Seattle / Capitol Hill Players?


Tossing the idea of hosting a night this Monday at my place 80" projector and 2 tvs… Wondering who would be game for some casuals.


I feel like I already committed to something on monday but otherwise I might be down!


I’d possibly be down.



oooooh… where on the hill?



whoops nvm


I’m right next to chop suey.


I’m there. What time?


i’d be down, what time?


Ok I’m thinking 4:30 at my place. Email for directions!


Wow, so now there’s gonna be THREE Julians in the seattle fighting game scene…for extra fun/confusion your last name doesnt start with a B too, does it?


Wow 3!? I think i’ve met 3 other Julians in my life time!

My last name is Garcia.

Anyone getting together on sunday to watch the evo finals stream?


Yea, I think so.


Is it to late to get in on this?


Good meeting everyone! I’ll have to do this again.


Good meeting everyone! I’ll have to do this again.


ok so i am pretty much a complete noob but i am trying to weasel my way in to any local ssf4 scene i can. or create one around myself…not going great btw. are there any decent arcades with a good scene i am in auburn. i heard of game works downtown planning a trip there with some buddies to see what is there other than that do you guys know anywhere around that has fight nights or anything the like? also i am down for matches via xbl hit me up…


You trying to do this again sometime soon? I work at Seattle U and it’d be tight to go to a session sometime after work.


Thanks for having us come out J. Lookin forward to it again. I live on Dexter now, so hopefully it can be soon!


Do you guys play HDR at all or just SF4?


hey add me on psn Notaseal5…

I live in oak harbor right now… but maybe if i get to know the crowd better it make the 2 hour drive worth it :wink: