Seattle - 9/5/08 Preppy's House MvC2 Results

Seattle - 9/5/08 Preppy’s House MvC2 Results -

1st - Jmar (MSS, Santhrax)
2nd - Rattana (Storm/Sent/Cyke, MSS)
3rd - Rowtron (Team Row)
4th - Preppy (Megaman/Cable/Tron)

There was a small turnout for the MvC2 tournament this time around. It’s worth mentioning that Rattana beat Rowtron in winners and then again in the losers final to take 2nd.

Special thanks to Preppy for hosting.


n e vids i wanna see rat finally beast

Naw, I was kind of waiting to see if Ian was going to be there before breaking out the camera, sorry.

its all good preppy

zach, can you ask jmar and row if they each wanna run a ft5 for $50 with me?

jmar says ‘sure i’ll play him’.

Deez guyz don’t want it with JMazzle. :looney:

I know Toan, he’s originally from Dallas. Those guys love to give away their money. Hey Toan, I heard you’re moving back to DFW soon. Did you finally graduate from whatever it was your were studying?