Seattle GGX Tourney Results 4/12/2003

This tourney took place at the Lan Cafe in Lynnwood, Washington and the tourney had a lot of great matches and a few upsets. Rodolfo had a great tourney and stunned Mark by coming back from the losers bracket to win the tourney. This is just a start for the tournies and the next tourney will be at the Southcenter Mall on April 26th.

1st: Rodolfo Castro (Rowtron) – Venom
2nd: Mark Santos – Potemkin, Sol
3rd: Gene Siew (Kusanagi) – Johnny
4th: Vataire – Testament
5th: James Siew (Peachy) – Dizzy, Slayer
5th: Cory Wycoff (Dan_is_my_Hero) – Ino
7th: Gerald Guess (Shadow Blanka) – Testament
7th: Michael Svien (ShinX) – Ky, May
9th: Billy Natividad (Sie Kensou) – Millia
9th: Cody Boentaran (Codyliciouz) – Axl, Baiken
9th: Mike Avery (StriderM) – Axl
9th: Kevin Eng – Testament