Seattle 7/06/07 MvC2 and ST tournament

Here are the results from last night’s tournaments.

MvC2 - 15 players
Rodolfo “Rowtron” Castro - 1st - 10 pts.
Evan “Rairu” Wenzel - 2nd - 7 pts.
Cody “Codyliciouz” Boentaran - 3rd - 5 pts.
Theo “taiga_knee” Crooks - 4th - 3 pts
Andrew “Mix Masta Drew Dub” Blanchette - 5th - 1 pt.
Nolan “Nolander” Deitz - 5th - 1 pt.

ST - 13 players
Nate “XTG” Montes - 10 pts.
Keith “DoughBoy” Huang - 7 pts.
Mandel “Deezo” Scott - 5 pts.
Alex “Umbrellastyle” Kelly - 3 pts.
Erick Vega - 1 pt.
Kenneth “Tempest253” Clark - 1 pt.

The current leaders in their respective games are as follows:

Valentinus “Codyliciouz” Boentaran - 46 pts.
Rodolfo “Rowtron” Castro - 37 pts.
Evan “Rairu” Wenzel - 29 pts.
Mandel “Deezo” Scott - 23 pts.
Jason “hairymaster” Mar - 20 pts.

Nate “XTG” Montes - 49 pts.
Julian “zass” Beasley - 40 pts.
Mandel “Deezo” Scott - 17 pts.
3 others - 10 pts.

See the post featuring 7/06 results and annotations. Feel free to post your comments here, even if you’re not from the NW.

See first post in the Seattle league thread with current point standings and links to all tournament results thus far.

Fear not, Mixup. Both the MvC2 and ST tournament were recorded this time. Preppy will put those up on his site when he has the time.

I’m interested to see the vids when they’re up.

good shit rairu! Stop beasting!

good shit, I wanna check out this beasting

Rairu’s game was on. He even swept Cody in the loser’s finals. Special mention should also go to Theo (taiga_knee), who lost his first game, but took 4 straight after that. He was also willing to play me in casuals for over an hour while drunk off of his ass. Engaging Row repeatedly in $5 money matches was questionable though.

This tournament also featured the most wandering drunkards I’ve ever seen at Zach’s. Hope he was cool with that.

Rairu is the best! I hope I get to watch vids of his excellent game play!

I need to be where Keith be at…

You play ST fool??? crazy, good shit…

Footage from the ST tournament now available, courtesy of Preppy. It’s in two separate blocks in the folder linked below. Look for the files labeled 07-06 as the date. If making this link publicly available isn’t kosher, let me know Preppy. Marvel footage to follow once it’s converted, I’m sure.

I don’t play ST, really. The local die hards have been kind enough to invite me to a few of their sessions over the last 3 weeks. I’ve played ST on 5 occasions in my life, and this was actually my first event. If you look through the tournament thread in the NW matchmaking sections, you’ll see that I’ve never played in a single ST tournament until last Friday. 4 of the other ST players actually threw in a quarter a piece for the $1 entry fee and persuaded me to enter.

Still, I only placed because they taught me the second easiest (read: cheapest) character in the game. If you DL the tournament footage, you can hear people complaining about my character choice from the very first match (Me vs. Pablo_the_Mex) onwards.

OJ, I heard you got a real job. Say it ain’t so. F’ing A-Town had to shut down. What are Raymond and Roger doing with their time now? You know Linh still owes me money that he said he would have paid back in October? What’s Orochi Beaner doing these days? How are the rest of my boyz doing in DFW?

And yes, you do need to be where I’m at. You need to be anywhere but Texas. As I have informed you in the past, all that a man needs to become a healthy, meaningful, and productive individual in life, is to leave Texas.



Footage of many matches from this tournament are now available here thanks to Preppy. Give him rep, give him drugs, give him your daughters. Without him, Marvel would have fallen to the wayside, a victim of lesser games.

Matches from the first round and some of the later matches are not available in that folder. I think Preppy’s doing some testing with features on his site.

fuck the haters. vids can speak for themselves.

that guy with Sim/Ironman/Sent is nice

^-- That’s Curtis, who just got back. He’s still a little rusty, but he’s a combo video when he gets going.
I’ll try to make a point to get more footage of him before he moves to Japan. :sad:

Hmm nice MSS.

you did great!

I Wanna see Curtis vs a Good Santhrax player.

^-- No.

yeah hopefully we can get Curtis doing some of his ill shit in a match on tape tonight.

He was on fire against me, my teams are very Sim friendly.

you should have preppy hook you up with the winners final and grand final, so you can hate on those matches too.