Seattle players and snubbing


I am not from here so I am going to ask. We seem to have a lot of gaming groups here in seattle but they all seem to act the same, you try and say hey…I am here now from <insert state here> and I see you guys are strugglin and I am willing to help. Then they just outright snub you and still complain about not having help. I see there are what…2 major ones i see here in the form of afrodojo, and team khaos…both of which just outright snubs those new to this place…and actually WANTING to participate and help…seriously what gives with you guys, i wanna know.


I think you’re trippin’, as the Dojo is always open and (arguably, too) welcoming to new players - even to those that don’t even play fighters. Team Khaos I can’t speak of, that’s an OR thing…

Who are you/where have you gone/why do you think this? I know plenty of new players who recently entered the scene looking for/to give help, and they’ve seemed to do just fine…so I’m curious. What was your experience like, and who did you meet? Is it the scene, really, or is it just you?


yeah lets not try that cop out, on your streams hell IN PERSON…and nothing, am I the only one…no…I sent messages via here to a ton of people, your throwndown in everett was pretty okay to me, though yeah dude needed help cause of the participation most dont expect turnouts of that size but overall i think he did a damn good job. But dont ask for contact info just to not ever say shit to someone and just outright snub them, what was the point of building rapport with people to not do jack later on…then expect them to support or help after…hell i am on a stream RIGHT NOW with them, been asking…nothing returned…so yeah dont try that its me stuff when i am looking at it right now from your streaming people…


Wait, your impression of the NW scene is based off some foolishness taking place on a stream? For real?


nooo…dude is talking like i didnt go through all the required channels and I am just sayin RIGHT NOW you got dojo folks streaming, you asking about whats up…where are yas…contact info, and point blank gettin snubbed…for assinine posts i would think hey…with the amount that ask and watch their streams showing support…that arent from this state says the same man they get snubbed and its like what the fuck


I have seen someone type like this before, here.

You know… like…this…

But aside from implying that you are just a troll. I am almost never out in public with these guys, but the few times I’ve shown up there have always been people who were very welcoming.

Yeah there are cliques, but it’s not like that movie Mean Girls where Cady is a 16 year old girl who has lived in Africa and been home-schooled all her life. When her parents move to America, they enroll her in a mainstream school, where she meets Janice and Damian. She also, on her second day, meets Regina, Gretchen and Karen - the Plastics.The Plastics are the most popular girls in school, they have a ‘Burn Book’, in which they write really bitchy things about other girls and even have their own set of ‘rules’, like : ‘Only wear pink on Wednesday’, or ‘Jeans on Friday’. Janice, Damian and Cady think it would be funny to have Cady become a Plastic for a week, and spy on them.

After Regina, the leader or Queen Bee, kisses the boy Cady has a crush on, Cady, Janice and Damian get revenge on her, by feeding her Kalteen bars, which make you put on weight, giving her foot cream for her face, and using the classic three-way calling method that plenty of girls these day use. Things get so bad, though, that Regina is kicked out of the Plastics, making room for a new Queen Bee. Gretchen and Karen now pick Cady. Cady becomes a Plastic for real, and Regina gets revenge by writing about herself in the ‘Burn Book’, copying all of the entries, throwing them around the school, then blaming the whole thing on Cady, Gretchen and Karen. The girls are all ordered into the school hall, where they undergo a ‘Trust’ workshop, because of this. Janice tells Regina that Cady becoming a Plastic was just a joke, and tells her all of the mean things that Cady did to her. Regina runs out into the street and Cady follows her, where Regina starts shouting at her, when she is hit by a bus. She fractures her spine, and while the Spring Fling is on, Cady is away with the Mathletes at a competition. When she gets to the dance, her name is called as Queen. She apologises for being so cruel to everyone in the ‘Burn Book’, even though it wasn’t her, and breaks up her crown, tossing bits of it to the crowd.

We then flash forward a year, where we see Janice going out with Kevin G, a Mathlete and MC. The Plastics break up, but remain friends, and we see a new group of Plastics walk by, in exactly the same way we saw Regina, Gretchen and Karen walk past at the start. We see how they got on, with Cady turning into a ‘normal’ person again, Regina playing lacrosse, Gretchen hanging out with new friends and Karen using her ‘phsycic’ powers to tell the weather.

Do you understand?


Advanced trolling…but anyhow there is to much information on any game to need guidance from anybody. If people are snubbing you who cares, get better blow them up. To much spoon feeding this is a learning process, yes its cool to have somebody showing you what’s up, but if they don’t are you going to give up? First rule to watching streams is disable chat.


Let’s try to format our posts.

You sound mad. You mad? Tell 'em why you mad. But on the real, if you’re asking around and noones responding or taking care of poor, poor you, perhaps:

Everyones been up forever on that Marvel crack, and is tired/not all there to help you when you ask…

or perhaps you’re not asking the right questions or people…

and never rule out the possibility that you just suck as much in person as you do on the boards and noone likes you.

p.s. Stric all day


Dude, shut up on the internet and just come kick it with us. Simple as that :slight_smile:

We ain’t that mean or scary looking, well some of us are but not all that much. If you feel like you need a hug that’s no problem homie.

The majority of us will be present at this Saturdays tournament and you’re more than welcome to come and play MvC3 or just chill with us and eat some food.

True, the new generation of people who play fighting games (the SSFIV kids) are not invited to ALL of the gatherings just because the person hosting doesn’t want to tell James that he’s allowed to come yet doesn’t want to tell Jack he is not allowed. Its easier to tell James and Jack to fuck off in a nice way :).

Just come out and hang with us dude, we ain’t that brash!


Needs more mean girls.


Speaking on the subject of friendliness and unity in the fighting game scene, I had a dream the other night.

In this dream MvC3 dropped and all the digipen kids (Blazblue and Guilty Gear players) came together with all the Capcom kids (SF, Marvel players) and a wondrous union was created. And just like in Captain Planet, when our powers combined we became the most beastly force in the entire USA when it came to MvC3.

People in Cali started watching OUR videos for tips and combos and everyone waited patiently for the next FrankDaDank combo video to drop. People stopped looking to the east to see the best gameplay and instead looked to the NW. Of course we ruled Evo, taking all 8 top spots. In fact we took ALL the spots. Mad saltiness ensued and the NW became the most hated and respected group of players in the world.

The Tekken kids didn’t join us for fear that having that level of awesomeness would cause the opening of a vortex directly in downtown Seattle. Which would suck the world into itself. The implosion created by the vortex would surely destroy the entire universe.

The end.

Edit: I’m buying a car tomorrow (most likely) so uhhhhhh are there going to be any weekly Friday MvC3 sessions I could possibly attend since I will no longer be chained to the shackles of public transit? Or should I make my girl good and mad by opening up my apartment on Fridays? Button clicks make her want to kick puppies, so if we make sure there are no puppies nearby it could be a possibility.


Wack post

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LOL. Making a new thread bitchin about the most welcoming venue to anybody basically in the fuckin nation. The dojo is a place for everyone. Instead of making a thread how about you read a few and say search for The Dojo. Which has the address and usually last minute posts about being open. I don’t think anyone has been turned away. How you handle yourself when there is up to you. If you don’t introduce yourself and are hella quiet you’re gonna get Seattle frozen. [media=youtube]8hGvQtumNAY#t=1m37s"[/media]

Team Khaos on the other hand is a Name. It is the project that some Portland people developed to make a more professional look for streaming and providing tournaments. Which has been huge as of recently. They aren’t there to be people’s friends they are there to do what they do best. Get the northwest players and hype out to the rest of the fighting game population, not to be friends.

Also, sucking at the games people will talk shit. It will happen no matter how much kicking, screaming, and crying is involved. Take it like a man. Everone who’s sucked has.


I’ve been a GG/BB player for years and I started going to the dojo last year(basically not knowing anyone) and was basically instantly accepted even though I sucked pretty badly. Northwest scene is one of the best and most accepting out there, it’s true for GG/BB and it’s true for the dojo.


I remember back when I first started meeting people around here and I got put on blast because I accidentally started using the same team that Sherwin used. :sad:

It takes a while to meet people and become part of a scene. That’s true of everything in life. If you can’t handle that, that’s on you. For the most part, the PNW is the nicest area in the country. I’ve been to most of them. You’ve got a lot of options and opportunities here, and if you’re not seeing what you like, start it up yourself instead of spawn-camping other people’s attempts.

Also, look up Seattle Freeze.


quoted for the truth

from Urban: “Because I’m a loser and have no social skills, I’ll blame my shortcomings on the Seattle Freeze so I can have something other than me to blame.”

sorry just found it amusing


When I first moved here I’d go to Gameworks for 3S, but then Joshimitsu punched me in the dick and slept with my wife. I tried to get a ride to Tournament Wars Season 1 from jalapn0 and Duggish. They took all my clothes and dumped me off the side of I-5 about 40 miles from my home. Bowflex Mike invited me to the prom, but it turns out it was just on a dare to see if he could get the ugly girl to be prom queen.


Long time no see. Heard you were considering dropping blazblue for marvel. I’m thinking the same thing. Looks like so much fun.

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You probably don’t need any more flak on your posts regarding Seattle’s welcoming disposition… but it should be said that you haven’t coherently answered the questions Duggish posted, which could help us figure out how to make you feel more welcome. Also, you say we are “struggling” and that you can offer help. Can I ask what sort of skills you possess that are so applicable to our struggling scene and how you plan to use them to help?


Yeah I’m super excited for marvel, I need to figure out what groups play it around here.