Seattle 5/17 Lanwerx MvC2, 3S, and A3 results


** Here are the results.**

** MvC2 results, 24 people**

** 1-Jason “Kuan” Kuan-Magneto/Sentinel/Commando, Sentinel/Cable/Commando**
** 2-Mark Santos-Sentinel/Cable or Storm/Commando**
** 3-Mandel “C_R” Scott-Sentinel/Cable or Storm/Commando**
** 4-Jesse “HuStLeMaN17” Hall-Cable/Storm/Doom**
** 5-Eric “StiltMan” Foley-Sentinel/Cable-A/Cyclops, Sentinel-A/Blackheart/Cable**
** 5-Naser-Sentinel/Magneto/Iron Man or Cyclops**
** 7-Ian “Vashthastampede” T.-Storm/Sentinel/Commando**
** 7-Nolan “Nolander” Deits-Sentinel/Storm/Commando**

** 3S results, 16 people**

** 1-John “lifetimeboy” Michael-Ken III**
** 2-Masanori Takee-Chun Li II**
** 3-Jason “Apoc” Gonzalez-Dudley I**
** 4-Evan “Rairu” Wenzel-Ken III**
** 5-Cory “Dan_is_my_hero” Wyckoff-Chun Li II?**
** 5-Mike “StriderM” Avery-Ken III**
** 7-Sam “bakemono” Yatchmenoff-Makoto I, Ken III**
** 7-Trace “ICD-3” Prewitt-Chun Li II**

** A3 results, 16 people**

** 1-Jason “Apoc” Gonzalez-A Chun Li**
** 2-Masanori Takee-X Dhalsim, V Akuma**
** 3-John “lifetimeboy” Michael-A Ryu**
** 4-Ondrej Lang-V Cammy, V Cody**
** 5-Mandel “C_R” Scott-A Chun Li**
** 5-Mike “ShinX” Svien-A Sakura**
** 7-Channa Ma-V Sakura**
** 7-Evan “Rairu” Wenzel-V Zangief**

** Great tourneys, matches, and great turnouts for all the tourneys. CvS2 didnt get to finish in time, and I think the last ppl left in that tourney were Apoc, John Michael, Peachy, King, Me, Ian, Chris, and Mark. Congrats to all the top finishers.**

** Btw, its not a good idea to post results at like 4 in the morning.**


** MvC2 results, 24 people**

** 1-Jason “Kuan” Kuan-Magneto/Sentinel/Commando, Sentinel/Cable/Commando**
** 2-Mark Santos-Sentinel/Cable or Storm/Commando**
** 3-Mandel “C_R” Scott-Sentinel/Cable or Storm/Commando**
** 4-Jesse “HuStLeMaN17” Hall-Cable/Storm/Doom**

Guahcsta says:

Choco: You’re a killer…“the best black guy that doesn’t die in this movie!!”

Jesse: You’re my hero…your fuckin crazy

Kuan: Maybe next time I’ll actually PLAY the finals!! Hehe you’re still my mentor you snatch(sac)!!


Damnit Naser




i vote stiltman hook it up with the documentary for this tourney

does anybody second this motion?


Actually, I used Makoto SAI, and Ken in a few rounds…


** Guahcsta:You’re crazy, I couldnt defeat the Santinol. The Guahc jacked the Rock!**

** Kuan:I agree, Stilt has to hook it up wit the documentary. I think everyones lookin forward to seein it.**

** bakemono:Edited the results.**


HEY Rock!!!

You still want me to build you a stick?

Cause I’m gonna go shopping for the materials tomarrow and I should be able to give you a price by sometime mid week.


HEY Rock!!!

** Man Ima broke ho right now, so I prolly wont be able to buy a stick from you for a good while, at least until I get a job. I’d say the earliest I’d be able to buy one is like sometime right b4 Evl.**


Re: HEY Rock!!!

NP man, don’t worry about it, I was just wondering if you still wanted a stick, cause I’m gonna start making them soon.

Does any body else want a stick thats from the Greater Washington State Area, cause if you do and don’t want to pay teh ridiculous prices of MASS Systems then just reply.

Kuan how about you, this way you won’t have to worry about waiting for a stick to play eople and all tat stuff.

I can do anything, if you want it for the Dream Cast, PSX, PS2, Xbox, Comp, anything but some will take a little longer cause i haven’t done it yet, ie. Xbox and comp. If you want a 360 i can do it, just ask Codylicious, he knows. Any way any how any design I can do it just let me know.


Official Stilt Tournament Encyclopedia, 5/17 Lanwerx Edition

Carpooled up with bakemono. I felt like a geezer talking the ear off of a guy half my age (literally… GAWD, I am old) on the way up. “By the time we get there you will know my opinions on absolutely everything.” Glad I got fresh windshield wipers along with the oil change and the car wash before I headed up, or the rain that hit us would’ve been nasty. Was talking bake’s ear off so much I literally missed the city of Olympia. How the hell did I manage that?

Tournament started late (8 PM). Machines weren’t on event mode. Everyone had been encouraged to enter all of the tournaments so we had about 10 people in MvC2 that had no clue what they were doing, which made the tournament last about twice as long. Then I had to take an extra hour or so’s driving when I got back to the Portland area to go down into NE Portland to drop bakemono off, then had to eat something after I got back because everything other than Denny’s and Shari’s was closed by the time we hit the road. Getting to sleep after dawn is bomb. :smiley:

Random pre-tourney quote of the night: “What the fucking random shit?!” – Mandel when a probably-accidental snapback hit him

If we’re going to do night tournaments at this place with no event mode they really do need to start something closer to, like, on time.

I am not winning patience fights nearly as well as I used to. That could be because I’m shifting teams and Sent-A/Cable/BH was a lot better built for winning those, and Sent/Cable-A/Clops takes a lot more work to chase down runaway. Doom’s rocks are really good for my diet, I need to eat those some more, can you hook me up with that, Hustleman? You got anything to warm them up with? Yeah, that bright red beam will do. I hate eating those things cold. Crank that sucker up.

Kuan has a freebie this time around… no Rodolfo, no Rat, and no answers for the Kuantinel. Hit the music… “Lovely stomp, wunnerful stomp… stompity stomp, wunnerful stomp…” (To the tune of the “Spam spam spam spam” music from the famous Monty Python skit…)

Got beasted by runaway. Me, beasted by runaway! Twice! Damn, if that isn’t a sign of impending apocalypse… since when do I lose to runaway? No… no, I will not move FORWARD! Must… resist…!!! crossing index fingers to ward off the red helmet :eek:

Seriously, who woulda thunk that I’d go into a tournament, win all the matches where people try to rush me down, and lose all the matches where people ran away on me? Isn’t that like… bass ackwards? :confused:

Major flashback moment… game 3, in the losers bracket against Steven, Cable/Cyclops alone against Sentinel/Magneto, me ahead. Deja vu all over again… and believe you me, this time I was not calling Cyclops.


It wasn’t quite free - Mark looked like he almost had Kuan beat there.

Man, according to APEX, I’m Mr. Consistent - this is my fourth 17th place finish in four tourneys. Ah well - I’m still new to this. Losing to stuff like Trace’s Blackheart to Cable DHC switchout (which cost me half of Cable) is stuff somebody, well, new like me is going to do. Now I just need to stop being foolish.

It was fun, but it took way way way too f*cking long. We’ve got to get the machines on event mode. Not finishing by 2AM was pretty ridiculous.

I’ve totally lost confidence in my low tier teams now against y’all. I think my Morrigan team can still hang against straight rush-down, but all I typically play against is Storm or Cable + Sent keep-away or Blackheart keep-away. [My favorite moment of the night, other than Wenzel’s dastardly awesome back-to-back TBonne comebacks, was when Trace just walked away in disgust from the end of the match with Ondrej. :lol: That’s how I feel everytime I play against Blackheart…] But I’ve got to be able to play against run-away, so I guess it’s time to learn Cable/Sent (or Storm)/Cyke (or TBonne).

And maybe then I can hope for 13th. :slight_smile:


Damnit Naser

Revenge jackass :smiley:


Re: Damnit Naser

It’s okay, next time I’ll make sure Mark puts me in the same bracket as you and I won’t use cammy, even though she owned your ass, I’ll just kick your ass with cable like i did last tourney and then you will be the jackass again instead of me. Enjoy it while it lasts, cause from now on I will take no mercy against you and I won’t be messin around.

PS I’m still better than you in basketball at least. That makes you a jackass too.

ohh yeah…you should just buy your stick from me it will cost a million dollars less and It will look and feel just like a Mass if you want it too. Plus I can put any graphic on the stick if you want.


Re: Re: HEY Rock!!!

probably not, but how much?


Guahcsta says:

Not to mention, the Stiltsac wasn’t there to see any finals sets…cause there was none!! That was helluva freebie…I just want to make that clear…

Thank you Zach. You hear that Jason? Ima drop that ass next time!!


yea dude i think u got hella better…hella close…but u know if u sent me to losers i woulda got mad and came back 8-0



Re: Re: Damnit Naser

That game needs more kicking, w00t !!


Wow I think me and Evan were next for a good hour and a half! I played just as bad as I thought I would in MvC2 and still got 13th :lol: It was all in my master plan to get those bys. :lame: 3S I would have to say was the most enjoyable one for me personally, im definetly showing more interest the more I play the game.


ummmm that was a fun tourny to bad I had to leave hella quick after my match, my friend was waiting for me for like 2 hours fuck!!! But I really wanted to stay longer but these kinda things happen


what a big fat liar. just tell them that you were dying to drink alcohols. stop beasting jesse!!!