Seattle 4/3 SFIV Results

30 people

1-Jason Cole “A-Dhalsim”-Dhalsim, Balrog, Vega
2-Mickey Davis “Mickey D”-Ryu, Sagat
3-Jason Mar-Sagat
4-Julian Blake “Airthrow”-Bison
5-Thadeus “Mr.Thadeus”-El Fuerte
5-Drew “h.duke”-Zangief
7-Frank Caraan “Frankdadank”-Bison
7-Mandel Scott “Deezo”-Balrog

Random highlights
-This tourney was definitely the hypest tournament we’ve had yet for SFIV up here. People were goin nuts.

-Cole and I started off in losers, I came super late, and Cole did somethin to fugg up the brackets so in order to like make it up to someone, he like put himself in losers. As you can see, he mobbed through the losers.

-Cole defeated Mickey in the finals 3-2, 3-0.

-Lots of good matches. I think the majority of the top eight was recorded.

-Despite missing a handful of people, we still had a 30 man turnout. Crazy.

Next tournament is on the 17th, hope to see everyone there!

Good shit cole. You beastin by starting in the losers and still winning the tournament. Damn YO!

Love to see an El Fuerte up there. Good shit everyone.

good shit jmar

You don’t use Chun anymore Deezo?

That grandfinals set was toughhhhh! Great job Cole. I know I need Grandfinals experience for sure…that pressure can get to you real quick.

so random, Mickey, I’ve played you on XBL a few times on ranked.


See you around!

Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay!

Yeah she’s still my main character, I just tried to easy mode my way through the losers with Balrog and it didn’t work =[. I actually kinda regret not picking her hahah.

GREAT Tourney, NW is going to be HYPE im tellin you. When we get on stage to represent we are gonna be just as loud as if it was at preppys. Chanting after every hit and hyping our team UP! NOBODY is going to fade our vibe!

So next preppys folks lets try to get there early. If only like 5 or 6 peeps come super late i can delay there matches but not when 15 peeps are late =P

Everyone is leveling up fast. Jmar, hope you got an answer for vega next tourney, had to use him just to show you the light hehe

All ind of new cats, im scared if we have a night at preppys where everyone actually comes. It will probably hit 40+ Might need to take over the marvel room at that point lol, put mvc2 in the TVC dungeon room lol

See everyone at the Dojo april 11th



Good shit, Airthrow and Frank. Your psycho powah is limitless, only one place to go and that’s up.