Seattle 2/22 MvC2/CvS2 Results


** MvC2 Results, 31 people**

** 1-Rodolfo “RowTron” Castro-Magneto/Cable/Sentinel**

** 2-Trinh “DirtyShin” Nguyen-Sent/Cable/Commando**

** 3-Rattana “Mr.R@t” Phanthourath-Sent/Cable/Commando, Mag/Cable/Sent**

** 4-Issariya (wont type out last name cuz I’ll destroy it badly)-Sent/Cable/Commando**

** 5-Ian T-Mag/Cable/Cyke**

** 5-Paris Conway-Sent/Storm/Commando**

** 7-My Hoang-Mag/Storm/Cammy**

** 7-Jon Mar-Cable/Doom/Cyke**

** CvS2 Results, 26 people**

** 1-Trinh Nguyen-N Morrigan/Iori/Sagat**

** 2-Ian T-C Kim/Blanka/Sagat**

** 3-James “Peachy” Siew-S Athena/Cammy/Blanka**

** 4-Rodolfo Castro-N Vega/Sagat/Blanka**

** 5-Rattana Phanthourath-C Yamazaki/Sagat/Blanka**

** 5-Mandel “C_R” Scott-K Rolento/Vega/Sagat**

** 7-Issariya-N Ryu/Blanka/Sagat**

** 7-Joshua “Messatsu_Orochi” Taton-K Haohmaru/Yamazaki/Ken**

** Great turnout for both games, thanks to Oregon for comin down and to Apoc for stoppin by the tourney.**


Props to Josh and Mandel for doing so good in the CvS2 tourney.




7th bah that should have at least been mine, ill get you back next time Josh. :lol: Our match was to tight though, good shit there man. It was definetly a blast and it feels good to be back in the scene again.


Ya, Great CvS2 tourny guys. I’ll get ranked next time though :o




Row is TOO GOOD!

Good job everyone, hope the turn out for each game stays this way, good competition and lots of it. :slight_smile:


Go DirtyShin…looks like higher CvS2 wins again…Props to Ian…and of course the for-father of S-Groove Peachy…nice shit gentlemen…



finally,someone in the world gives me props. someone gets like 18th place and everyone and there mom is sayin stuff about them. wtf:eek:






I should have killed Row when I had the chance :frowning:


i went 2 and out in both game… that sux



nice job Issariya if you read these forums. Sounds like people had fun. cool:)


what happened to stilt in this tourney? wasn’t he seeded?


My Sentinel was bomb. My Cable was AWOL. I can think of exactly one game all tournament where the outcome was in doubt where my Cable managed to do anything of positive note. (Edit… make that 2. Game 1 against Ian and game 3 against Ondrej. Other than that, my Cable was thoroughly sucking.)

Game 3 against Ian just had my eyes watering thinking about it on the way home. Literally. Him, Mag/Cable/Clops, me, Sent-A/BH/Cable. Sent kills Magnus outright for about half his own life in trade. I figure that I should probably get Cable in before his drops in, so I did so. Spot decision, and given the way my Sentinel plays against Cable/AAA, probably a bad one since I had the lead anyhow, especially the way my Cable was going that day. I get a hit on the ground, if I follow through with the meter I had, his Cable gets laid out right next to his Magnus, and it’s garbage time. Short/fwd/rh/Sent-A… sj. fierce viper beam. Choketastic. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

From there, I eventually cracked to the excellent pressure game Ian was playing and blow the lead in time. My Sentinel, further rubbing my nose in the stupidity of tagging him out earlier, kills Ian’s Cable without my Cable’s AAA still alive anyway, and I had to try to come back on his Cyclops alone with Sent/BH. It was close, and if you looked at the lifebars as time ran out, it was probably no more than pixels either way. Maybe I should’ve been more rushdown aggressive instead of aiming to trap and figuring I could chip him down before time ran out. But in simple terms, he won, I lost, props to him, he’s got the Stilt-monkey off his back at last.

Losers’ bracket… Trinh is too fucking good. And I got caught without a sound game plan in mind for Cable/BH/Doom because it’s been so damn long since I last played against that combination. Ondrej gave me a horrific time in the first round with the same team with BH starting… before succumbing to the Curse. (Okay, so one thing went right.)

Tough bracket, AWOL Cable, and this latest novel ends with me finishing at 13th. Very disappointing drop from 4th last time. I hope to be back up at that kind of standard next time. :bluu:


** Damn…**


damn!!! that’s like the shortest reply i had ever seen sean posted…


Man I got to play rodolfo:evil: .


RowTron = TOO GOOD!

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