Season's Beatings: Redemption Results/Shoutouts


We are uploading everything from the stream on our official YouTube channel, SeasonsBeatingsGDLK, so you can watch them in crap quality now or check out the direct capture as soon as Monday night. Check us out – we will be posting as much nonstream stuff as I can, as well (lots of handheld, including most of ST and some 3s)

If you have SB footage please talk to me so we can get it posted for max visibility and credit you with the footage as well, esp for ST, 3s, CvS2, etc.

SB:R had at least 700 attendants (we made 700 badges and blank ones were all given out)

SSFIV (412 entrants, Top 8 payout)

  1. GamerBee (Adon)
  2. Momochi (Ken, Akuma)
  3. EG Justin Wong (Makato, Rufus, Cammy, Balrog)
  4. Arturo “Sabin” Sanchez (Dhalsim, Rose)
  5. EMP Sanford Kelly (Sagat, C. Viper)
  6. Mike Ross (E. Honda)
  7. EMP Dieminion (Guile)
  8. FYC MarlinPie (Cammy)

Marvel (DC, $20 entry, $3,000 pot bonus, long format, 85 entrants)

  1. EMP IFCYipes
  2. Chris Schmidt
  3. EMP Xecutioner
  4. Neo
  5. Demon Hyo
  6. Harry Potter
  7. EMP Sanford Kelly
  8. EG Justin Wong

Super Turbo (Arcade $50 entry, Top 5 payout, long format - 26 entrants)

  1. Daigo (Boxer, Dictator)
  2. Frank (Roy Bisel) (O. Sagat, Boxer)
  3. Arturo Sanchez (Dhalsim)
  4. MarzGotti (Guile, O. Guile)
  5. Ghaleon (O. Sagat)
  6. EG Justin Wong (O. Sagat)

“Frank beats Justin’s O’sagat and Sabin’s Sim in very close fashion. Daigo, Pretty much destroys everyone. Daigo, also counter picks Sabin’s Sim with Dictator!”

3rd Strike (Arcade, 21 Teams)

  1. Team EG Unstoppable - EG Justin (CH), Nica KO (YA), Issei (YU)
  2. Team SB:R - Henry Cen (HU), Ghaleon (RY), Momochi (YU)
  3. Team Texas - EG Marn (YU), Buktooth (KE), Fubarduck (CH)

XvSF (Arcade, $300 pot bonus)

  1. Jason Hall
  2. Justin Wong
  3. Josh360/merdoc

UMK3 (Arcade w/ optional PSX pads, 34 entrants of TOP comp)

  1. Reo - LI
  2. moe30W - Chicago
  3. throwrrrr - Chicago
  4. Konqrr - SLC Utah
  5. Shock - NJ

GGXX:AC ($300 pot bonus. 45 entrants)

  1. MarlinPie (ED/Sl)
  2. Steve H (KY)
  3. Marn (ED/JA)

BB:CS (94 entrants)

  1. Zidanel33t (The Wolfman Gerber Baby) (HZ)
  2. LordKnight (LI)
  3. JetM (JI)

SSFIV Teams (unofficial, 56 teams)

  1. Sanford/IFC Yipes/Juicebox

Tekken 6 (unofficial - run by Axiom)
1st - Sluch (Lili/Alisa/Christie)
2nd - Derrick Legend (Julia)
3rd - Tony Stark (Bob/Miguel)

TvC (unofficial - run by Kurasa)
1st - Ryry (Jun, Zero, Ryu)
2nd - Keits (Blade, Ryu)
3rd - Kurasa (Saki, Doronjo, Chun)

KOF2002UM top 5 (unofficial)

  1. Steve H.
  2. Dandy J
  3. AviH20
  4. Tiggy
  5. 4th Gate
  6. Level 9

CvS2 high-stakes (unofficial - run by HAV)

  1. Steve H (loses to nobody)
  2. Combofiend (loses to Steve H x2)

MBAA (unofficial - run by Tiggy)

  1. Lord Knight
  2. NerdJosh
  3. fubarduck

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 ? (unofficial Long Sets 3v3 teams - run by Chris “Matrix” Ellis)

  1. Team West Coast (Fanatiq -MSP, Neo -Thrax, Chris Schmidt -MSP)
  2. Team Speed and Violence (Justin Wong -Matrix, IFC.Yipes -MSP, EMP.Xecutioner -Thrax)

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SB on YouTube: SeasonsBeatingsGDLK
SB:R photos:


Team US beat Team International! 13-12

Choco 0 - 5 against all members

Starnab 3-2, Loss to Mike Ross and Salturo Sanchez, Beat PR, Jwong, and Marn (someone check me on who he beat and loss to, but this sounds right)

Gamerbee - 3-2 (fucking awesome Adon display I might add) - Loss to Mike Ross and Arturo Sanchez, beasted on the rest

Momochi - 4-1. Only loss to Marn. Sick Ken action going on, made him look like Vanilla Sagat there with that spacing control. Just sick ass zoning… who knew Ken could zone like that…

Daigo - CHOKED - 2-3 - loss to PR, Mike Ross, and Jwong. I do like Daigo and he lost fair and square, but he was really off his game. Just work up from a nap before he played. Being scooped 4 times in a row against PR Balrog sort of tells you he was really off. But he lost fair and square none the less.


I hope someone is recording this lol

Good to hear that Gamerbee kicked some ass!


off his game?
really off?
just woke up from a nap?

damn homie…4 excuses for Umehara in a results post??? he lost to andre fair and square too, maybe the thread count in his t-shirt was too high though.


good shit team USA


hows coco? I bet she would need a shoulder to cry on and some1 to lick her wounds after those savage americans had there way with her at the round robin. :sad: :mad: :shake:


Andre-Best Bison in the US easily.


There are no excuses for losing, none, you can’t win them all, even if you are Daigo, a win is a win is a win, a loss is a loss is a loss, end of story.


um stream more mahvel please today thanx


Can you guys please give a live stream to Super SF2 turbo tourney …it is just as important as ssf4.


Are the brackets up anywhere? Or the Saturday results for SSF4?



There are excuses for losing. This is an undeniable fact. Just because you don’t count them legitimate doesn’t mean they don’t exist. A win is a win and a loss is a loss. But thats not end of story.

This is why ESPN is so popular.


thats not a fact…

there are “reasons” for losing. an “excuse” for losing is just wack. stop giving japanese players excuses that they are not even making themselves. its getting pathetic

Daigo lost cuz he got outplayed by his opponents case closed


Pic 6


Maybe for you it is.

You opinion doesn’t make other opinions wrong. Hold dat.


lol…ok I’ll eat that

u just keep on making excuses for Daigo, in this and the other thread. and keep ignoring all of the vets, pro players etc who are calling bullshit on that


And you can Hold Dat jap dick in your mouth


I mean, I could be wrong entirely. I know.

I just saw what I saw. The way he played PR Rog was crazy. That seemed like a 100% sandbag. The way he played Justin was a little weird too. Everyone else is hard to tell. I’m just saying that if it was a real tourney… his play style would be a little more solid. Just my thouhgts.

I doubt he wins the tourney though. Not likely anyway, the way it looks.


this isnt about right or wrong…

stop making excuses for’s pathetic. cuz when he wins nobody ever posts things like"Wong looked a little tired" or “Arturo didnt get enough sleep” You sound like a Daigo fanboy homie. I respect the hell outta Daigo too but i can also admit he got blown up.

everyone else is hard to tell??? but your “thoughts” give hella excuses for Daigo.



I mean I never considered myself a Daigo fanboy… I actually used to hate him, but sure whatevz.

Also I know he lost 3 out of 5 and don’t think he will win the tourney. Andre strait up whooped his ass. I think you misunderstand my point.

Its not that he got blown up. Its just that he didn’t play solid, seemingly on purpose. Imo.

i.e. purto rican barlog scrubbiness. he didnt respect pr rog one bit.


andre didn’t whoop his ass. that shit was hella close except for the very last round. daigo got blown up in teams. it’s cool.