Seattle GGXX Results Feb. 2nd, 2003

The GGXX tourney had a lot of new 1st time challengers to the tournaments and the reigning champion Billy was looking to repeatas champion from the last tournament. Billy had been practicing Sol and had the character down. Other players like Shin X, King, Peachy and others looked to take him down (Unsuccessfully). Here is a list of the top 8. Below is a breakdown of the matches and at the end you can see who used which characters. There were a lot of byes so that meant only 2 opening round matches.

1st - Sie Kensou
2nd- Peachy
3rd - Koroshiya
4th- Shadow Blanka
5th - Shin X
5th - kusanagi
7th - Mike C.
7th - Dan_is_my_Hero

Round 1
John Ige def Chad 2-0
Shin X def Dre 2-0

Round 2 Winners
Gerald def Matt 2-0
Peachy def Mike C 2-1
Cory def Trace 2-0
Gene def Strider M 2-1
Billy def John Ige 2-1
Brandon def Cody 2-0
King def Shin X 2-1
Loki def Jake 2-1

Round 2 Losers
Mike C. def Chad 2-0
Dre def Matt 2-0

Round 3 Losers
Mike C def Trace 2-0
Shin X def Strider M 2-0
John Ige def Jake 2-0
Dre def Cody 2-0

Round 3 Winners
Gerald def Brandon 2-1
Billy def Jeff 2-0
Peachy def Cory 2-1
KIng def Gene 2-0

Round 4 Losers
Shin X def Jeff 2-0
Mike C def Brandon 2-0
Gene def John Ige 2-0
Cory def Dre 2-0

7th Place Matches
Shin X def Mike C 2-1
Gene def Cory 2-0

Round 4 Winners
Billy def Gerald 2-0
Peachy def King 2-1

5th Place Matches
Gerald def Gene 2-1
King def Shin X 2-0

Winners Final
Billy def Peachy 2-0

4th Place Match
King def Gerald 2-1

3rd Place Match
Peachy def King 2-1

Finals (Best of 5)
Billy def Peachy 3-0

The Players (18)

Billy Natividad " Sie Kensou" : Sol
King Takee “Koroshiya” : Johnny / Baiken
James Siew “Peachy” : Axl / Bridget / Anji / Faust / Slayer / Zappa
Gerald Guess “Shadow Blanka” : May / Ky
Cory Wyckoff “Dan_is_my_Hero” :
Jake Drahos : Sol
Trace Prewitt “ICD-3” : Testament
Mike Svien “Shin X” : May
Brandon Sell : Potemkin / Venom
Matt Sargent : Sol
Cody O. : Venom / Eddie / Bridget
Chad B. : Testament / Eddie / Venom
Mike C. : Dizzy
Loki / Jeff : Potemkin / Chipp / Sol
Mike Avery “Strider M” : Axl / Testament
Gene Siew “kusanagi” : Ky
John Ige : Chipp / Millia
Dre : Ky / Testament

That’s All Folks!!

Shame on Billy for switching to SOL!!!

Be like LUKE… avoid the dark side… RESIST!

lol nice to see all you guys playin up there.


ggxx tourney!