Seattle 5/09 MvC2, CvS2, 3S Lanwerx Results

** Here are the results from last nights tourneys. Thanks to Apoc, Kuan, and Gerald for runnin all the tourneys.**

** MvC2 results, 15 people**

** 1-Rodolfo “RowTron” Castro-Magneto/Cable/Sentinel**
** 2-Jason “Kuan” Kuan-Sentinel/Cable/Commando, Sentinel/Storm/Cyclops**
** 3-Mark Santos (GUAHCSTA!)-Sentinel/Cable/Commando**
** 4-Nodair Razi-No clue what team he used**
** 5-Trinh “DirtyShin” Nguyen-Sentinel/Cable/Commando**
** 5-Steven Chao-Magneto/Cable/Sentinel**
** 7-Jesse “HuStLeMaN17” Hall-Sentinel/Cable/Commando**
** 7-Kyle Chow-Cable/Storm/Commando**

** CvS2 results, 12 people**

** 1-John “lifetimeboy” Michael-P Cammy/Blanka/Sagat (Thats what I remember him usin anywayz)**
** 2-Jason “Apoc” Gonzalez-C Vega/Eagle/Chun Li**
** 3-Trinh “DirtyShin” Nguyen-N Iori/Morrigan/Sagat**
** 4-Masanori Takee-A Blanka2/Sakura/Bison**
** 5-James “Peachy” Siew-S Athena/Sagat/Blanka**
** 5-James “astroboy” Naumann-C Ryo/Guile/Blanka**
** 7-Ian “Vashstampede” T.-C Kim/Blanka/Sagat**
** 7-Naser-N Ryu/Honda/Sagat**

** 3S results, 7 people**

** 1-Masanori Takee-Chun Li II**
** 2-Jason “Apoc” Gonzalez-Dudley I**
** 3-Gerald “Shadow Blanka” Guess-Ryu I**
** 4-Ondrej Lang-Hugo I**
** 5-Cory “Dan_is_my_hero” Wyckoff-???**
** 5-Erin “Tweak” O’Malley-???**
** 7-Ryan “Croaky is Frog” Sipe-???**

** Thanks to everyone that showed up and there is prolly gonna be another one next Friday. Hopefully there will be another good turnout and maybe I’ll get my black ass there on time next time.**

Dude, where did my 7th place finish on Marvel go to? I got lucky as hell and beat Issariya with Juggernaut / Cable / Blackheart, advancing me to the 7th place battle, when I had to forfeit and leave. Not to mention, how do I share last place in CvS2, when I didn’t go 2 and out?

wooohooo awesome turn out for third strike!!!

To Shin Sheng Long

Thrinh took your spot and got 5th place. I don’t like the fact that they let someone else replace the dropped player. Jesse should have got a bye not facing Thrinh.

I feel sorry for stiltman to drive all the way from Portland and got jacked in the tourney. Now he probably understand how does it feel to lose 0-2 in lanwerx when we both know that we are capible of doing a lot better in the tournament.

It’s a good game playing you and hopefully we face each other again someday. not in the lanwerx though. yeah! man a direct glitched juggernaut punch on strom’s face is not fun at all :lol:
This is probably the last time I will ever join lanwerx marvel tournament despite how i suck at using lanxwerx controller. i had to press fly twice in order to fly once with sentinel :mad: unless, they gonna do something with the controllers. put the marvel machine into a proper cabinate and proper controllers.(not the fucking Daytona USA machine)

Man!!! 15 players show up for marvel and 7 of them are from BCC. DAMN!!! good job Nodiar. I’ll beat your ass at school next week :stuck_out_tongue: