Seasons Greetings from Gainsville!

Was da night before Christmas, and all through the hood/
All dese gangstas was lurkin, all up to no good/
But what da fuck else you niggas expectin to see/
when you livin in this Gainsville, Tennessee?/
We dont get no visits from Santa round here/
cuz that bitch is to scared and his elves are too queer/
to make toys for people that really need hope/
so we slangin dat rock and smokin dat dope/
prayin for a time we’ll see better days/
So let me bust a small rhyme for ya, SRK/

I walking down da street with my gat in my pants/
Starin at some bitch with some shitty implants/
When her man walks up and starts running his mouth/
I guess he didnt know that im from the south/
So I slapped in the head with my pistol grip/
To teach that mutha fucka not to give me lip/
All a sudden his bitch crys for no reason/
but I let her live cuz tiz da season/
I keep walkin down the street like a gangsta would/
Tryin to find mo ways to do some christmas good/
When I see an old lady tryna cross the street/
So I beat her ass up like a side of meat/
And grabbed all the money she had on her ass/
I found couple bitches and treated em with class/
To show em that us gangstas have a soft side, too/
Then I fucked these two bitches with my whole crew/
Damn, I forgot what I was tryna say/
Oh yea, Merry Christmas, SRK!!!



holy shit! It’s DingDangDoom!


Flowing like usual!

that was ding dang delicious.

Ding Dang Doom is back spittin that hot fire!:woot:

This deserves SRK front page time way more than another Seth Killian say nothing interview :lovin:


better than redrapper.

Hope y’all had a ballin Kwanza!!!