Seattle / Capitol Hill Players?


Most seattle fighting game players are relatively new and just got into the scene from SSFIV. There are some ST die-hards around but they are like rare-to-spot hermits, it is hard to get them to leave their man-caves and get them to actually play the game they supposedly love.

Only a few of us prefer HDR over ST, and they tend to be newer as well.


Are you in Seattle? I would be down for HDR hella hard.

Son you live in Burien. It ain’t my fault.



Yeah it was fun having people out. I’m pretty much next door to Seattle U. My folks are flying in this weekend so i’ll be tied up with them. I’m up for hosting another evening as well. Maybe next Sunday?

I played some ST tournaments in california when it was in the arcade (talking well over a decade now) and did very well. Though, I havent picked it up in a long time. I would be up for playing.

I’m also really good at UMK3 (was top 50 on XBL for awhile), if anyone plays that…


I’m in West Seattle and play only HDR and ST (I like VS too but have hardly played it). Airthrow is actually trying to arrange an ST session for us, but I’m up for HDR as well!


Same story here… I played ST in the arcades around 10-11 years ago and then picked it up again recently. If you’re up for ST/HDR, it sounds like we’re going to try and organize some sessions.



I work in W. Seattle and so does Blaze. We should meet up.

OMGJulian you live pretty close to me I live by Cal Anderson Park. I may need to stop by one of these days.


Yeah Airthrow works 3 miles from where I live. I just moved in though and have almost no furniture… I do have my old iMac with ST on MAME (or whatever the emulator is that comes with GGPO, I think it’s FinalBurn) and one stick - my TE.


I just moved to capitol hill… looking for casuals… especially since UMVC is coming out tomorrow.

Anyone know of anything happening tonight, or plans for the future. I lived in SoCal before this and there were SO many options. I hate playing online. Figured I’d bump this thread instead of creating a new one.

I know there is GameLucks, but its a bit of a hike after a full day of work.


I moved to Capitol Hill about 4 months ago. I was a tournament player for years (MvC2, 3rd Strike, CvS2, ST), but haven’t really played with people since living in Seattle, save running into some old folks at PAX. I keep wanting to make it out to events, but the problem is nobody seems to play any games anymore that I’m very interested in (sigh)- time to get with the times, I guess. That said, if people are throwing down on ST, I’m definitely into meeting sometime. I only played HDR once or twice, but I’ve probably still got some fighting spirit left on the original. I have one other old tournament friend, Saige, who lives in Seattle as well. We meet up maybe once every two weeks for a night of some Marvel 2 & 3. Anyway, I’m sure he would be down as well. Any and all, please feel free to hit me up with a message if a gathering is happening. Glad to see there are some other folks on the hill.


Me and a couple friends run Marvel3/UMVC3 sets all the time up here, I’d be definitely down to play some new ppl. Just hit me up with a PM if you guys are trying to get something going. =)


Hi I’m trying to find local people to play UMVC3 against and level up my game :slight_smile: I live near UW… is anyone still meeting up for casuals?


We usually meet on Wednesdays and Sundays, around evenings. UMVC3 has been blowing up lately. We keep the facebook updated pretty well so be sure to check it out.


I’m gonna be in Seattle for a week starting on the 19th. Is this the Seattle thread? Any way to get info on meetups that might be going down that week?


Hey fellas, my name is Tenchi. I’m from San Diego but I’ll be I’m Everett for about a week. It would be really cool to see how things are around Washingtons FGC. Anything going on this coming week that I can attend in the area? A local arcade or something?


They hold weeklies here every Thursday. You should come out.


I would love to if i didnt have spanish on mondays.


Is this still going on? I move to Seattle this year and I don’t know ANYWHERE to go to play some fighting games with people.



Though it might not be a good idea to network with SRK’ers inside that place.


I stay in Kent, I would love to get some people together


Im in the Northgate area and is very new to the fighting game scene