Seattle: girl gamers, game night?

I’m not really sure how to phrase this without sounding shady or desperate, but I’m wondering if there are any ladies out there who might be interested in some gaming nights, specifically hoping for SF4 and welcoming all skill levels.

I never made it out to preppy’s, but heard there would be girls there who’d never play. Well ladies, if this was because you were too shy or intimidated for whatever reason, and not because of a lack of interest, then this could very well be for you! Or fellows with lady friends who are tired of playing against only you, or who don’t seem to “get” any of your explanations, or who would just plain benefit from playing against more people in a chill and supportive environment, please also forward this along.

To give a mini intro for myself, my name is Natalie and I moved to Seattle two years ago for work from San Francisco. I’ve always loved playing video games, but I’m pretty laughably bad at most of them (especially shooters…). That never stopped me from enjoying them, and my lil bro and I had tons of fun button mashing our way through a series of Capcom fighting games. SF4 is the first game I’m trying to learn how to play properly. I’m still struggling with execution fundamentals (read: I still suck a LOT), but I’m sticking to it. :slight_smile:

The details …

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I already have a boyfriend. :slight_smile:
LOCATION: I live in Belltown (near downtown Seattle) in a dinky apartment which probably fits about 7 people semi-comfortably.
SETUP: 52" lcd tv, ps3, 360, wii. I have an extra TV (~33") which I can try setting up too, but space is a little tight.
GAMES: sf4, blazblue, a few others… if strictly necessary I can try to find my rock band kit.

Please PM me if interested. I’m not setting a date until I get a feel for how many might be interested. If you’re not convinced I’m not actually a dude trying to lure you in my apartment, maybe we can meet up at PAX or something. :wink:

Looking forward to hearing useful responses!
– natalie

Have you already been training on SF4? I know my GF wants to learn how to play but I bet having another female to train with would make her more comfortable! We’re going to PAX too! Maybe we can meet up!

My name is Patrick btw.

That’s alright, we already all have girlfriends. :rolleyes:

I’ve already been playing a bit – I’ve been sticking to Ryu to get a better handle on fundamentals, but will still mess up links a lot and do shoryukens instead of hadoukens by accident. Still a ways away from doing things like shoryuken fadc ultra. If she’s totally learning from scratch, it gives me a good excuse to try and learn how to play a charge character until she’s picked up the basics more. But yeah, I hope that having more practice buddies will help her stay motivated (me too!). :slight_smile:

For sure let’s meet up! Hope you bought tickets already since they sold out today. :frowning:

Good luck with this. You should hit up Bandits in Belltown this Sunday and introduce yourself. There usually are about 12 or so guys that drop by? Not that many females show but maybe that could change? Anyway…yeah. It would also be a good neutral place to meet up and you don’t have to travel a hella long way.

man no matter how i phrase this shit it sounds creepy

I wouldn’t mind showing up…

my wife will SLAY you at blazblue!!! and she can talk shit better then most men.

she will also be at bandits on sunday. SFIV pisses her off but she’s getting better.

EDIT: my wife doesn’t really like girls much, especially girlie girls.




Too much ‘wow’.

Good luck with this, hopefully it will work out and take off.

I am inappropriately reminded of the craigslist people searching for roommates that are female, man those notices always make me feel weird.

Were you at northwest majors? I saw james walton playing a female ryu player which I thought was awesome. She even did uppercut dash cancels!

I already have a boyfriend too, no worries. :slight_smile: We already have two things in common!

That girl beat me in a casual we had, her alias was PhoenixRed.

I got to play the winner between her and James. James pulled off the most AWESOME combo->Ultra I had NEVER seen before. :smiley:

Yeah, she was a pretty good Ryu but she seemed…strange.

She seemed really nervous, it was cute.

I live downtown and I work 5min walkin from belltown. My gf messed with some cammy and sagat but not too much more than movelists and tiger uppercut fadc. Maybe it’ll get her back in the game. Pm me

Yeah I agree, she’s certainly skillful.

Thank you Jared. You were incredible as well.

Yeah, I talked to her for a few mintues while we waited for the brackets to be done, nervousness actually explains it a lot.

Took this long to ask for pictures? Forgot. This isn’t General Discussion. :rofl: my bad.

Anyway, welcome to the scene! We like people. That means you’ll probably get along with us just fine.

Also, a good way to meet people in the scene is to hitup Gameworks on Thursday nights, though it can be pretty crowded. There are a few girls that show up but I don’t think I’ve seen any on SF4 yet.

Ladies of Street Fighter: Seattle Edition

Just have a tournament at Gameworks or wherever.

My money is on Miss Darkness (?) if she shows up.

I got money on Some girl named Koda… yall might know her.