Seattle/NW Stick Makers Thread

So here’s my situation…

I have an old ass DC mas stick that’s basically irrelevant. It’s irrelevant because ST will be ditched for HD Remix (360/PS3), and I don’t play Marvel like that anymore. So now there’s basically no use for my stick. But, here’s the reason why I made this thread, now I’m assuming that at a future Evo, that the PS3 version of HD Remix would be used, so at the very least, I would need a PS2 stick (I hope they would have adapters). So yeah, who could make me a Japanese style PS2 stick, and how much would it cost me? What would I (if I needed to) need to supply you with?

Does your old mas work? I could make use of it, let me know…

For buttons, jap style Sanwas are expensive. $2.50 a button, $24 for a stick, so you are looking at $40 or so just for the buttons. $15 give or take a bit for a psx pcb. So $55 or so, plus a lot of money for a wooden box. Julian bought a nice blank one from a dude named Bigpockets here on SRK.

Despite the unfly stomp I did to my stick, from what I was told (random spectators) it still works. Do you wanna buy my stick for spare parts or something? Cause I’ll sell it to you for super cheap if that’s the case. Minorities need to stick together yknow?

EDIT-Now that I reread what you put, I’m assuming you meant you would use the parts from my stick to help make another, which I have no problem with. But my offer still stands.

Yeah I will buy it as is (with the box), shoot me a PM or call me one of these days.

I unearthed this thread for a reason as well, we got two new FABULOUS sticks coming out in due time and I think it’d be good to know who’s good at making sticks, modding sticks, the works. Airthrow’s post in whatever thread it was I just read, inspired me to bump this thread because I do hate playing on the fighting ex 2 stick. The buttons are just horrible. What would it like take for me to get better (different color) buttons and a different (better) color stick? I experience issues online in HDR when I’m blocking something like rolling claw or handslap and suddenly I stop blocking midway through. Annoying.

Get a multiconsole Cthulhu pcb, I believe it works with both psx and ps3 without an adaptor.

How much is your budget? Seems like getting TE stick would be the best bet or if you’re lucky get someone to modify a T5 or HRAP…Does it have to be japanese?

Anyone rolling on the 360 needs to be aware that the SF4 sticks will have a different default config from HDR - HP is on RB instead of LB, and HK is RT instead of RB. Really retarded. This makes matters complex if you want to wire your stick to default to SF4, since triggers are analog and need to be wired in a specific way to make them operate in a digital fashion. For the 2006/2007 models of the MadCatz/Gamestop pad, you have to use one method, but if you are using a PCB from a newer 2008 MadCatz/Gamestop pad, it requires a more-complex set-up. Toodles and zombie cpt **have an excellent thread** with instructions on how to set this up for the most recent version of the MadCatz/Gamestop pads. The first post in the thread shows how to do the 2007-edition method, and farther down there is information on how to wire the 2008 version.

If someone needs some assistance with wiring a stick, I’d be happy to help. (No woodworking, though; got no tools for that.)

listen I just want to put some new art on my stick when it arrives. I saw they had the templates on the front page, and I’m planning on having my brother do something upon that. But I was also thinking that someone could touch it up in Photoshop or some shit and just make it look real crispy.

Finally I need to figure out exactly how to take that template and apply it to the stick. Air throw had mentioned having it laminated onto the metal part or whater you want to call it. But like do i just have that whole thing laminated then cut out the holes and shit? And where would be a good place to get this taken care of?

P.S. Whitney Houstin - How Do I Know…awesome pop song.

You can get it laminated at Kinkos…You have two options either get it fully laminated & buy somekind sticking spray or you can get lami-labeled making your artwork like a laminated sticker.

To be honest though i really didn’t like how mine turned out…If i were you just keep it as is or at least wait for the first 3 months…Changing the art will void warranty so keep that in mind.

This is what i did to my Tekken 5 stick

So that allows me to use a 360 stick with a ps2/ps3? The ps3 and 360 have the same amount of buttons? That sounds like a dope ass idea actually. How much is that pcb? Pretty expensive I would imagine huh?

Yeah that’s the thing, I’m pretty uneducated about it all, but I do want sanwa parts heh. Buttons aren’t usually expensive though right? I just want my fighting ex 2 stick to be fuggin PURPLE because that green/white theme has seen it’s last days. But yeah I hear you there. I wish I had a HRAP.

Buttons will cost about $3 each so that would be $18 + shipping…I believe one of those balls are like 3-5…The lami art will cost you about $5…

So that’s $33 right there, do you have any modding experience? I hear those EX mods are pain to do, i was going to have both my sticks modded by Airthrow but realize its not worth the mod at all…Plus Lizardlick haven’t got any sanwa sticks in a long ass time…

Seems like a lot of headache just upgrade it for cosmetics…

You’ll have to get a separate 360 pcb since cthulhu only works with everything else imaginable. You can find some old madcatz controllers with decent pcbs for like 10 bucks though.

The cthulhu run like 40 or something

Hey James I might need to call you on Sunday since im puttin in a wireless 360 controller in my stick. If its cool pm me your number and wish me luck.

You can change the button config in both the new SF games though, right? Better be able to in SF4, lol. Will modding a non-TE stick be simple? I can’t afford the wait or the money for the TE, but I’m sooooo tired of playing 360 pad.

so check it, where is the best place to try and find sanwa parts? I want to get me some brown buttons and a brown ball top (maybe). The places I went to online didn’t have any brown ones =[
Has probably the best selection. Didn’t see brown buttons or balltops from Sanwa, though. Not sure if those are manufactured. Japanese are into cute or lively things. Brown isn’t cute.
Has a more limited selection. Parts are less expensive, and things get shipped to you faster.

For Jap parts, those are your best bets. Sorry.

Don’t think there are brown buttons/sticks.

that completely destroys my design for my TE stick =[.

Just like how the SE stick that I just bought is now completely destroyed.

I think I might just say fuck it, and get my money back from both sticks and just have someone make me one here, cause this is pretty dissapointing.

Your world is that ruined by not having brown buttons? I guess brown buttons would be pretty cool.