Seattle: girl gamers, game night?

my girl actually wants to learn some sf4 so she’d be down!

this thread just beasted on my attempt for a girl thread of “getting to know a nigra better” good job lol

ryu is great to learn the game with, mickey d (seattles ryu) has already made videos that might help you out so you should check this one out [media=youtube]r6cH2OMbhw8[/media]

if you want to try a charge character i suggest balrog or as easy/gross as it is BLANKA

Sorry to make assumptions about the maturity level here. I was reading a thread in the general forums and got a bit nervous. :X

bandits sounds cool, especially since it’s practically around the corner from me! Being a software dev I never considered myself a girly girl … then again I just signed up for hot yoga classes (yoga FIRE!), so maybe I’m just delusional. :xeye: Look out for the small girl that doesn’t look old enough to drink and has the Asian glow to the extreme!

That most definitely wasn’t me. Didn’t get to make it out to northwest majors as I was on a family vacation.

Sounds like there’s a bit of interest – I’ll head out to PAX, GW, and Bandits, and unless I’ve scared everyone’s girlfriends I’ll organize something for next week. I’ll reply to PMs after I meet the minimum posting requirement (oops).

Do we really have to PM you? This forum posting isn’t another to show interest? I already told my GF and she’s down.

no, but I will PM you as I’d like to communicate my contact info (cell #) off the forums so we can get in touch… unless you’ll somehow be really easy to find at pax/gw/bandits. :slight_smile:

I’m always introducing myself to people and asking if they post here on SRK. That’s kinda how we do! I’ll be at PAX all weekend and Bandits on Sunday too. I’m sure we can chat then. My GF will be with me too!

it’s true! Pat was the only dude at GW my first time there that didn’t look at me like I had a horn growing out of my head when I was asking peeps if they were the SRK crew. had I not gotten shitfaced and started yelling at him like a total asshat he prolly would have even talked to me.

C’mon man! I had to order my food! :sweat:

I meant to say hi at Majors. That was you with the camera right?

I ran into so many new faces at NWM…Pat did I meet you at the random select station or were you the dude who kept talking about his 25 dollar spaghetti? lol

Random select station (which was mine and Kriangkrai’s) and then later on towards the end when I asked who you were on SRK and I was like “YOU’RE TEPID!!!”

Oh…Fae’s cousin? Right on.

Nope. But my GF is Josh’s cousin. Close!

lol I knew it was something like that. DERAILED

You should definitely advertise this at PAX over in the console tourney area. Best chance for outreach all year. :smile:

Yeah…General Discussion would be like the worst place to go to get a first impression of SRK lol. I definately don’t blame you for the nervousness after reading some of their posts.

Fuck that spaghetti, I was pissed. I ain’t got a damn job.

The Thai vega has been training a chinese vega be prepared females! hahaha! also i will be lurking in shadows!

^-- Shirt on or off?

I’d like to respectfully ask that dudes stop posting in this thread unless they’re trying to set stuff up for their girl friends.

My girl friend plays SF4 a little but she has just got bored of using shotos and moved to charge characters so she’s starting from scratch again. Sadly we wont be at PAX but have fun!