Seattle 08/07 SFIV Results

SFIV results 48 people

1-Rodolfo Castro “RowTron”-Dhalsim
2-Jason Cole “A-Dhalsim”-Balrog, Bison
3-James D “Red_venom”-Viper
4-Mike Siebert (?) “Mikehascookies”-Bison
5-Trace Prewitt “ICD-3”-Sagat
5-John Michael “lifetimeboy”-Sagat
7-Francis Acacio “Awesome Jones”-Dhalsim
7-Kyle Chow “kchow_xlr8”-Rufus

Random comments and shit
-Row put Cole into losers in the winners final 3-1. Then in the grand finals Cole forced a second set by winning the first set 3-1 but then Row won the second set 3-1.

-I got there late so I couldn’t enter =[.

-Lots of new people entered so that was dope.

-Marvel on XBox is simply gross.

-There was a Blazblue tournament as well but I dunno what the results are.

I’m pretty sure this was the last event before NWM so congratulations to all the top placers!

I really had to run through the sagat gauntlet (Kenny, Rat, Trace, LTB) and a Bison mirror match.

How the hell you let Gruesome Jones run through the loser’s bracket like that? He’s a Mahvel player now. :rofl:

Great work, everyone! Sorry I couldn’t come and waste space on the bracket. Hope to see ya’ll at NWM!

Free BlazBlue tournament–

1st- Aaron “aaronyu2” Yu - Litchi
2nd- Chris M. - Rachel
3rd- Drew "h.duke"
4th- Jamie “Kuenai” - Litchi
5th- Trace “ICD-3” Prewitt - nu
5th- Edward “edjge” - Ragna
7th- Stephan “S-Blade” - Ragna
7th- Dan

good games in both games everyone. although is reaaaaaally regret losing to icenine early on in the BB bracket because I had just come from a real close SFIV match with my akuma, I walked in BB with turtle mindset still on which is definitely not a good thing to do, lol. oh and definitely the part where it came down to the hit on the second-last round and i could have won or at least teched his throw if I pressed B and C and not jab and short. tragedy

Mike Hass LOL

My last name is actually Siebert. I should probably include that next time I register :sweat:

My bad I kinda jetted in the middle of the BB tourney without telling you… was hella tired and couldn’t find you Jamie.

Keep in mind, 50+ people. Incase anyone was wondering if there was only 8 people in the tournament. :o

LOL. Okay Jamie, now I understand why you were nagging on me. It’s true, I only know like 1 combo and zero matchups in that game. I definitely didn’t deserve 3rd place.

ggs to everyone at BB. I didn’t play any sf4 because I’m so bad that I actually try to play it like it’s guilty gear or something :confused: and ultra when I get scared

GGs Aaron, cool to see a rare appearance of someone from your scene haha. Your Noel and Litchi are beast!

Never had so many Jin mirror matches til last night, then again I just started playing less than a week ago. Drew, sorry for getting irritated at the Ice Car wackiness, was just pissed at myself for not punishing it when I could most of the time. I’m still happy with Jin though, doesnt have too many bad matches.

edited my results post because I REMEMBERED. or at least i’m PRETTY sure that that name was “Dan” on there…but there’s also “Drew” and I don’t recall writing down two names that both started with D… my bad if I’m wrong

the other thing! when I lost against chris’ rachel, damn that was a fun match as a whole. owned the first game, even perfected one of the rounds, LOST the second one cause I couldn’t get in on her and then the third went down to last round because I started getting pissed and raging and NO FEAR, RUSH YOU WITH HELLS FANG RC and I remember being pretty loud too. I’m totally totally different playing SF and playing MB/BB, I’m not sure why, I think cause I care about MB/BB so much more, or maybe it’s just the complete rushdown pace of the game and style that gets me so much more into it. Like I was doing stuff with akuma and even trying to comeback and playing patient for 30+ seconds on the clock when i was literally at blackbarred health or one poke away from dying and I would get stressed and tense but I would end up getting calm and stuff. But I mean with BB, especially that last game with Chris, even just like, overhead into C into forward C launcher to do a 5.5k damage combo, and the second hit of the forward C completely whiffs because I got pushed too far away, I fucking like yelled off that small thing. BB just takes all that stress and tenseness that I get from playing and explodes it. SF, even 3s which i’m much better at and more comfortable with, I find myself calming the beast instead of unleashing it.

Hehe no worries man. I eventually got punished for it, pretty hardcore XD

This will be the last time I’m able to make it to preppys so good games everybody.

ah, really, man? if i had known, i would’ve suggested that we get some games in while we were there. well, there’s always online. =D hit me up if we’re ever on at the same time!

:lame:, although I guess this is one less viper I’d have to worry about :wink:

Will you still be going to Jared’s? We definitely need to get some games in. If not in person, at least online.