Demon Hyo 10-6
Sanford def. Chunksta 7-5
SooMighty def. Smoothviper 10-7
SooMighty def. Xecutioner 7-6
Demon Hyo def. Jmar 10-8


When is Row vs Sanford supposed to go down? and for all the marvel heads. < New Marvel compilation mix, enjoy :tup:


I know Chris (Magneto-X) has been dominating everyone from Executioner, the entire settle team (Jmar, rattana, Row, etc)

Mixup from Florida destroyed combofiend with storm/sent/cap yesterday

Johnny 5 from New Orleans beat Chunkster 2-0 with one match an Ocfree?

Chris (Magneto-x)
Johnny 5

These three are easily going to get top 8.

O yeah Toan (Totalownage from Houston) has been doing very well as well.

FYI-Chris (Magneto-X) is killing people out there with team combofiend?. That?s not even his real team?l:rofl:ol?just wait until the tourney starts to see how fast he really is?

O well wish I could have came but I got a promotion at my Job the week before and I couldn’t risk takin off… aww well maybe next year


With an Ocfree? What’s that? Do you know if Toan and those guys had any MMs?


… Chris/Toan/Mixup/Johnny can defeat anyone out there in ohio and the only players that can get in there way is Jwong/Sandford/Yipes/Chris S.

O yeah and chis (Mangeto-x) raped J360 as well… And mixup and Yipes were going at it all last night back and forth… Hummmm interesting yes…

I will keep you posted as best I can throughout the day…


I’d appreciate it. I’m just looking for some official results to put up. But hey, this bodes well for the south/southwest :slight_smile: Shame we couldn’t go and add to the beatings.


Let’s go seattle, Mixup, Combo and the other OGs! This sounds like the biggest marvel tournament ever.


someone look out for a seasons beatings moment#3


Dammit I wish I was there witnessing all the hype :mad:


JMar stop beasting!!!

Good luck team seattle!




2 bad i cant be there, hopefully the ohio guys and the midwest can rep dat 3s.

btw who all from MI showed up.


Wigfall takes rowton 7-5


Chunksta beat Toan 7-0.

The human ATM machine returns!

EDIT: Soo beat Chunksta for $50

EDIT AGAIN: hAMM beat Josh360 for $100


do you know what the score was for those matches?


Thanks for the updates, keep em coming!

Any chance at seeing soo vs row?

I’m going to buy the dvd if there is one for this.


I’ve been trying to find out. hAMM won’t text back :\


West coast is beasting in these MM’s.

Good shit hAMM!

Edit: Sanford vs Row 10 -3, DAMN!


Sanford beats Row 10-3