Seattle MvC2 SouthCenter 1/18/03 Results

** Here are the results from todays tourney, Im pretty sure ur all surprised that Row won it, I know I am!**

** There was 32 ppl in this tourney.**

** 1st-Rodolfo “RowTron” Castro-Magneto/Cable/Sent-a, Sent/Storm/Commando, Doom/Storm/Cyke, whatever he felt like usin.**

** 2nd-Rattana “Mr.R@t” Phanthourath-Sent/Cable/Commando, Mag/Sent/Commando**

** 3rd-Cody “Codyliciouz” Boentaran-Magneto/Sent/Commando**

** 4th-Eric “Stiltman” Foley-Sent-a/Cable/BH**

** 5th-Andrew “Mix Masta Drew Dub” Blanchette-Storm/Sent/Commando**

** 5th-Theo “TaigaKnee” Crooks-Mag/Cable/Psy**

** 7th-Evan “Rairu” Wenzel-Storm/Sent/Tron**

** 7th-Mandel “C_R” Scott-Cable/Sent/Commando, Storm/Sent/Cable**

** Team Tourney Results!**

** 1st-Two White Guys and tha R@t! Sean “Psianyd” Graham-Sent/Cable/Sonson, Kyle-Sent/Mag/Commando, Rat-Sent/Cable/Commando**

** 2nd-Two Asian Guys and Joe! Cody-Mag/Sent/Commando, Issariya-Sent/Cable/Commando, Joe-Commando/Cable/Cammy**

** 3rd-Two White Guys and Row!-Drew Dub-Mag/Storm/Psy, Ian T!-Somethin I dun remember but I know Iron Man was on his team, Row-Mag/Cable/Sent-a**

** I’ll post the highlights (or lack thereof) in my next post.**


I should have stayed, than maybe Row and Drew Dub would have won first place in the team tournament. :lol: j/k I’m glad I went to that tournament, I saw so many people I haven’t seen in such a long time. Also got to see TaigaKnee and Mix Masta Drew Dub, now I have faces to their names. :slight_smile:

Good job to everyone. Word. I don’t think I did too bad after being out of competition for a good 5 or 6 months. I got the slide infinite down in a match, which was dope shit. Me and Francis have to think of a better bracket-selection strategy so we won’t ever have to face each other so early in the tournament. Someone fix those sticks.

I’m saddened that no one out there, with the exception of Sean and little Robert, knew who Strong Bad (the guy on my black hoodie and now, my avatar) was. Very, very sad. (CLICK ME POOPIES)

P.S. Cody’s Magnus sucks. :smiley:

Good shit rowtron:) .

what the fucker !! cody’s playing with mag rather than storm :eek: :confused:

can anybody tape your tournaments in the future ? I wanna see cody’s mag :stuck_out_tongue: and of course Rowtron :slight_smile: there are not too many seattle vids on the net.

Scodolfy can play anyone!! :slight_smile: I even think I saw Ruby Heart once and Silver Samurai once!

Let’s see some APEX results, gangsters. I wanna see how badly I did. Hahaha.

A pretty impressive turnout at Southcenter. One of the biggest I’ve seen in a long while. Hope to see this many people next time I head over there. Word.

At 4:30 I have to go to a puppy training class and when I get back I will put them up. **

Is Mag/Sent/Cap Seattle’s new secret weapon??? :confused:

i promised someone to use mag the whole tourney and mag/storm combination is gay so i’d rather not use storm at all

my mag owns row’s sent btw…

** The Apex results will be up tomorrow night, sorry for the delay fellas. And another thing, Cody wanted me to tell everyone that he also used Magneto/Cable/Sentinel-a in the tourney as well, besides Mag/Sent/Commando.**

actually its sent-y

** Actually thats gross.**

Rowtron, good stuff man, and to cody also. Hey, are yall coming to march madness 3 this year in march? It’s in philly

** Apex results are up ladies and gentlemen.**

Demon Hyo I have 2 questions for you:

  1. In which month is March Madness going to take place, I like to plan ahead.
  2. Will there be a GGXX tourney there? On an actual cabinet I mean.

March madness will be in march, and GGXX should be here on a cabinet in like 3 or 2 more days. I don’t worry too much cause i have it on ps2 already, although i would like to get an early start on it in the tourney scene.

Are u sure, I thot MARCH Madness was in july…:lol: :lol: :lol: Bug eric to put a thread up. What date dude? And me and mike will be there to hurt brandon.

Northwest BAby!!!