Seattle 5/8 results: MvC2, CvS2, 3S

I wasn’t expecting a lot of people, and there weren’t. Too many big tournaments lately, so I think a break was welcome for most. The tournament became really random when RowTron goofed around too much in his match against Saige, and Saige pulled it out. Some nasty weird game glitching though. My personal highlight was hitting Sentinel with Cable’s j.RH and having Sentinel move THROUGH Cable and ending up behind him. Totally random day.

Thanks to all. The Kobun cake was pretty much the coolest cake I’ve ever seen. :slight_smile:

===MARVEL===> 15 people

  1. Jason ‘HelloKittee*’ Kuan - MSCyke
  2. Rodolfo ‘Keroppi’ Castro - MSCyke
  3. Dave ‘Parsley, Saige, don’t sleep on me’ - MagCableSent
  4. Evan ‘Rairu’ - counter team
  5. Jesse ‘Hustleman17’
  6. Trace ‘ICD-3’
  7. Dave ‘Assquatch’
  8. Jason ‘Mind_Reaver’
  9. Zach ‘Preppy’
  10. Adam ‘altericee45’
  11. Cory ‘Dan_is_my_hero’
  12. Frank ‘FrankDaDank’
  13. Jeff ‘Switchup’
  14. Jesse ‘JALbert’
  15. Ondrej ‘ShinShengLong’

Winner’s finals were 3-0 Kuan.
Loser’s finals were 3-0 RowTron.
Grand Finals were 4.5 to 2 in favor of Kuan. The .5 was from a finished match that was replayed for fun.

===CvS2==> 10 people

  1. Masanori ‘King’ (C/A groove)
  2. Chris ‘Red Bull’ (K groove)
  3. James ‘Peachy’ (S groove)
  4. Gene ‘Kusanagi’
  5. Zach ‘Preppy’
  6. Cory ‘Dan_is_my_Hero’
  7. Frank ‘FrankDaDank’
  8. Ondrej ‘ShinShengLong’
  9. Dave ‘Saige’
  10. Jason ‘Mind_Reaver’

===3S===> 8 people

  1. Masanori ‘King’
  2. Dave Son
  3. Ondrej ‘ShinShengLong’
  4. Mike ‘MikeStrider’
  5. Jason ‘Mind_Reaver’
  6. Dave ‘Assquatch’
  7. Jesse ‘JALbert’
  8. Dave ‘Saige’

Thanks to Peachy, Cory, and MikeStrider for helping run brackets. :slight_smile:


Blaziniflo posting. Kuan is so fucking serious it’s not even funny. The man don’t even need combos to win. That nigga is so buff. Go Team Llama!!!

Wow…justin converted an entire city to mscyke now:eek:

He actually played C or A if anyone cared.

I just want to thank Redbull for purchasing the food that was at the tournament, including the cake, so big thanks to him. (wouldn’t have been possible without him) Also thanks to Zigmover for bringing even more food. :slight_smile:

It was a small tournament, but still was a lot of fun. Good games guys.

were they playing mscyke just to mess around?

thtz whtz up

big thanks to rowtron for fucking up the losers bracket for me and trace.

having said that, this event was still actually pretty fun. having a smaller tournament than normal and having two cabinets to play on made things go nice and quick. every once in a while it’s nice to be able to go to a tournament and still not have to dedicate your whole day to standing around in an arcade.

thx to redbull, zigmover, peachy and zach as well.

storm/cyke is one of the best combos in the game; probably unmatchable. consider mag/psy too.

way to drop the knowledge. Cutting edge shit.

what teams were used in cvs2?


King - A-groove Sakura/Bison/Blanka2
Redbull - K-groove Blanka/Vega/Sagat2
Peachy - S-groove Athena/Sagat/Cammy

This was a small tournament and there were quite a bit of variations on the teams, but those are the usual teams.

nice nice

I dont think the teams for marvel are correct, cuz I think row told me he was fuckin around and used MSS.


I don’t care if I play the game anymore or not, SAIGE IS MY HERO!!!