Seattle MVC2?

I’ll be in the Seattle area from Thursday-Sunday for vacation. I might have some free time. Does anyone know where I can find some good mvc2 competition in the Seattle area?

Probably people’s houses at this point. I don’t know if people are still playing at GameWorks at all.

We should have a DC-off in Marvel. Whoever can rack up the most DC’s online in 1 hour wins. We can have 5 competitors enter. Only rule would be you have to kill them as fast as possible. No taunting or running away till people DC.

As long as you are playing legit, I think it would be fun to see who gets the most.

I get so rocked whenever I venture online to play MvC2.

Haha, who do you think would inspire more ragequits? Magneto or Cable?

Obviously, Chris, it’d have to be Rowtron.

I think I’ve seen more ragequits after character select when I pick MSS than anything.The second people see sentinel AND magneto, scrubs get mad. I went for about twenty minutes once at a friend’s house without getting a single match in because everyone insta-quit.

Thanks for the info. Guess I’ll just focus on being drunk all weekend :slight_smile: Hit me up on XBL: sirmixagrip

sirmixagrip: I’m down for something this weekend. I have a DC and 2 MAS sticks. I can probably get a couple other marvel heads to come play if you wanna battle it out for a while.

p.s. this is wenzelsaurus.

I like this alias for some reason, haha.

Marvel sounds like serious businesS.

I was just about to hit you up on AIM and let you know Rob was in town. Good psychic powers.

Cool. I am not sure when I’ll be free. What time is best for you? I’m thinking late night Thursday would be best. Schedule does not look good other days. Could change though.

Yo Rairu if you hold something tomorrow night I could roll through for a bit.

I am down for thursday as well

OH shit a Thursday night session of MARVAAAAL?


Seattle newest marvel player =]

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It’s going down! I’ll text you guys to let you know what’s up.

I’m down for some marvelz

Not sure if this is happening or not now. I’ll keep you updated.

Just starting MVC2 after years off on Xbox360 and I can not find a stick locally and I want one for this weekend playing. Any of you guys have an extra for sale?