Seattle Lanwerx MvC2, CvS2, 3S, and A3 results


** Marvel results, 25 peeps**

** 1-Jason Kuan “Kuan”-Magneto/Cable/Sentinel, Storm/Sentinel/Commando, Magneto/Storm/Psylocke
** [COLOR=firebrick]2-Rattana Phanthourath-Magneto/Sentinel/Commando**
** 3-Rodolfo Castro “RowTron”-Magneto/Storm/Sentinel**
** 4-Issariya Huvanandana-Sentinel/Storm/Commando**
** 5-Mandel Scott “Soy Sauce”-Magneto/Cable or Storm/Sentinel**
** 5-Trinh Nguyen “DirtyShin”-Sentinel/Cable/Commando or Cyclops**
** 7-Nolan Deits “Nolander”-Magneto/Storm/Sentinel**
** 7-Eric Foley “StiltMan”-Blackheart/Sentinel/Commando**

** CvS2 results, 20 peeps**

** 1-Masanori Takee “Koroshiya”-A Blanka/Sakura/Bison**
** 2-Ray Teruya Jr. “RayBladeX”-P Raiden/Guile/Bison**
** 3-James Siew “Peachy”-S Sakura/someone I forget/Cammy**
** 4-Chris Calas “Red Bull”-K Blanka/Vega/Sagat**
** 5-Ian T. “vashthastampede”-C Kim/Chun Li/Sagat, I’m assuming anyway**
** 5-Zach Robinson “zachdms”-C Sagat/Gief/Blanka**
** 7-Trinh Nguyen “DirtyShin”-Couldn’t tell you**
** 7-Vataire Graham “Veteru”-K Kyo/Hibiki/Cammy**

** 3S results, 11 peeps**

** 1-Ray Teruya Jr. “RayBladeX”-Urien I and III**
** 2-Masanori Takee “Koroshiya”-I saw him using Yun III**
** 3-Trinh Nguyen “DirtyShin”-Chun II**
** 4-Val-I wish I knew =[**
** 5-Ondrej Lang-Hugo III I think it is, the combo one**
** 5-AJ-Dunno**

** A3 results, 10 peeps**

** 1-Masanori Takee “Koroshiya”-Not sure, I’m guessing Sim**
** 2-Ray Teruya Jr. “RayBladeX”-???**
** 3-Trinh Nguyen “DirtyShin”-V Akuma**
** 4-Ondrej Lang-V Cody I’m guessing**
** 5-Chris Weed-The hell if I know!**
** 5-Curtis Edlin “Murakumo”-V Gief I think**

** Random comments-Let’s see. Kuan beat Row 3-1 in the winners final, then Rat beat Row 3-2 in the losers final, then lost to Kuan 4-0 in the finals. Up beasted at Sushi Land (with a 28 dollar bill) then dropped me 2 different times in the tourney. Stop beasting jesus. The CvS2 finals were actually interesting in my opinion. And the Macho Man shouldn’t ever make another rap cd again, wow that’s nasty. And HURT ME PLENTY, is a really nasty quote. But um, yup, fun tourney. Thanks to everyone who came especially from Olympia and Portland. Best quote of the night for me was “Wow! Don’t ever play me again!”~Drew Dub to Stilt.**


wow, the brow ring did not do me justice.
i got beasted on
that sucks:(


I’ve got Val looking over my shoulder reading this; he says he used Akuma-I and -III.

Sinclair’s last name is “Thomson” and his SRK name is “BUTTON_sMASHER” for APEX purposes… yeah, all caps except for the “s”.


Stilt - are you legally allowed to write a post that short?


Good shit everyone. Sorry I wasn’t there. Althoguh I don’t really know why I need to apologize since me being at a tournament doesn’t add or take away from it’s value in the slightest.

Oh no. Bandits. We are under shiege **


Yea, :lol: I suck…

Random Trivia… I used V-Sagat, A-Gief, X-Sim, and V-Sodom in the A3 tourney.


random thizzoughts
thanks to all the out of towners that made it

thanks to king takee fried chicken for holding his end of the bargain, as i held mine

stilt likes teaching me how to play marvel

i own the rowtron

zach please stop the beasting in cvs

stiltmonster novelfy this shit por favority


oh yea
drewdub sucks


good shit zach I can tell you gettin better man, this is prob gonna be my last tourny for a while unlesse a miracle happens haha anyways it was fun, I was rusty as hell and it showed but still had a great time and was fun seeing everyone again. Peace


Stop beasting kuan. Stop it. Just stop it.


i own all… arab players.

i own Sean at SWG.

i own Turbens.

and i fucking own Tunak.

what i need to own is a plane ticket to seattle.

no one needs to own Evan, school owns him. gl with your exams man.

Row stop driving around and practice Marvel at Boners & Testicle Inn.

Seattle owns me.



…Cool nose


Fun tourney… good shit Kuan…

I need to practice against Blackheart… and rogue apparently?


stop beasting…


Shushi power :evil:


For APEX, Karl’s full name is Karl McLain and he has no tag name.

For future reference. :slight_smile:


what a bargain 2.50 in silvercoin tokens…when’s the next one?


** Where’s the novelization Stilt?**


dag yo… i should have lost my first match against phongsack in order to see the stilt vs. sack grudge match. twas a good match we had though, stilt. and mandel, you own me! i’ve lost to you the last 2 times we’ve played. i think it was the TDP hat/autobot shirt color coordination that gave you the edge. cheap shit!


Zach strikes beard into the heart of his opponents.

I wish I would have entered CvS2 cause I would have had to own someone.

I’m glad I didn’t enter marvel because that cabinet is so nasty its just out of control.

Drew-Dub shouldn’t have lost. that guy is so good it’s ridiculous.

watch out for drew and jmar next time around. too beastly!

King is too good.

wow all kinds of ammunition for stiltmans novelificationalization.

most fun I’ve had at a tournament in a while. not playing and only staying for like an hour or two is bombtastic.

its tight how rowtron likes to let me win.