Seattle Marvel Quick Results

Justin had Row off balance so badly that even when Row had his chances to get some game-breaking plays in, he messed them up. There was a game where Mags and Cyclops got snapped out together where Row failed to launch Cyclops to death, and a second one where Cable was shooting Mags and Cyclops together and blew the very last AHVB with just pixels left of Cyclops’ life. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Row kept so completely on the defensive for that much of a match, and it pretty clearly rattled him. Kuan looked somewhat rattled after the match with Justin too, because I think his frustration carried over into the losers’ finals with Row.

I lost to samB on the screwy split cabinet. Ugh. Yet another player originating in the Portland area gets his name off the list of people who’ve never beaten me in a tournament in their lives. Wait a minute… now I’m on his list! That’s not allowed! :bluu:

I’m not terribly ashamed of my performance in ST, although I definitely need to get more practice at that game so I’ll feel like I know what game plans I want to follow and won’t fall for relatively simple situations any more. Lost a Bison mirror match largely on the merits of some really, really simple stuff that shouldn’t have worked (and wouldn’t have in my college days). My losers’ bracket match was lost to Veteru… he was using Honda and for some insane reason I tore him up in the first game with O. Sagat and almost did so again in the second game. Then I lost faith in Sagat for some reason and went to O. Guile, which was probably a mistake in retrospect. Like I said, I think I need to get a better practice regimen going in this game if I want to really ever do well in these things.

Sent/Cable/BH is truly mine once again. Finally stopped losing mirror matches with that team to Up.

A photo exists of me with my arm around Justin. Justin and Ricky definitely look older than the last time I saw them… but then, it’s been a couple years and they’re probably hitting right about 18 now so this would be a point where they would start to look older. Ricky still looks pretty feminine but less than he used to. Scary to see someone with wrists even smaller than mine.

I think I need to revisit my game plans again if I’m going to keep up with MvC2 too. I think I’ve got a better grasp on the way the game is changing than most other Portland players, but I still think there’s other things I could be doing better. Portland’s MvC2 scene in general seems to be gradually fading and it’s taking its toll on the lost of us. We’re good enough at turtling that basically no one can truly rush on us in this town without getting pounded down, and it’s starting to stunt our development in the game… since the tactics we might use against one another’s rushdown flat out wouldn’t work in Seattle to a large degree, at least not at a high level.

Watching Justin and Row play each other in a Team Row mirror match in casual was amusing though. Row won the game, although it wasn’t a blowout. Row definitely saw it as a bit of an audacity that Justin would challenge him to a mirror match though… they were in two cabinets hooked up to a video feed and a projection screen, the cabinets standing back to back, and Row leaned out over the side of his cabinet to look at Justin on the other machine with this grinning but half-disbelieving look of “Are you for real?” I’m not sure they’ve ever played a casual match with Row’s team in a mirror match before, but the look on Row’s face seemed to suggest that this was a first. As Drew-Dub said… at least from this game, it’s still his.

OTOH, I think Row needs a backup plan for when his team doesn’t work. It’s a very good one-size-fits-all team but either he needs to be ready to deal with matchups where he’s only going to get a very few opportunities and be ready to make the most of them without screwing them up (i.e. play it more patient and play it like an assassin rather than an aggressor) or he needs to have at least a second team in his back pocket. Both Row and Kuan basically got controlled for a large part of their games with Justin, and frankly seeing this makes me wonder if anyone’s ever going to beat that kid. However, I don’t doubt that Seattle’s going to integrate some of the stuff that Justin did to them, especially once the DVD becomes available to us. This particular time around, though, Justin just flat out made those guys look rather foolish, enough that even when he did make mistakes and get caught at things, they often failed to execute just because they’re not used to getting controlled like that. Ugh.

I think everyone had a good time, though, and Justin definitely seemed to enjoy coming to the NW to play. We actually had a bit of a discussion about how he comparatively enjoys going to different parts of the country, how he gets booed in some areas but other places are perfectly cool with him. (The NW’s peeps are generally nice enough that we don’t usually boo anyone, at least not most of the major areas.) I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing him come back some time.

That’s about it for right now. I’m a little sleepy (I didn’t get to bed until 5:30 AM last night) so this probably isn’t quite as amusing as one of my more formal tournament novels and I didn’t even get that much sleep yesterday either. Hope no one’s too disappointed.

nice post Stiltman, thanks.

I dont understand. what do you guys mean by “rattled”. you guys make it sound like the kid got magic powers. but thats what Ive been saying anyway. half of his game is having the mental over people. whoever beats him has to not be intimidated.
good ish to my niggas Kuan and Row.

Rattled or not…the gap between Justin and everyone else has obviously been widened…Row and Kuan aren’t playing much at all…and it looks like Justin is still playing a lot, his style just keeps evolving…Most of us went into the tournament thinking someone would beat him…but it was pretty clear by the end of it that he’s just…not getting beat.

Hm. I saw (and taped) his matches with Cody, me, Row, Kuan, and Row. [I don’t think I have him vs Rattana). Looking at the tapes of the grand finals, Row’s famed luck was NOT working… each match had a turning point where something random happened that killed Row (in order: random killing reset on full life Cable, random alpha-counter + mysterious popping out of being hit by HSF, Cyke lives, Cyke lives). Any of those events not happening changes the game. I think Justin would have won game one anyways at that point (Cable probably would have had about 1/2 life left, and Justin would probably have had to DHC to Cyke, but still … ?), but those events were just huge in each match.

My thoughts: I don’t think there’s been more pressure on anyone in Marvel than Row. Kuan had it a little easier (lost to JWong 4-1, winner’s final) because he’s not EXPECTED to beat Justin, but I think parts of the West Coast have kinda held out Row as the shining knight that’s been thwarted by circumstance from beating JWong. I think it’s good that they fought, and probably actually not a bad thing that Row lost, because hopefully now THEY can actually play (assuming either doesn’t head back to semi-retirement) instead of the Evo Legend needing to play out. :rolleyes:

row and kuan = sandbaggin… random switches from row dont sound right, but thats just my thoughts :slight_smile:

If you expected Rodolfo to beat Justin at this tournament its probably just because you dont know whats been going on around here lately. Drew pretty much broke it down for us. The only top player in this area that still practices a decent amount is Jmar. If Row, Kuan, Cody, and Jmar were all playing a LOT, then maybe there ‘might’ be a chance; but with the way things are now, I wasn’t suprised that Justin smashed everyone.

Another thing to consider is that nobody here uses MSC. I think the last time I saw someone in Seattle pick that team in a tournament was uhh… never. I wouldn’t be suprised if people start picking up that team now though.

Overall the tournament was pretty cool. There were definately problems with the way things went down, but having Justin and Ricky there really made the difference. Also, even though the controls weren’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination, they were still the best we’ve had at a Seattle tournament in as long as I can remember (except for 3S. supers weren’t coming out).

I pretty much got raped in all the tournaments, which sucked, but I was beating people down in casual, so at least I got to play some games (special thanks to Jesus/Brendan)

It’s too bad Sean, Mandel, Frank, SuperJoe, Steven, and others couldn’t make it, but it was cool that Drew-Dub and Quinton came.

oh yeah. fuck boat season! fuck the police! fuck my car! fuck the sun! fuck traffic! and uhh thats about it…

I got nothing but love for seattle. but seattle doesnt equal “everyone else”. maybe the gap between Wong and seattle has widened. I honestly thought Kuan might be able to beat him. the only reason its a “might” instead of “know” is because I remember him not sounding so confident when we were talking about Wong a while back. and like I said, its a mental game Wong has over everyone. but hey Im on your side. I want the kid to go down too. troof is, alot of us dont play much anymore.

Yeah! Fuck boat season!

any vids?

I agree the mental game has something to do with it but even if you get past the mental game hes on another level… Of course no one likes to admit this i never thought he was above everyone else per say another level.

But now its very clear this year there is no one who i see beating him last year and the year before that there was a handfull of people who had a chance this year i dont think anyone stands a chance.

not to bring anyone down cause if i up justin the word “Dick rider” gets thrown around but i use to hate on wong all the time but to not see hes the fucking best is being stupid. :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall best people who have a smallllllll chance of beating him are soo/sanford/mixup a magneto player he wont lose to a storm/sent/com kid is way too solid and his ssc is way better then anyones.

And i dont see him losing 4/7 to msp 2/3 yes.

question for you, have people practiced the wrong things for years?

if everyone from the start focused on defense,priority and hitboxes we wouldn’t get owned like this:bluu:

I think there is a chance of beating him, but ONLY if people master the different aspects of the game like he has.

AND have a gameplan with enough patience to out wait him.

AND have defense thats solid enough to be able to wait for your turn to hit him.

theres more but whatever, i want to know what the ruintinel thinks

Sanford beat him 5 games straight in a tournament and I think he beat him in a first to 10 a while back, so it’s possible, especially when niggas gotta eat :slight_smile:

I agree with soo, most people lose before the match even begins, playing against the best player just doesn’t feel the same.

IMO, Sanford and Soo are the only ones that can beat him, Clockwork could do it but only if he gets his Sentinel to a higher level.

question for you, have people practiced the wrong things for years?

Nah i dont think we have been practicing the wrong things its just people get one thing set in their head and dont wanna change. WC people rush allllll day i think the WC has a very wreckless style but players like soo etc have it down so well its wreckless in a way that really benefits them. Where EC people play really pacient and dont really take huge risks. sanford/mixup/wong for example. You guys play a reallly nice rush game but its not all based on rush there is some waiting and pacient involved.

When some one plays a team like msp/row you know the basic structure of that team is to rush down your opponent when wong plays those teams i dont really think you know what to expect… He adapts to how your styke of play. He either plays really pacient and then kills you or a nasty rush game. He adapts to the player where other people always play the same regardless of who they are fighting.

Wong has alot of pacients and always controlls the match a big problem i see vs wong way too often is people get greedy if they are up a character they start freaking out and do something really dumb and it seems wong is still controlling the match while he is behind. Bam the opponent gets impacient wong capitalizes
on that and wins :smiley:

Man, fun tourney, despite my frustrating losses (Anji’s standing P=BULLSHIT!!!). Props to all and stuff. And yeah, fuck boating season.

Also, I’d like to give a special thanks to Loki for making this happen. Too bad it was at the end of Famcom’s life.:frowning:

sounds like you’re describing his style of play, only other person that probably tries this is sanford, and he still hasn’t gotten it done. can’t beat him with his own style imo. not that my opinion counts. :confused:

re: footage: Yeah - Loki will be putting together a DVD.

Loki got direct captures of almost all Third Strike + Super Street Fighter Turbo footage, TMK.
I got about 5 hours of footage of: Marvel (1 hr casual, 2hrs tourney, CvS2 (~1.4 hrs tourney), and GGXX (~45 minutes tourney).
I’m giving my miniDV tapes to Loki to work with for the DVD.
I gave JWong miniDV copies of the 2 miniDV tapes I took of the MvC2 finals + most all of the final ~6 matches in CvS2.

That’s the story so far. I’ve got 4 tapes captured, and the MvC2 and CvS2 grand finals encoded to WMV already. Patience, really. :slight_smile:

** Step to me if you’re ready for a beatdown. Knife in hand I don’t play around!**

Justin really is on another level
sanford and Soo are the only 2 people that i think can beat em
when i played justin i noticed he can REALly change the match how he wants to.

And does anybody remember if ro played Reverse team row

sanford has gotten good results, it seems like he has built on that safe style too.


I wonder how seattle will take the loss, more practice?

Edit: ruin, what do you think about more players focusing on adapting? hmmm i’m just stumped:lol: