Seattle 9/18 results: DrewDub is crazy, fool (MvC2, CvS2, 3S, PF)



  1. RowTron (lost to nobody)
  2. Andrew ‘MixMasterDrewDub’ Blanchette (lost to Row twice)
  3. Jason ‘JMar’ Mar (lost to Rattana, DrewDub)
  4. Rattana (lost to Row, JMar)
  5. Zach ‘Preppy’ Robinson
  6. Evan ‘Rairu’ Wenzel
  7. Sean ‘Psyanid’ Graham
  8. Alan ‘Trace Emotion’ L
  9. Mandel ‘Angry Black Man’ Soysauce
  10. Frank ‘FrankDaDank’
  11. David ‘Saige’ Clabaugh
  12. Jesse ‘JALbert’ Albert
  13. Eielson Stewart
  14. Dave ‘AssquatchTheDancingWhiteGuy’ M
  15. Alan Gasperini
  16. Jesse ‘Hustleman17’ Hall
  17. Mark J
  18. Jeff ‘Switchup’ Surek


  1. LifeTimeBoy (lost to nobody)
  2. Peachy (lost to Wolfy, LTB)
  3. Jon ‘Wolfy’ Scanlon (lost to LTB, Peachy)
  4. Chris ‘Red Bull’ Calas (lost to LTB, Peachy)
  5. James ‘Astroboy’ Naumann
  6. BoomZ
  7. Mandel ‘Soy Sauce’
  8. Jesse ‘JALbert’ Albert
  9. Tony SO
  10. Mickey D
  11. Andrew
  12. Mike Strider
  13. Zach ‘Preppy’

===Third Strike===

  1. LifeTimeBoy
  2. Ondrej ‘ShinShengLong’ (lost to LTB x 2)
  3. Mike Strider (lost to Frank, Ondrej)
  4. Mike ‘9TNine’ Keough
  5. Mandel
  6. Jon ‘Wolfy’ Scanlon
  7. Jesse ‘JALbert’ Albert
  8. Andrew McRory
  9. Frank ‘FrankDaDank’
  10. Tony SO
  11. Sean ‘Psyanid’ Graham
  12. Dave ‘Assquatch’ M
  13. David ‘Saige’ Clabaugh

===Puzzle Fighter===

  1. Ondrej ‘ShinShengLong’ (lost to nobody)
  2. Marco L. (lost to Zach, Ondrej)
  3. Zach ‘Preppy’ Robinson (lost to Ondrej, Marco)
  4. James ‘Peachy’ (lost to Mark J, Marco)
  5. John Winkler
  6. Mark J
  7. Chris ‘Red Bull’ Calas
  8. Wilson T
  9. Jeff ‘Switchup’ Surek

Thanks to Peachy, Ondrej, and Jeff for helping to run stuff. :smile:

No video was captured.
Rob probably has GGXX results- I don’t have 'em.

DrewDub entered Beast Mode and took out JMar, and had some damn good matches against Row before he lost.
Call me if you’re going to be late (cough Row cough) so I can make sure I seed everybody appropriately - 425-985-1056.

Puzzle Fighter is a weird ass game.

Did you know that when Tron Bonne loses on time, her Gustaff blows up, and a hamster-looking teddy bear pops out of the wreck? I hadn’t noticed that previously.

Casual play afterwards was lots of fun. Blackheart/Strider/Tron is an evil evil team. =\

Thanks for another good tournament Zach

There’s a few things I’d like to bring up.

Preppy, you’re the dopest! That shirt is fuckin tight, thanks a lot man.

A lot of unfortunate events went down in that marvel tourney.

Reload was looking dope for a minute yesterday.

Good seeing Drew again after all these months, good job.

I’m still saddened by my tourney experience yesterday but it gets canceled out since the Seahawks won today.

That tournament was hella fun.

Ondrej needs to play Chun Li against me more often.

Props to everyone who came out… GGs w/ TranceEmotion after the tournament.

good job LTB, peachy, and wolfy.

what teams were used in cvs2? LTB, when will the P-groove dream team come out to play:karate:? hopefully you remember who i’m talking about…

good job to zach and drew.

My last name is Clabaugh, and as you know, that doesn’t start with an ‘A’.

Whoa, what kind of crazy alphabet do you use there in Olympia?

Fixed. :smile:

That would cancel out anything bad, SEAHAWKS SUPERBOWL IN 04 HOOKERS!!!

I’m a bitch, I admit, but I would also like it to say David, not Dave. It’s already confusing enough when the two people from Oly are both named David. Since he goes by Dave and I don’t like Dave over David, that’s just how I like it.

Sorry for bitching about something trivial. :encore:

On another note, I’m tired of losing to Alan because of my stupid mistakes. I’ll get him next month, good games though.

lol damn, wolfy beat peachy and then lost to peachy

good job on third old man!!

wow, i forgot what mix master drew dub looks like shit… anyone got a pic?
damn, beat jmar?? wow… BEAST!!

anyways, lol wish i was there… woulda had a nice 2nd place somewhere in the results i think hahahaha

EDIT: This is PsiANyd, not FrankdaDank. I’m not switching names and reposting all of this though. Although the motivation to see my av is almost enough this isn’t horseshoes.

I enjoyed the tournament more then I expected. First time in a long time I didn’t play Row first or second round. I did play Rat and eventually Jmar in the loser’s. Mandel and I both lost to Jason in loser’s =p My 3rd Strike experience showed me that I simply need to play more, preferabbly on a stick, and I need to face more characters. Enjoyable for the most part although I will tell you that the left hook liver shot from Bernard Hopkins on De La Hoya > the tournament. Good thing I left early. Good running the tournaments all responsible parties and perhaps next time I will organize a Naruto tournament or something, provided there is enough interest.

You’ve never seen me, we haven’t ever been at the same tournament.

Anyhow, good times everyone. I had a stiltman bracket that had me playing Zach to get at least third, so I wasn’t feel like I earned much by dodging Rat/Row/Jmar. Then Row Raped me 3-0 in winner final…so maybe storm/sent/cyke wasn’t such a great idea. Jmar and I went 3-2…and almost all 5 games were close…and some weird shit happened too, jmar suki canceled a double HK on two of my chars…I did some ridiculous combo that made no sense to win the set…iono, rowtron luck. Played MSS against row, got up 3-1, then he’s like…yea I’m row…4-3 he wins. Highlights of the tournament were arguing with Sean about Tom Brady, and getting drunk and beating paris 3 sets of 2-3 rock paper scissors for a buck. I told him, I never lose RPS.

well see i garantee ill beat you at RPS and mvc2 DRAGON!!!

WOW, I got outsted by Marco? wtf!?

Yeah - the seeds from last tourney were Row/Tao/Rat/Ian/Evan/Kyle. Only Evan signed up initially, and then JMar joined up, so the first layout of the bracket seeds was JMar/Evan/Drew/Mandel. Rat decided to join just after things started but thought he might have to leave, so requested a first round matchup against JMar (on the top of the brackets). I managed to upset Evan, largely because he missed a helper infinite on Tron, which is a shock because he usually owns me and rents me out to friends. Row joined reaaaaallly late - we were already done with the bottom half of the brackets, and the only reason we had space for him in the top half of the brackets was because Andrew McRory hadn’t signed up for Marvel even though his name was down - so Row took Andrew’s place in the brackets instead of him having to sign up in loser’s at that point.

I almost had DrewDub (I lost 1-2) - damn his Storm and damn me missing that AHVB 2nd round. Oh well: GG, and JMar knows all of my tricks anyways, so I’m not beating him two or three in a row these days - I might be able to beat Rat with MegaMan/Tron, but I’m JMar’s bitch still. Pretty goddamn random day for me, what with beating Evan and taking top 3 in Puzzle Fighter.

The brackets get ugly when people sign up late, which is why my cell # is in my tourney announcement posts (and I know Row has it, and I gave it again to the other couple people who showed up late). Beyond Rat’s request for a first round matchup against JMar (which I granted, because the brackets also get ugly when top seeds leave halfway through) and Row showing up late, I think the brackets were otherwise pretty balanced.

I must say that Saige and Dave continue to show off some nice flashy combos and resets. Somebody came up to me after beating Saige and told me they were very surprised to have won against him since he’s got some pretty nice tricks.

gj drew mastaaa ad stop beasting

dip dip set

This sentence almost made me fall out of my chair. Good shit Zach and Drew Dub is still dope.

Next time we should go to Grizzlebees!

Where the hell were u Sam?

btw… wow I need to tell u what happened In stage 4 episode 6