Seattle 7/13/07 MvC2 and ST tournament

Here are the results from last night’s tournaments:

MvC2 - 17 players

Rodolfo “Rowtron” Castro - 10 pts.
Mandel “Deezo” Scott - 7 pts.
Evan “Rairu” Wenzel - 5 pts.
Zach “Preppy” Robinson - 3 pts.
Ian “Vashthstampede” Tonberry- 1 pt.
Brian Ma - 1 pt.

ST - 17 players + 1 late entry
Julien “zass” Beasley - 10 pts.
Nate “XTG” Montes - 7 pts.
Julian “Airthrow” Blake - 5 pts.
Vataire “veteru” Graham - 3 pts.
Mandel “Deezo” Scott - 1 pt.
Keith “DoughBoy” Huang - 1pt.

The season has concluded. Here are the final point totals as they stand:

Rodolfo “Rowtron” Castro - 47 pts.
Valentinus “Codyliciouz” Boentaran - 46 pts.
Evan “Rairu” Wenzel - 34 pts.
Mandel “Deezo” Scott - 30 pts.

Nate “XTG” Montes - 56 pts.
Julian “zass” Beasley - 50 pts.
Mandel “Deezo” Scott - 18 pts.
Julian “Airthrow” Blake - 15 pts.

Yes, Rowtron is the best overall player in the NW. However, for those of your Marvel nuts who love drama and back stories, I should point out that Row didn’t beat Jmar once all season. Jmar simply didn’t attend that many events. For complete tournament attendance and placement results, download the Microsoft Excel file found here. Any markings of “0.01” denote attendance, but no placement in the top 6.

See the post featuring 7/13 results and annotations. Feel free to post your comments here, even if you’re not from the NW.

See first post in the Seattle league thread with point standings and links to all tournament results this season.

Footage from this tournament will be made available when Preppy has the time. Don’t bug him about it though, as the man will be rather busy through Evo World’s.