Seattle 4/26 MvC2/GGXX SouthCenter results


** Here are the results for the tourneys today. Much thanks and props to Randy Lew, Mikey Rasphone and the other Sacramento players that came up. You guys are hella coo.**

** MvC2 (33 people)**

** 1-Jason “KuanEasy” Kuan-Cable/Sentinel/Commando**
** 2-Rodolfo “RowTron” Castro- Magneto/Cable/Sentinel**
** 3-Trinh “DirtyShin” Nguyen- Sentinel/Cable/Commando**
** 4-Rattana “Mr. R@t” Phanthourath-Sentinel/Cable/Commando**
** 5-Ian “vashthastampede” T-Storm/Sentinel/Commando**
** 5-Jackson Chen- Sentinel/Cable/Commando**
** 7-Scott “WANG” Wong- Magneto/Cable/Sentinel**
** 7-Andrew W- Sentinel/Cable/Commando**

** GGXX (20 people at least thats what I think it was)**

** 1-Trinh “DirtyShin” Nguyen- Ky**
** 2-Randy “NanoBoi” Lew- Sol**
** 3-Rattana “Mr. R@t” Phanthourath- Chipp**
** 4-Billy “Sie Kensou” Natividad- Sol**
** 5-Trace “ICD-3” FUCKIN Prewitt- Testament**
** 5-Mark Santos- Potemkin**
** 7-Rodolfo “RowTron” Castro- Venom**
** 7-Mandel “C_R” Scott- Faust**

** Congrats to all the top placers and thanks again to Sacramento for comin up to the tourney. There were a lot of great matches.**


Oh shit…Randy visited?

And OMG, Kuan is beating Row! It’s the hotness…

And I’ve never seen such an excessive use of Sent/Cable/Commando…


I like what I see :lol: team scrub is finally taking over seattle :lol:

j/k :smiley:


** Random thoughts…I hate Sent/Commando and Team Scrub, my Magnus is garbage, Trace Prewitt is a savage, so is Trinh, rocket punch is better for Team Row than drones are, Team Codylicio is dope, Kuan is crazy, and…I think thats about it, oh wait Naser is a gangsta.**


If I had to sum up the tournies in a short little post I would say this. Thanks to the Sacramento and Portland guys for coming. It was nice to see people from way far away reppin up here. Also, new sticks for XX. Also, everyone gets launched. Good Job Trinh and Kuan. **


u forgot codylicio passed his pghali class…


man, stop beasting trinh. whenever this guy wins a tournament he beats me in marvel. mikey should come up for a cvs2 tournament. that guy is good.


one of the best tournys ever!!! Man I never really had a chance to talk to those Kali people but they seemed hella coo, that randy guy shut down my Cable/storm/doom for fun. Randy you have one of the best if not the best Ironman Ive ever seen in my life.

and… Naser stop beastin with MAGNUS!!!


Special thanks to Randy and Mikey for coming up for this one. You guys beat me up for fun. Sacramento!

Thanks to the Nolander for eliminating me from both tournaments. Damn too good.

It was good to see a high turnout for this tournament. I was glad to see people like Scott, Andrew, Kyle Chow, Jackson, Guchy, and other people who aren’t always able to make it.

I got sick of watching matches at this tournament though. Just about everyone picked team scrub, or some team with Commando on it. Pretty gross.

nice job passin the class Val(sac) Boen. you da man.

Naser: lets play some fuckin marvel.


This was a tough tournament… nothing easy anywhere.

What can I say about my own experience? Cause for hope and yet intensely frustrating? Something where I should be happy that I at least went down fighting? So close and yet so far? The longest two seconds of my tournament career? I don’t know. It would’ve been an extremely good feeling if I hadn’t called Cyclops one too many times, I’ll say that. As it is, it’s yet another of those “almost” stories that has me very frustrated with my seemingly perpetual status of knocking on the door and yet never quite getting my foot in. :frowning:

Recap for those who weren’t there or didn’t hear about it already: after getting spanked by Rattana in the first round (I was seeded, he chose to play me), I was in the losers’ bracket early, and due to an upset at Jackson’s hands, so was Row. So this left me playing him in only the second round of the losers’ bracket. First game, he’s going for Mag/Sent/Tron against my Team Scrub, sorry, I wasn’t going down that easy. So he goes to the classic Team Row, wins the second game in a respectable enough fight. Third game… argh argh argh. I go to Sent/Cable-A/Clops (Team Clops? My choice of abbreviations seems to have become something of a running joke, why not call it that?) for the third game, as I’d been planning to do at all points when I’d lost a first game. More or less the same thing I did last time with the Cammy variant of it, but I’m liking Cyclops more for it lately. At any rate ™, Sentinel carves a pretty good sized hole in his Magneto and his Cable before he is inevitable reduced to so much scrap metal, but it’s in good enough shape that my Cable needed only one or two Cyclops hits to be put in what looked like a pretty hopeless lead. I went into “runaway to stall” mode at about 40 on the clock, and I’m far enough ahead that it looks like I’m going to get away with it. His Cable dies trying to chase me down, his Sentinel comes in with a full life bar on my half-life Cable and full life Clops, his Magneto has pixels of life. Running, running, running… two seconds left. People are literally calling out “game over”, everyone in the room thinks I’ve got him. Hell, he and I both thought I had him. I called Cyclops, Row takes the opportunity and pounds on him, does just enough damage that it goes the other way. It was so frustrating that I slumped over the cabinet in horrified disgust at what’d happened, only to be summoned back to reality by a pair of arms wrapped around me, I turn around and realize it’s Row giving me a bear hug. Row is too good and too cool… even when you think you’ve got him cold he finds a way to come back, and then when he does he’s still completely cool about it. I honestly can’t think of a time in my life when I’ve seen that guy without a smile on his face… he’s one of the great ones, no doubt about it.

Nonetheless, to say that ending was a disappointment would be something of an understatement. Oh well… what can I do? Figure out what to do differently next time. :bluu:

I feel bad for N-Ken, getting owned for fun by Morrigan/Cable/Tron twice, first by zachdms and then my me figuring I’ll have some fun and showing Zach he’s not the only guy in the NW who’s tinkered with Morri/Tron. Maybe it wasn’t my best tournament performance-wise, but busting out Morrigan and having some fun and getting away with it was a blast.

If I’d managed to hold on against Row, I would’ve had a rematch against Issariya. I didn’t recognize that guy at all. Glasses, short hair… I had to see him point out his name on the bracket sheet before I knew who the hell that was. He and I got a laugh at Gadoken’s expense, though. Anyone else notice that that guy got real quiet when Issariya and I both called him out?

Jackson’s a beast. Rough part of the bracket, he still holds on for top five.

Sacramento peeps were good. Hadn’t seen Mikey since B5 or Evo, didn’t get a chance to play him. The Sent/Cable/Tron that Andrew broke out was unorthodox, but got the job done for the most part. Very sound technical execution overall, and they went down pretty tough… 7th and 9th places all around.

Team choice… other than the throwaway Morrigan/Tron team, what to say? I’m probably going to take Team Scrub off of my roster, partly because I think it’s just played out and because I’m not sure there’s a lot I’m doing with that team that I’m not doing better with Ye Olde Team Stilt (Sent-A/Cable/BH) and Team Clops, as it were. To some degree, it’s a uniqueness thing (I like being able to say that I come up with most all of my own stuff), but a lot of it really is that I’m just liking how I’m doing with those teams better. Team Scrub wasn’t even particularly competitive against anything anyone did on me except Row’s Mag/Sent/Tron, whereas Team Clops was doing well enough that I had to at least blow leads to lose with it each time. I’m still pretty damn green with that version of the team, IMO, so doing this well with it in its first tournament outing isn’t a bad sign. But using it for less than two weeks as opposed to the fifteen months I’ve been using Ye Olde Team Stilt sort of showed. Should’ve had something better for a game plan on a Cable-less Sent/Mags than just running without doing anything. (Yeah, that’s right… you read StiltMan saying there’s something better to do than run away. Ye gods, take cover, the fire and brimstone is sure to follow soon. :eek: )

Kuan is still a beast… and I like his new game plan for tournaments. Bust out the MSP early, since that’s enough for him to win, and save Team Scrub for the tough fights later on – since that’s what Row’s going to need to beat to stop him. With the new scheme he uses with Team Scrub, this leaves Row with a minimum of chances to observe the team… or to put it another way, if there’s a weakness in Kuan’s new tactics with it, Row’s going to have to find it the hard way, on his own, rather than by watching someone else stumble across them for him. If someone finds a way around Kuan’s MSP… oh well. But nobody seems to actually beat Kuan’s MSP until it gets to the end, and so it does its job just fine. Ah, the luxuries that are presented when you can own everyone in sight with your choice of teams and save the good stuff for last.

Kudos to Kuan… now he’s done it twice, to show that last time wasn’t a fluke. And if he can keep holding people at bay without needing to go to Team Scrub until the very last fights with Row himself, it could stay that way for quite some time. Being able to hide your best crap from your principal observation is a very nice goal to reach. I need to do that some time. Oh yeah, that means I’ve got to be able to pound everybody except one guy without having to get too serious. Minor detail, that. :confused:

(Maybe in Portland…)


Look up. WHOA!!! **


The Official Stilt Novel, Southcenter 4/26 Edition, has been posted.

You know you loved it. :smiley:





see…this is what i mean…
stiltmanian always hooks it up with the good shit
none of that schwag
please tell me u guys agree with me


Great Tourney, excellent show up. Cali peeps were great, didnt get a chance to talk to them but good shit in Marvel. Rairu, you didnt play HALF the way your capable of playing, man you should have been winning faaak. Trinh, Kuan, Row are fucking monsters, wow. i didnt do better than last tourney but i think im playing better, not as nervous this time. got to know lots of ppl since the last one. all in all was lots of fun. and Paris, thanks for the advice man, you were right !! lol. its easier to play with that mentality.

and Rairu: yeah lets play some fucking Marvel :smiley:


I heard Naser is the hype right now. He’s on the come up. Can this be confirmed? **


ladies and gentleman

i would like to introduce you “NW greatest chef”.
Menu: stewed Issariya.
ingredient: strom, sentinel, commando
How to make: boil the water, rush those shits down and put them all in the pot. Add a bit of carrot, veggies and beef sauce.
Tips: be sure that strom does not jump out of the pot.

Chef Rowtron
Menu: Sweet and Sour Issariya
ingredient: sent, cable, commando
How to make: not gonna tell you :stuck_out_tongue:

Black Chef of the month: C_R
Menu: California Roll
ingridient: Rice, Seaweed, Carrot, Fish Roe, Mayo, Asparagus and Randy Lew.

to be continue…
no offence everyone


Ultimate Chef of NW: Chef Kuaneasy
Menu: Seattle Roll
ingredient: Rice, Seaweed, Row, RAT, Thrinh, and cheese.
How to make: only him can do.
Yeah! Kuan go there next week and make some California roll.


Issariya I can never understand what the hell your talking about but its always funny as hell :lol:


fuck!!! i forgot to add avocado.