Seattle evo planning thread

Sorry if this is a duplicate thread, but I only saw one for portland.

I got a room at the tropicana, if anyone wants to split the room let me know. I haven’t gotten my flight yet, they look expensive. If you find good fares please post here.

I’ve registered, but my hotel and flight plans are still undecided

I’ll go in with you on the room if you haven’t found anyone else by the time I sort out everything else

looking at right now…

Again, the longer you wait, the harder you get raped. Order your shit ASAP.

lube me up then, im not gunna bother.

best i can do is a last minute fare at this point, otherwise, to hell with this…

That’s what I was gonna say. Trust me, plane tickets just get more and more expensive the closer to the date you get.


If I can’t buy tickets at least four to five months in advance, I don’t buy them.

Since Cuellar and the cannons couldn’t get a date announced that early this time, I decided on not going loooong ago. I’d rather go to SB3.

Y’all best be knowing I’m raping evo next year though. Real talk. Look out 'cause I got trix up my sleevez.

(dun forget the obligatory, ‘if you share a room with me sleep on your back’ joke)

Let me know what room all those homo chubby SRK care bears will be staying at so that I don’t randomly walk into whatever traps they have set up.

In other news, Fishjie and myself have a room that we will most likely not be sharing. If we do, one person at the mothafuckin maximum. Fishjie and I sleep in our own beds, because we roll deep in the streets. I work too hard for my scrilla to not ball when necessary. Low budget I am not, please believe. I don’t like sleeping in a room with 12 other dudes having the room smell like ass and feet. We be too fresh 'n clean for that ish.

hahahah k :angel:

i suppose Priceline could work out for me…

edit - nope, nevermind. have fun.

Hahahah Nate managed to make this thread entertaining.

BTW, I (yet again) won’t be attending Evolution. Fuggin sad.

You should, because it is entertaining as fuck.

I want to know whose going from Seattle, depending on participants, I might be down to go.

Bumpbump, I am about to go to evo, suckas!

I’m registering tommorow.