Seattle 4/17 SFIV Results

32 people

1-Mandel Scott “Deezo”-Chun Li
2-Rodolfo Castro “RowTron”-Dhalsim
3-James Siew “Peachy”-Blanka
4-Rattana Phanthourath-Sagat
5-Jason Mar-Sagat
5-Julian Blake “Airthrow”-Bison
7-Elliott Gray “Elliott”-Gouken
7-Mickey Davis “Mickey D”-Ryu

Random Comments
-Thanks to Zach as always for allowing the Seattle scene to do this.

-There were a lot of new people in this tournament and it was good to see all the new faces. Thank you guys for coming out and I hope you guys can make it out to the next event.

-Cole wasn’t present at this tourney as he’s currently in San Fran for the big gamestop tourney. So good luck to DIRTY COLE!

-The grand finals went 3-1.

The next event will be on May 1st. Hope to see everyone there!

yeah, row!

Good shit Seattle Marvel

OOOOH NO! :rofl: Rat, Row and Jmar are looking to start taking people’s money again.

Good shit Mandel. Hope somebody got it on tape.

Fun ass tournament, I think it’s good I didn’t place so high and I got fucken CURB STOMPED by Mandel and Row, I really am motivated to level the heck up just so I am not caught on video again looking like a child fighting a grown ass man anymore, I looked ridiculous. :looney:

I was expecting Row to fight like Cole Jr. in which case I was pretty confident I could win, but they play NOTHING alike so I just got murked HARD. Mandel, I expected to lose but he really showed me I was not even on the same level, back to the drawing board…

Out of the 8 top placing people in the tourney, there is only ONE duplicate character, I must say that is HOTNESS. You can truly use whoever you want in this game so far… except Rose, who just has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. I honestly think Dan>Rose.

Rose is one of the coolest characters imo… and her ultra isn’t bad.

Rose bowl tournament next time?

I agree she is cool, and when the game came out on console she was going to be my main, but I found out on my own she sucks far too badly to be taken seriously in this game. She is HORRIBLE.

Man, Rose is not that bad, have you seen how buff her normals are? Far, close, far,, slide, and s.hp are all badass. Just don’t point out how HORRIBLE her anti-air is, and we’ll be good. She was my first main, too. I’ll play your dictator with her and show you she’s not THAT horrible, though she is very bad. After looking at her frame data and seeing that she has the slowest jump in the game (she for some reason takes off a frame slower than everyone else, what the fuck) I just couldn’t keep up the uphill battle.

Okay she’s terrible, but she at least has buff normals going for her. I just so badly want her to be good. She’s SO close. I think like a frame faster recovery on slide and an actual anti-air effect from her airthrow as well as juggle-ability and she’d be bomb.

Mandel totally summed it up in something along the line of “I used Rose until I realized that every time I used a special I got punished.”

I was talking to Mandel when the console vers. was still new, and he was pointing out how much ludicrous amount of EX meter she got off of jab reflect.

Then I realized, her EX moves are fucking trash, so who cares how much EX meter you get?? Her ultra is even crappier than Dictator’s IMO. Also she can’t do ANYTHING about getting rushed the fuck down, once people are in your grits it’s over IMO.

I would love to play some Dic V. Rose sometime though.

You need the bar for her super. Her ex moves are blah though.

It should be noted that Row lost first round to Thad’s Fuerte, and went on to win eight times in a row in order to make it to the grand finals.


It looks like we have four tapes(?) of footage, but don’t quote me on that. I’m capturing tape one right now - probably won’t have anything up until Friday, but we’ll see.

I gave last session’s LP tape back to BlackSteeeeeve to see if he or his friend could get anything useful from it. =\

edit: um, when you sit on the table to play your match, the match becomes a video of your head weaving back and forth drunkenly. I would recommend not sitting on the table in front of the camera. :smile:

Good to see Row is still using Cable.

OOoOOOoooOooOh SNAP Crazy turn out. Im glad to see row and ratt rockin the mic. Beasting hard. Wish I could of been but its all good guys cause i have SO MUCH fuckin info to pass onto you guys. This gamestop national was SERIOUS. Im gonna tell everyone right now. We need to be taking practice A LOT more serious. People are fuckin SHARP all over the states. Nobody is sleeping and everyone is playing.

I hope to see everyone tomorrow at Dennys so I can give the re-cap. NW bout to come to EVO full FORCE!


LOOOL hey to all my old friends from seattle! glad to see the marvel crowd is getting into SF4

pretty easy game right??? go to vancouver and challenge scrubydan please!!! i believe in you guys

you guys beat me in marvel!

edit: where can i find teh vids too when they’re posted?? i am in korea right now and i can’t properly search at work. are they in zac’s site? can someone link me?

I’ll put up a link here when they’re up. I’ve captured them but haven’t encoded them yet. :slight_smile:


(linked later)

There’s no names on any of those, so naming would be appreciated. And I suspect that two of those are the same match, different character, so that clarification would be appreciated too. :tup:

Zach good shit, can’t wait for the other tapes!! :tup:

First match was mislabeled it’s Mickey (Ryu) vs Logangus (Sagat), then it’s…

Mickey (Ryu) vs Kenny (Sagat)
Ghrrk (Chun Li) vs Crashx99 (Blanka)
Frankdadank (Bison) vs Ceramic Sugar (Ken, Ryu)
Deezo (Chun Li) vs JMar (Sagat)
Crashx99 (Blanka) vs JMar (Sagat)

EDIT-The Gouken vs Bison video is Elliott vs Julian/Airthrow.

I have the most hella boring style ever, I feel like booing myself when I watch me play SFIV. :rofl:

I SERIOUSLY need new buttons SO BADLY though, I am dropping combos, now my fierce button is crapped out as well as my lk, both hella unreliable now. :sad: It’s been a good run though, 20 dollars in parts for two years of me hittin’ dem buttons like a gorilla=SANWA