Seattle Marvel Quick Results

No surprises here…I guess

40 entrants

1st: Justin “He really is the best” Wong - Mag/Storm/Cyke
2nd: Rowtron “useless” Castro - Team ROW (it’s still his…fags)
3rd: Jason “Izzle” Kuan - Storm/Sent/Cyke
4th: Jason “JmarNigga” Mar - Mag/Storm/Sent
5th:Mark “Guach” Santos - Mag/Cable/Sent
5th: Drew “werDDrew” Dub - Mag/Storm/Sent

So…Justin went through winners…no real closes calls, it was his tournament the whole way. Justin beat Row twice, 2-0, 4-0…Kuan and Justin went 3-1…which was a lot closer. JMar lost to Row and Kuan…and that’s about it. Ricky Ortiz finished 9th, after losing to Jmar and I.

Good job Justin

gj taking out ricky

damn justin playin TEAM MIXUP

no surprise there ;\ after i saw him play in TX i knew he was on another level i think this year will be his easiest win :smiley: evo wise

cvs2/3s results any1

3rd Strike
1st Justin
2nd Ricky
3rd Lifetimeboy

CvS2 wasn’t even finished before I left, I think. Full results should be posted tomorrow.

Nice. I was hoping to see a new face on top but oh well.




3s cabinet sucked…so many missed supers. :frowning:

I assume, CvS2 was 1) Ricky, 2) Justin 3) LifetimeBoy. Correct me if i’m wrong and how many entered each tournament?

CvS was Ricky first, LTB second, King Takee Third, Jwong fourth.

what were the teams/grooves for cvs2???

Good job to Ricky, LTB and justin.

Drewduzzle beasting, good ish…

justin is a cheater…

WTF? Whatcha you talkin bout willis?

CvS2 Teams (at least for finals for semis up):

Ricky Ortiz: A (Vega, Sakura/Chun Li, Blanka) C (Iori, Sagat, Blanka r2)

LTB: P (Blanka/Kyo, Sagat, Cammy r2)

Masanori “Koroshiya” Takee ‘King’: A (Sakura, Bison, Blanka r2)

Justin Wong: C (Vega, Blanka, Sagat r2)

Random Highlights:

Puzzlefite sent Justin Wong to the losers second round.

Ricky sent LTB to losers in the winners finals 2-0. RC Vega = too good.

Justin fought his way to the losers semis, and had a very close match with Koroshiya. Roll cancelling Blanka gets the win.

LTB took a game from Ricky in the finals. Parry + crouching Fierce + Low Tiger Super = Dead Chuns.

Brian J is a fucking beast.

GG’s all, I’m still having trouble hearing from that sitdown cabinet^^

edit1: I can’t spell =[

:lol: Good job to all who went.

haha justin, maybe msc still is bomb:p

Congrats to Kuan for beating Justin one game :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, congrats to all the placers. Justin is just too good.

fun tourney…

Justin Wong is too good…

Random highlight (marvel only)that i remember

  • Justin send cody, kuan, rat, and row to losers
  • almost every seattle marvel get near perfected including row (me too)
  • justin is a very friendly person ; even though, i dont get to talk to him much
  • row plays very poorly and do too many random switch chracters
  • cody challange justin first round and lost and go back home to play FF11
  • MSC ownz seattle
  • ricky send drewdub to loser’s and drew come back to get revenge in the loser’s
  • Jmar didnt have a chance to face justin in the tourney
  • stiltman and drew ownz me once again (next time, bitch)
  • ricky seems to really have trobble doing combo and blocking
  • scott wong send thrinh to loser’s first round

random thoughts

  • Jwong is too good. got 2 perfects yestrday
    *Jmar beasted Ricky, litterly. Near perfect
  • that place was fuking hot
  • those trophys were hella tight, espically tha mag and Jugg. lol
  • Yea Brian J. is a fuckin beast for getting 5th
    *Gons a beast for putting Wong in losers in cvs
    *Seattle people are random
    *Mark’s Mag is a beast for OCV me in losers semi
    *I beasted STilt
    *Rickys a beast in GG
  • cvs2 takes 2 fuckin long
    *Imma on the DVD
  • MSC is fuckin good
    *RC ELEc is broken ( thanks ricky)