Seattle 8/21 results: Canadian invasion (MvC2, CvS2, 3S, ST)

===Marvel=== 17 peeps

  1. RowTrizzle (Team Row) (lost to nobody)
  2. ATM SpiderTao (StormSentCammy madness) (lost to Phong, Row)
  3. Mr. R@T (lost to Row, Tao)
  4. Ian ‘vashthastampede’ (crazy Ian teams, MST) (lost to Row, Rat)
  5. Evan ‘Rairu’ (some evil Sentinel teams)
  6. Kyle ‘spidersting’
  7. Alan L ‘tranceemotion’ (?) (MSP, so on)
  8. Phongsack ‘laosninja’ (Scrub, Mag teams)
  9. Zach ‘Preppy’
  10. DaveM ‘AssquatchTheDancingWhiteGuyFool’
  11. Jesse ‘JALbert’
  12. DaveC ‘Saige’
  13. Jeff
  14. Jetay ‘Shin Contra’ Barber
  15. AlanG
  16. RyanK
  17. Tai


  1. John Michaels ‘LifeTimeBoyee’
  2. Jay ‘JJJ’ Cheng
  3. Ray ‘RayBladeX’
  4. Rattana*
  5. Tao ‘ATM SpiderTao’
  6. Ian ‘vashthastampede’
  7. Mike Morgan
  8. Koost
  9. Andrew McRory
  10. Ron
  11. Richard Duck
  12. Zach ‘Preppy’
  13. Navid ‘Archer v2.0’ T
  14. Phong ‘Laosninja’
  15. Jetay ‘Shin Contra’ Barber
  16. Richard

*: Note that Rat forfeited to 4th place as he had to leave before his match with Jay.

===Third Strike=== 13 peeps

  1. John Michaels ‘LifeTimeBoy’
  2. Tao ‘ATM SpiderTao’
  3. Navid ‘Archer v2.0’ T.
  4. Ondrej ‘ShinShengLong’
  5. Jetay ‘Shin Contra’ Barber
  6. Ray ‘RayBladeX’
  7. RGB
  8. JALbert
  9. Tyler
  10. Josh
  11. DaveC ‘Saige’
  12. DaveM ‘AssquatchTheDancingWhiteGuyFool’
  13. Mel

===Super Turbo=== 10 peeps

  1. Ray ‘rayBladeX’
  2. John Michaels ‘LTB’
  3. Mo
  4. Josh
  5. Mike
  6. Jetay ‘Shin Contra’ Barber
  7. Phong
  8. Alan G
  9. Navid ‘Archer v2.0’ T.
  10. Jay ‘JJJ’ Cheng

These brackets were hard to read - sorry if I messed any of this up.

lol, me and Jay got screwed outta ST… next time!, btw, im Navid, and Jay is JJJ

UMMM, you know my name is shin contra right… err o r atleast put Jetay Barber or something

Once again, big thanks to Zac “Preppy” for letting us stay at his place, and running the tourney AND the TEAM tourney.

another big thanks to everyone from seattle and portland for bein hella nice and making the tourney hella fun for me… its been like 2 years since my last seattle tourney…

lastly, thanks to the person who shouted “Get him spider sting!” when I was playing Row… didn’t help cuz Row owned me, but the gesture was much appreciated :slight_smile:

big thumps up to zach for being zach. good shit Evan, keep pressing buttons yeah woo. damnit Row.

the best bert berry

all i had to do in this tournament was beat Rattana. in the first game my shit actually came out for once and Rat just blocked all of it. too powa-ful. (zach: any way i can see the footage of this match?)

Tao beat me down as usual. i kept flying backwards to avoid cammy and eating upward rocketpunch. ugh.

Phongsack is a beast now. watch out for that guy.

Congrats to all who placed…looks like LTB is still holding down CvS2…Preppy: Is Richard Duck a light skinned black guy with glasses??? Just curious I think I went to art school with him…Im outty Late…


LTB and Tao are the shit! :tup:

Evan: Yeah, I’ll be encoding that footage … this weekend, maybe? I just finished uploading the last files from last month’s tourney ( - they’re not directly linked yet).

Dr. B: I don’t recall… :frowning:

lol nah, ian lost to me baby, hella yeah!

man, who the hell is Phongsack? damn, i was expecting a random magnus only it beat my ass lol… props to kyle for taking him out!

shit was hella fun… rairu was a fucking beast ocving my stupid strider doom… damn… i dunno wtf i was thinking lol… but yeah, hahaha flying back to avoid cammy and eating the rocket punch… nice taste of BC for you there =P!!! lol

ian finally joined marvel this time lol guy’s still a beast…

zac man, you’re too bomb!! thanks for the housing again!!! that ewok is TOP TIER!!!

oh yeah, thanks to koosta for driving us, that guy should get appreciation

edit: lol wtf’s josh wong doing cruising these random seattle tourney results? hahaha that guy’s a fucking killer, saying he hates cvs2 and then fucking takes stop spots in the game… let’s rip shit up next t6!!!

Tao is the man

did tao bust out the too fucking good tao combo? roflz

tao showed me a combo back in 2002 and i was like

" :wow: yo what! you cant do that!"

and he was all like

" psh :rock: yeah i can!"

then he went and did it again! so right there i asked him how many white chicks he picked up by doing that combo hes all like

“yo i’m bomb bomb bomb i get like 5 white girls per day doing that hot shit”

tao for president baby! president of canada, you know you wanna elect him.

where the fuck is Kuan?

<3 Row =]

lifetimeboy you are a madman :stuck_out_tongue:

Follow-up: Brooks got fired for letting us stay after hours. So next time we’ll need to get out at 2AM unless we’ve prearranged it with the store manager. :frowning: I feel bad for Brooks, but there’s shit I can do about it now. :frowning:

Update: I’ll be pulling the 8/7/04 tourney’s vids by about Sunday, and putting up the 8/21/04 tourney vids in their place. So if you wanted these vids, get 'em soon. :slight_smile:

Okay, the 8/7 vids are now removed, and the vids from this tourney (8/21) are now going up. :smile: