Seattle MvC2 3/22 SouthCenter Results


** Here are tha results! 31 peeps all together.**

** 1-Jason “Kuaneasy” Kuan-Cable/Sentinel/Commando, MSP, Magneto/Storm/Sentinel, Sentinel/Storm/Commando**

** 2-Rodolfo “RowTron” Castro-Magneto/Cable/Sentinel, MSP**

** 3-Cody “Codyliciouz” Boentaran-Storm/Sentinel/Commando or Cable**

** 4-Ian “vashthastampede” T-Storm/Sentinel/Commando, Cable/Storm/Commando**

** 5-Eric “StiltMan” Foley-Spiral/Cable/Sentinel, Cable/Sentinel/Commando**

** 5-Issariya-Sentinel/Cable/Commando**

** 7-Rattana “Mr.R@t” Phanthourath-Magneto/Cable/Sentinel**

** 7-Some guy named Steve-Magneto/Cable/Ken**

** Great fukin tourney (even tho I couldnt enter), Kuan is a beast, comin up thru losers beatin Cody in the losers final 3-2, and then beatin Row 4-3, 4-1. His Sentinel is still crazy gaaawd. Hella nice turnout, thanks again to the Oregon guys for comin up.**


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damn! Kuan is a fuckin beast!! :eek: :eek:

Good shit kuan


thx nigga.

someone needs to answer this question

why does kuaneasy own rowtron?

ill be looking forward to reading ur answers!!!


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: It’s all a scheme by seattle to take Justin’s guard down at evo


** Bcuz ur sentinel is a beast and ur cable owns Cody.**


Kuan has the best Sentinel in seattle period.


any vids for it
i wanna see codylizious and other players like row and kuan thanx


dyamn… quote: i wanna see Codyliciouz AND …

Codyliciouz over rowsack and kuansack… bombsack


** Best Cody quote from the tourney, “HE DOESNT GET CROSSED UP I SWEAR TO GAAAAAWD!”**


how can i beat him if he blocks every single triangle jump??? wtf…


Much happier with how I did in this tournament. I can’t say as I was terribly upset at how I played in any particular match… I mean, there were mistakes I made here and there that cost me games, but I played it pretty calm and concentrated for the most part, didn’t blow any games from basic execution errors (at least, not any that I’m too upset about), and went down fighting hard when I went down.

It was also quite a lot of fun, because I opened up my game plan a lot, to a degree that I threw a few people off. I’d been tinkering around with Team Scrub, but as is somewhat widely known I just don’t think that’s a very well-rounded team for all of its chars. It’s well suited for a patient Cable (as Kuan demonstrated admirably) but I don’t like the lack of horizontal help for Sentinel. After a bit of twisting the scheme around like a balloon animal, I eventually arrived at the Sentinel/Cable-A/Cammy variant that seemed to solve most of the things I don’t like about Sentinel/Cable/Commando for my own purposes.

With that in hand, I was originally figuring that I’d go with the old team to start off matches and then go to the new one to finish them if necessary. Then after a little while I decided, what the hell, I felt good enough about the way I was playing that I sort of threw the old playbook to the four winds and opened it up altogether, just using whatever team I felt like in first rounds while staying with the new team to close things out if I had to.

So I wound up using Sent-A/Cable/BH, Spiral/Cable/Sentinel (I have to say… it was a blast using Spiral in a tournament again), Cable/BH/Commando, and Sent/Cable/Commando in various first round games, in addition to Sent/Cable-A/Cammy in any and all matches where I had to choose a second team. I don’t think I’ve used five different teams in the same tournament in at least two years, if ever… and I have to say, playing it that open was a lot of fun.

The only thing that’s really missing is that my Cammy is kinda one-dimensional at the moment. The highly improbable comeback on Kuan’s Psylocke aside (don’t ask me how the hell I won that game), if I’m going to use this as my backbone team I’m going to have to get a Justin-like Cammy. Tinkering time. :smiley:

Now if my DC would actually let me play Storm without hanging… :bluu:




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nice writeup stilt!

but whats even more important and what u guys need to remember is…

kuaneasy owns rowtron!

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Stiltman, no offense, and you know I have nothing but respect for you, but seriously, no one cares what team you use and why, just use it.


Because Kuan is better looking than Row!..?


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