Seattle 7/8 results: Takayuki Triumph at the Naser Memorial Tourney

Seattle 8/7 results: Takayuki Triumph at the Naser Memorial Tourney

This was a fairly last minute free entry tourney for Takayuki. Thanks to all who came. :slight_smile:

14 people

  1. Takayuki-gama (MSP, Team Row)
  2. Trinh “DirtyShin” N (SentSomebodyCapCom)
  3. Evan “Rairu” Wenzel (StormSentCyke, counter team)
  4. Mandel “Deezo” (Team Row)
  5. Jesse “Hustleman17” H (StormSentCapCom, so on)
  6. Zach “Preppy” Robinson (MagCableTron, MMCableTron)
  7. Frank “FrankDaDank” (MSTron)
  8. Jesse “JALbert” (StormCableTron)
  9. Masanori “King” Takee
  10. Jesse “SuperJoe”
  11. John (SentCableCyke)
  12. Curtis"Murakumo" (SimStormSent, SimSentCapCom)
  13. Sean Graham (crazy ass teams- StormMagBH, etc)
  14. Ryan (MagSentAA)

The match between JALbert/Preppy (me) was replayed when the P1 left wire on the bigger cabinet became physically disconnected. He won game 1, game 2 featured the broken wire, I won the replayed game 2 and game 3. Since I thought that sucked, I prooffered to do 3 out of 5. He won game 4, and then Mandel kicked us off the machine cuz he needed to hustle, and we went with the results of the 2 out of 3. :lame:

I’m currently posting the after-tourney casual non-Takayuki footage at (9 vids). Unfortunately I did not tape some of the epic matches (not taping my Team Black Robot (Blackheart/Sent/Tron) against Mandel’s Cammy/Sent/Cyke (?) was a crime, because that was the most random best match I’ve seen), but they were almost all all interesting or funny matches.

Full list of captured footage is here.

Mandeezo here

** I think I used like Cammy/Sentinel/Cyclops or something like that in our match Zach. Man, that was one of the greatest casual play matches I’ve ever had. With Cammy humping the wall only to get killed by an inferno. I would’ve kept that video on my computer for as long as I live hahaha.**

Mandeezo here

:lol: I totally forgot about that. Watching Cammy’s Maximum Cammy just randomly stop and then seeing the Inferno hit her was great. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard playing Marvel. Team TDP wins the “most interesting to watch” and “best commentary” awards hands down. :slight_smile:

glad that takayuki can win a tourney in seattle.

Two things for the record.

  1. My team selection is incredible despite my poor placing. I don’t care what anyone says!

  2. The best match of the day, without arguement, is the match Mandel and I were behind the camera singing blame it on the rain. Whoever was fortunate enough to be playing in that match (Murakumo v. King I think) you will be getting excessive downloads because of our vocal talents. Believe it!

Thank you for the compliment Zach. Playing games is, after all, about having fun. If you can’t be entertained or be entertaining then what’s the point? God knows maybe but I don’t. **

Okay, more vids from this tournament (all of the Takayuki footage) are now up courtesy of MrJamie - :slight_smile:

WTF takayuki is a fucking demon… he’s hella too good

wow a tourney just for little ol me, thanks guys. hey we should have another one when im there. you guys should let me win it too yeah wooo. and yes Takayuki is pretty beastly, he beat me up hella.

The rest of the vids are up now:
MrJamie has all of my footage of Takayuki’s play on his site -

This represents every video I captured from that tourney. If you wanted your match captured, let me know next time and I’ll capture it. I’ll keep these vids up for a little bit longer, than share the 8/21 footage. :slight_smile: