Seasons beatings videos: basic storm combo

I notice a lot of the top players are doing a slightly different variant on the basic storm combo.

I see launch -> jab -> short -> forward -> lightning attack up, then lightning attack sideways into super.
Why are they doing that? Does it do more damage? Miss less often? What happened to the old lightning attack upward diagnolly twice?

I also see lots of lightning attack X 2 into super as a high priority counter poke. How do they know which direction to go? I literally see people lightning attack straight down, then up sometimes.

I also see triangle dash into sj. short - . sj roundhouse. In fact, it’s an infinite in some cases.

It doesn’t work when I try to do it. Am I missing something I need to know about it?

I know this thread is old but the questions are good.:

Lightning attack up then sideways is more consistent than the diagonal upward twice. Or rather, it’s better to say that the leniency for combo execution is better.

You have more time to connect the lightning attacks into super for up then sideways.

If you watch a lot of the older videos where storm goes diagonal upwards twice, sometimes before she cancels into DHC with Sentinel a stray spark hits the opponent and causes the DHC to miss. Going up then sideways pretty much avoids the extra spark (or at least, gives you more leniency with your timing).