Seattle 5/11 MvC2/ST results (fuck a ranbat)


MvC2 - 9 players

Valentinus “Codyliciouz”" Boentaran - Storm/Sentinel/Cyclops or Psylocke - 10 pts.
Mandel “Deezo” Scott - Sentinel/Storm/Commando, MSP - 7 pts.
Kyle “kchow_xlr8” Chow - Scrub, Magneto/Cable/Psylocke- 5 pts.
Evan “Rairu” Wenzel - MSS, Matrix - 3 pts.
Jim “Fusulu” Chey - Storm/Sentinel/Commando - 1 pt.
Zach “Preppy” Robinson - Megaman/Cable/Tron, Magneto/Cable/Tron - 1 pt.

ST - 12 players

Julien “zass” Beasley - Balrog - 10 pts.
Nate “XTG” Montes - Zangief, T. Hawk, Vega - 7 pts.
Jim “Fusulu” Chey - Dunno this nigga probably counter picked everybody so I’ll put “entire cast” - 5 pts.
James “Peachy” Siew - M. Bison- 3 pts.
Mandel “Deezo” Scott - Chun Li - 1 pt.
Julian “Airthrow” Blake - Balrog - 1pt.

Standings so far…

Valentinus “Codyliciouz” Boentaran - 41 pts.
Rodolfo “Rowtron” Castro - 20 pts.
Mandel “Deezo” Scott - 16 pts.
Nolan “Nolander” Deitz - 16 pts.
Jason “Hairymaster” Mar - 10 pts.
Zach “Preppy” Robinson - 7 pts.
Evan “Rairu” Wenzel - 7 pts.
Kyle “kchow_xlr8” Chow - 6 pts.

Nate “XTG” Montes - 27 pts.
Julian “zass” Beasley - 20 pts.
Anthony “#1GeeseMaster” Jaimes - 10 pts.
James “Peachy” Siew - 10 pts.
Julian “Airthrow” Blake - 9 pts.
Phi “JetPhi” Nguyen - 7 pts.
Sam “Fatbear” Yatchmeno - 7 pts.
Mandel “Deezo” Scott - 6 pts.

Observations and stuff copy/pasted from Doughboy’s post in the NW section…

  • Zach, I left my Innovation converters at your place. I’ll get them next tournament date if you don’t mind.
  • Mandel got counter-picked in ST.
  • Mandel got second in Marvel, and still let fly with the black rage.
  • Kyle was so shocked that he made it to the winner’s finals in Marvel that he basically gave up game 1 for free.
  • For those not from Seattle, this is an indicator of how deep our scene is: Rodolfo “Rowtron” Castro didn’t get past the first round of the loser’s bracket.
  • 9 man tournament for Marvel, and I still didn’t score a point. Watch out David, I’m gunning for you.
  • David “DAWolf57” Alvarez retains the worst player title because IceNine, Kuenai, FrAnkDAdAnk, MyNameisPaullee, and numerous other posers pussied out. David, myself, and Rowtron were the only ones not to have scored points at this tournament. So, I guess we could consider ourselves in the same league as Row until the next tournament.
  • Thanks for the food, Nate. Light a match the next time you pass gas though.
  • Marvel wrapped up before midnight. Hurray!
  • Cody is slowing becoming untouchable in the rankings.
  • Julien “zass” Beasley is the first player to win back to back tournaments. Congrats.
  • Shame on all the Marvel players that showed up late. You’re making us look bad to the ST clique.
  • Thanks to Julian for bringing tools.
  • Thanks to Kyle for taking my stick to be fixed. Though I think you might have left your solder at Zach’s.
  • Jim “Fusulu” Chey placed in both tournament on his first time at Zach’s. Great job.
  • Allen p0wned me with Juggs in casuals.
  • Where the hell were Nolan, Jmar, Rat, dann, and Bopnation?
  • I left at 4:30AM because everyone else had left. This is the second earliest I’ve ever left Zach’s. What, did everyone have work later today?
  • Once again, record low turnout for Marvel. Let this never happen again. This is Seattle. Don’t make me show up at your house and slap you with a dead salmon.

Quote of the evening:
“I’m hot. I’m so hot.”

  • Nate Montes [in his most breathy, seductive, disturbing tone]


good shit bonertran

good shit mandel

edit: btw what does it mean that you didn’t score a point?


wait wait wait wait wait wait wait just a minute. Mandel’s black?


As he noted prior to the observations, those were the comments from my post cut’n pasted. So, it was I who failed to score any points (i.e. out of the top 6). I highly recommend those interested in NW drama to read our ramblings in the tournament thread. We might not talk shit like the DFW threads (where I used to live), but we muse about the most pointless things. More importantly, the first post will be updated with the next tournament date for anyone who might want to attend.

His name is Mandel. What gave it away? What if his name were Jamal or Shaneequa? This dude went back and forth with Tempest253 in the NW regional section about how Santhrax was reserved for black players while whites preferred MSP. Of course, the Deezo has been running MSP for the last few events. Read into it how you will.

My rep’s about to go in the tank. I can feel it. God bless racial humor.

I’m not white, so it’s okay to say this. Right?


Well he doesn’t swim or eat mayonnaise AND he thinks Michael is innocent, you tell me?


wait wait wait wait wait wait wait just a minute. Michael’s not innocent?


HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!! :lol: :rofl: :lol:


I’d like to thank Mandel and Cody for owning me for the past three tournaments. Could I lose to somebody else? Kthx!

Best parts of my tournament experience:

  • The game I won off Mandel was where my Magneto just stood in neutral at match-opening. My joystick had shifted on the floor so that instead of up-forward I was holding forward. THANK YOU FOR NOT KILLING HIM LIKE THE BITCH HE IS. :tup:
  • Neither Cody or I realized he had picked Captain Commando until halfway through our game. I’m too used to the angles on Cable antiair, so it was a smashing surprise to get corridored. I could barely keep playing I was laughing so hard. :crazy: Who picks Storm/Sent/CapCom around here?

Alan’s a beast. He should show up earlier and own fools.

Nice work, Cody!


Preppy are you recording these videos? I love seeing how beastly the Cables are in Seattle.


I haven’t. Nate’s been recording Super Turbo - I have another tape of that that I’ll put up in the next week or so.

Marvel will be taped if a) someone else does it (I’ve got two cameras they can borrow) or b) I’m not lazy. I’ve pretty much only been playing ~3 times a month, so … I’ve been playing rather than tape for now. If I do end up at Evo East/West, I don’t want to get my ass kicked that badly. :smile:


MIT Julien Beasley? The fuck? If it’s the same dude, wow, good shit coming back.