Seattle - Got a spare bedroom for the weekend?

The GF and I are heading up to Seattle for Emerald City Comic-Con at the U-dub convention center. Our plans for a place to stay fell through. We have a rental car and tons to do, we just need a place to crash and a shower to use from Thursday night through Sunday night. We can pay, trade for stick tech or work, or just get beat down in any games. If anyone would be up for helping an SRKer out, please post up.

you’re the guy that donated the dual mod boards for bloody-knuckles right?

Yup. Did they get there in time? He messaged me like 3 days before the tournament.

I didn’t even know comic con was this week…Never been to one of these…

I believe so. But regarding a room, I’ll ask around for ya.

What’s your price range. I’ve got a house in Kent, which is really nice and clean and about 30 minutes from downtown Seattle.

I’m going to Comic con but I only have a little one bedroom apartment. I hope to see you there though. It’s at the Seattle convention center not the U-dub convention center. May the best man get there first and get all the cool free comic con exclusive posters! :china:

Address- 725 Pike Street
Seattle, WA 98101-2361

It’s right across the street from Gameworks where we all play sf4, t6, 3rd strike, tvc and blazblue.

Throw me a number man, and keep in mind you’d have one of the best stick techs under your room for four nights. I could be handy to have around.

Yeah, I saw the Chun and Ibuki pictures from Udon; they look pretty sweet; I hope I score one. If you’re looking for me, Im 33, light brown hair thinning in front, 6’, yellow Timberland hiking/work boots, and if you see me smile, subtle fangs. Probably carrying a big leather bag, brown jacket with leather collar and/or black Penny Arcade hoodie. Often seen in any designated smoking sections.

If I were you, I’d put him up, Pat.

Anyway, Toodles: My brother won one of the ChImps you sent up here and I just soldered it into his SE fightstick. Fabulous piece of hardware you’ve created here. Works like a dream. I currently have a MC Cthulhu and an Imp on a mail truck headed to my door tomorrow afternoon and it’ll be fun to put those into my TE stick! :tup:

Of course, if anyone needs parts I’ll happily bring some up to sell or trade towards a place to crash, that’s much easier than cash.

Toodles is a G. Pat you should definitely help him out. If it weren’t for Toodles and his ToodlesDC disc for dreamcast I don’t know how many gaming sessions would have failed for ST when people forgot discs but like everyone had a copy lying around somewhere, maybe two. Hell, we played a lot of marvel on those discs before the music mix thing got figured out, too. <3

I pm’d you Toodles. Price is negotiable…not really a “take it or leave it”. =)

A friend has stepped up to offer a place to crash, so I may be alright. I’ve got Imperator’s number in case things fall through. Thanks for the help folks.

Hope to see you. I’ll be the black jesse custer with the eye patch walking around with the asian Tulip

I know this is a late post my friend Toodles, but my place is always open as well to all out of towners. Currently its being structured to be the new practice spot for our fighting game community. If things get bumpy you are more then welcome to stay at my place as well.

Welcome to seattle my friend!

Jason Cole

Whoops, sorry I didn’t see this until now. Glad to see you’re already sorted out. :tup: