Season's Beatings III - RESULTS!

Yipes takes the third match …

2-1 chris

chris kills psylock… whao destroys yipes.


he needs to use row… and zone…
chris coming all the way from losers… what a guy

yipes… looks angry lol…


Same here.

If SB4 will be anything like this year, definitely taking the effort to attend next year.

There’s too many things going on that just can’t beat actually being there to witness it.

a black man i guaranteeed to win now! yipes is half black.

black people winning marvel and the presidency.


aiight, will do cuzen although we ain’t watchin it and all but, go my nigga Chris S.

are they both using msp?

Oh wow…

I think Chris is using MSS. Could be wrong though.

6th match… chris takes it!!!


HOLLLA!!! this guy neezy…:lovin:

damn good shit cant wait for vids!!!

Team 3!!

If someone can get me the full results, I’ll put them up.



GS cris AHHHHHH!!!

omg@!! wtf is going on!! its the end of the internet!!

Oh shit! Congrats to Chris S.

It’s a Rappenheimer!!! Vote for OBAMA 08’

Good shit Chris.

Good shit…

now i wish i drove you to the airport chris so i could say i drove the best marvel player to the airport.

nah… but grats on winning the big one.

wow good shit, I was on the edge of my seat just reading the updates, I cant wait for the vids. Go west cost!!