Seattle Lanwerx MvC2, CvS2, XX, 3S, and A3 results

** Marvel results, 41 people**

** 1-Rodolfo Castro “RowTron”-Magneto/Storm/Sentinel**
** 2-Jason Kuan “Kuan”-Sentinel/Storm or Cable/Commando**
** 3-Rattana Phanthourath-Magneto/Storm/Sentinel**
** 4-Trinh Nguyen “DirtyShin”-Sentinel/Cable/Commando**
** 5-Mark Santos “Guahcsta”-Magneto/Cable/Sentinel, Sentinel/Cable/Commando**
** 5-Curtis Dyer “Maverick01010”-Magneto/Cable/Sentinel, Magneto/Storm/Psylocke**
** 7-Jason Mar “hairymaster”-Magneto/Storm/Sentinel**
** 7-Minh Dinh-Sentinel/Cable/Commando**

** CvS2, 19 people**

** 1-Trinh Nguyen “DirtyShin”**
** 2-Masanori Takee “Koroshiya”**
** 3-James Siew “Peachy”**
** 4-Ryan Sipe “Croaky is Frog”-I know what team he used because he beat me! P Chun/Cammy/Eagle! yup!**
** 5-James Naumann “astroboy”-I know what team he used because he always uses the same team! Killa! C Ryo/Guile/Blanka**
** 5-Ian T. “vashthastampede” C Groove something with Sagat I’m sure but hopefully he used Kim because his Kim is crazy damn.**
** 7-Chris Calas “Red Bull”-I know what team he used because he as well always uses the same team! K Blanka/Vega/Sagat**
** 7-Vataire Graham “Veteru”-Some weird ass team like K Geese/Ryu/Kyo**

** 3S results, 12 people**

** 1-Trinh Nguyen “DirtyShin”- Chun Li II**
** 2-Masanori Takee "Koroshiya-Chun Li II, Yun III**
** 3-Evan Wenzel-Ken III**
** 4-Ondrej Lang-Hugo III**
** 5-Curtis Edlin “Murakumo”**
** 5-John Mooring-Something unorthodox I can assure you**
** 7-John Mayfield “3pwood”-Makoto II**
** 7-Rob Plummer “Zig21”-Akuma I**

** A3, 15 people**

** 1-Masanori Takee “Koroshiya”**
** 2-Trinh Nguyen “DirtyShin”-V Akuma**
** 3-John Mooring-A Sakura**
** 4-Evan Wenzel “Rairu”-V Zangief**
** 5-Ondrej Lang-V Cody**
** 5-Ian T. “vashthastampede”-V Sakura**
** 7-James Siew “Peachy”**
** 7-Channa My-V Sakura**

** XX, 10 people**

** 1-Mark Santos “Guahcsta”-Potemkin**
** 2-Trace Prewitt “ICD-3”-Testament**
** 3-Vataire Graham “Veteru”-Testament or Anji or something**
** 4-Rodolfo Castro “RowTron”-Venom**
** 5-Curtis Edlin “Murakumo” Dunno about Murakumo**

** Random Comments-I still can’t believe there was 41 people that came for Marvel. Damn, imagine if Portland came, it woulda been like 45+, holy snatch. Anyway, Jason Mar is an unblockable fiend. There were plenty of random ass matches, along with a Jill ocv. Me, Evan, Drew, and Frank tied for 9th. Northwest killahs nigga, peep mass appeal. I went two and out in CvS2, that was funny. Best match of the day was either, Bumbleberry vs Sam, Trace vs Sam, or Frank vs Murakumo #2. All those matches were funny as fuck. Umm, I think that’s about it. Yup. Oh yeah thanks to everyone that came from out of town. Hope to see you guys next time.**

Marvel had 41 people man that’s madness i wish i was there but there’s allways next month. see ya next moth same place same time

peace out

I own Kuan… u r lucky they put u back in winners when i left u hoemoe

I own Veteru. Seriously.

Great turnout. Nasty results. Someone should tell Trinh to stop beasting.


Stop Beastin!

(there I said it)

I used Axl in GGXX.

lol, did you tape that match of me vs. Frank the second time around?


StiltManian Tournament Novel
10/18 Lanwerx Edition

This tournament sucked. I’m hella glad I was down in Corvallis to watch the Beavers get beasted instead. (Not.) :confused:

Husky defensive line busting out unblockables all over, and even the punter was unblockable. Beavers tried to block that shit only to have the referee award the Huskies the ball back… hell, if I knew blocking a punt counted as an opposing player touching the ball so that it’s a free ball, I’d kick that bitch at a d-liner’s head every time. :lame:

** welp i had fun at this tournament…for a change, even though i had a damn headache for more than half of the tournament…(Shout out to xazch for the advil hook up!)

other shout outs…

Shout out to red bull cause with out the marvel i would’ve gone 2 and out

Shout out to jeff who is 1)older, and 2) wasn’t there…The internet bodyguard handled that shit for team double J!!

Shout out to myslef cause i can do Ryu’s standing roundhouse on the pump pad once again (maybe this time there won’t be some asian chick there for me to lop her head off. Sorry random vancouver arcade chick!)

Shout out to Jason Mar, cause he truly is a fucking savage!

Shout out to sam for the jill ocv!! HOLD THAT SHIT DOWN!

Shout out to Minh, wow you need to stop beasting on me seriously, this guy beat all 3 of my teams, alright guy next time for sure watch!!! =p

Shout out to drew for chillin at chang’s and drew and kuan for recognizing the real, it really means a lot to me. Seriously. For those that don’t know what i am talking about then you didn’t recognize, just wait 2 months you’ll see.

Shout out to lanwerx for actually moving the pump machine over.

Shout out to K and nolan for helping improve my skills in 13, but i still ain’t playin for no money yet. fuck that.

Shout out to peachy and ryan cause they are savages!! Ryan stop beasting me in 3s, peachy stop beasting with the unblockable.

Shout out to trace who randomly was reading my copy of the rules of attraction… You need to read that shit guy hella good! i almost done reading it again.

Shout out to everyone that i played in the tournament cause i hella heard ppl sayin oohs and Whoas and shit. I’m there for the entertainment, guy

Shout out to Cody for being an old fart with a crazy ass storm sentinel, could you please stop ocv’ing me thanks

Shout out to Ian just because

Shout out to stiltman who wasn’t there.

shout out to this post cause its over.


Whoa, I just noticed that Frank’s av is TIGHT. Why did it take me so long to notice wtf that was all about? …


Man I just posted but it didnt work for some random reason. Anyways this tourny was hella fun, but I well never ever go to a tourny again if I didnt get one bit of sleep the nightbefore!!! I mean at the beggining of the tourny I was playin alright but the no sleep part in the later rounds of the tourny sucks ass :frowning:

Thanks to king for havin everyone over thats hella bomb of you man thanks!! btw you have a hella nice house man!

p.s. If we ever do this again is it coo if I get a ride with somebuddy so that I can fuckin drink, that would be to bomb!

shout out to cody cuz hes fat
shout out to his mom for letting me nut on her face
shout out to his sisters for letting me rape em
shout out to his dad being codys dad
shout out to rowtron cuz hes lucky

Wow thanks to Mix Masta Drew Dub for being a bomb person and hooking it up with ST!

Thanks to Zachdmxsje for having mad faith in me against kennewick guy! :stuck_out_tongue:

And shouts to trace mandel and frank for being supportive and not thinking i’'m a scrub!!

** Wow murakumo recgonizin the BT shit thats bomb but i need another av…with some girls for a change cause they are really bomb, i think its going to be some eye candy…

K wow don’t think that your a scrub guy, keep up with that shit, your a contender no doubt. Trust me**


uhhh…how about u shut up?

damn… i would just like to say that this was a pretty bomb tourney. mandel, you are one of the funniest people i know for laughing at the most random shit in the world. way to put you black man anger on hold and enjoy the tourney. frank, your looking healthier every time i see you… keep it up man! sean, you’re gay for not coming until like 10 minutes before i left. to everyone else, STOP THE BEASTING! i got beasted on at marvel, cards, and halo, so fuck that shit. penis out!

stfu i own u

Uploaded new pics-

I forgot too many names, so if you’re not named in the pic, it’s nothing personal - I just can’t remember anything. Let me know and I’ll fix it up. Or if the picture sucks, lemme know and I’ll delete or take a new one next time (Nov 8th).

Great sht everyone. Wow. I watched as much Marvel as I could (also had to track people down, so missed some) and it was great fun watching everybody. I just have no idea how good some of y’all can be - Nolan comes in and says he’ll enter and hasn’t played in a while, then beasts, Sam’s nightmare Jill, DZ getting crazy - that was great sht to watch. I think I learned something. :slight_smile:

Man - I need to practice so much more against good people. I haven’t had time to do that, and it totally showed. I just got eaten alive by Curtis’ Dhalsim and Steven’s Ken. Ahhh. I need to play against that more so I don’t do stupid stuff like stay on the ground against Dhalsim. Ah well - props to Curtis for showing me to be afraid of Dhalsim, and … umm - I don’t think Steven taught me anything other than that he just is still very better than me and I need to practice more. Frank, you’re hella fun to watch and learn from. Everyone else- great. Beastly. I have no idea who’s going to beat who anymore in the “Seattle Middle Tier” because there’s soooo many people who can just kick your ass if you’re not paying attention. Must… practice… more.

Thanks to everyone who came. That was cool. :slight_smile:

i need a ride to the next one too so i can drink and smoke. i fell asleep on the road a few times goin home, and goin to work later that day…