Seattle Lanwerx 5/23 results for MvC2, CvS2, A3, and 3S


** Alright here are the results.**

** MvC2, 21 people**

** 1-Jason Kuan “Kuan”-MSP, Storm/Sentinel/Cyclops, Magneto/Cable/Sentinel**
** 2-Rodolfo Castro “RowTron”-Magneto/Cable/Sentinel**
** 3-Mark Santos-Storm/Sentinel/Cable, Sentinel/Cable/Commando**
** 4-Ian T. “Vashthastampede”-Storm/Sentinel/Cyclops**
** 5-Evan Wenzel “Rairu”-Storm/Sentinel/Cyclops, Magneto/Storm/Tron**
** 5-Trinh Nguyen “DirtyShin”-Sentinel/Cable/Commando**
** 7-Jesse Hall “HuStLeMaN17”-Cable/Storm/Doom**
** 7-Cory Wyckoff “Dan_is_my_hero”-Magneto/Cable/Commando**

** CvS2, 14 people**

** 1-Trinh Nguyen “DirtyShin”-N Yamazaki/Morrigan/Sagat**
** 2-Masanori Takee-N Honda/Sagat/Blanka, K Cammy/Blanka/Sagat**
** 3-Jason Gonzalez “Apoc”-C Vega/Eagle/Chun Li**
** 4-Ian T. “Vashthastampede”-C Chun Li/Blanka/Sagat**
** 5-Mandel Scott “C_R”-K Mai/Vega/Sagat**
** 5-James Siew “Peachy”-S Athena/Blanka/Sagat**
** 7-Ondrej Lang-K Sagat/Morrigan/Cammy**
** 7-Mark Santos-C Geese/Yamazaki/Sagat**

** A3, 11 people**

** 1-Masanori Takee-X Dhalsim**
** 2-Jason Gonzalez “Apoc”-A Chun Li, V Zangief**
** 3-Ondrej Lang-V Cody**
** 4-Evan Wenzel “Rairu”-V Zangief**
** 5-Mandel Scott “C_R”-A Chun Li**
** 5-Ian T. “Vashthastampede”-V Zangief**
** 7-Zach Robinson “zachdms”-A Ryu**
** 7-Cory Wyckoff “Dan_is_my_hero”-A Charlie**

** 3S, 10 people**

** 1-Jason Gonzalez “Apoc”-Dudley I**
** 2-Masanori Takee-Chun Li II, Yun III**
** 3-Ondrej Lang-Hugo III**
** 4-Mandel Scott “C_R”-Chun Li II, Ibuki I**
** 5-Mike Avery “StriderM”-Alex II, Ken III**
** 5-Trinh Nguyen “DirtyShin”-Ken III**
** 7-Trace Prewitt “ICD-3”-Chun Li II**
** 7-James Siew “Peachy”-Elena I, Twelve I**

** Its not a good idea to join a tourney while not really havin any money heh. Good games by all, hope to see ya’ll next week.**


mandel was a savage this tourney
quahc is placing top 3 for fun these days
i own row


Wow, surprised to see Apoc beat in A3. Who the hell is Masanori Takee?


Takee is KING! Heheh. Seriously though, A3 is the machine that has no 360’s. You walk back and forth and get random jumps. So of course you eat random tempests or jump back when Sim is fully smothered and it’s over. The sticks are just old and shitty I don’t see how King gets tempests off so well. But basically shit like walking up to throw turning into a jump with a throw on the way up happens a lot on this machine. Not to take anything from King. Just being honest. I wouldn’t lose to Sim once I get in. Thing is these sticks don’t let you stay in and many time when I walk forward it stays crouching. Just all around shitty sticks. That’s not to say that I didn’t fuck up on every game. But A3 is clearly a joystick thing and everyone knows it there. I’d put a full paycheck vs. any sim any day on 360’s although King would still gimme a run I’m sure. Not against Rog though, lol. Anyway, enough excuses. Still, it sucks that they won’t change the sticks cuz A3 isn’t popular? All I know is that it is CLEARLY more popular than 3s here. Can we please get 360’s on this? I’m about to ask Gametown to put switch ST sticks to A3 just so I can practice normal for MWC.

Also, would it be possible for Damien to put the code in to release Rog? I’d still like to use him if I have time to freshen up before MWC.

Mandel:That team in CvS2 I used for maybe 2 games at most heheh. I used Gief throughout the entire tourney vs. everyone. Gief ownz. I think I may actually dive deep into him seeing as how good he seems when just starting him. I can’t believe even I thought he sucked in this game. Shame on me. Anyway Mandel. Gotta give Gief the props dog! heheh. Gief is tite.

John was a late show again, heheh. Billy showed up too! But he doesn’t play anymore:(

Sorry to those that couldn’t enter.

BIG THANKS to Mandel for puttin’ in the rankings for us as usual.

GG to all and maybe next time I won’t go out in 2 in Marvel!!!

So…who from team Seattle is going to MWC!? Anyone? Portland?



** Apoc:What team did u use with Gief? And as far as the results thing goes, no prob man, I kinda like doin this, makes me feel like Im apart of the scene haha.**

** Kuans a beast, losin to Row first round and then comin back (like he said he would) and winnin the tourney. Guahc top 3 again, that guys savage mode now. Kings the greatest, if only u were as good in Marvel as u were in all the SF games gahd, thanks for teachin me 2 minute Chun Li. And why did I place hella high in all the SF games and only get 9th in Marvel?!:frowning: **


Good shit Kuan! heheheh you guys better come down for Evo :wink:


Cheer up! you’ll do good next time. i might come and join you guys too.